Pink Lip Picks For Spring

Pink Lip Picks For Spring

We all have our prefered lip colours and formulas. Sometimes they change with the seasons or as our own tastes change. Pink shades have always been one of my go to’s and in particular the most popular shade I reach for come Spring time. I have so many beautiful pink colours within my collection that all slightly differ in shade range or formula and finish, so there literally is something there for any occasion and any kind of preference for when I decide to opt for a pink lip. There are all also super affordable so if you’re looking for some pink lip inspiration for Spring time, then keep on reading..

Pink Lip Picks For Spring

Starting off with more of a toned pink, we have this pretty Bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipstick in the shade Don’t Pink Of It. This is definitely one for all skin tones out there. It’s a really flattering easy to wear everyday kind of shade. Don’t Pink Of It is what could be described as a medium rosy pink. This will suit a lot of different makeup looks, whether you want to go for something more heavy on the eyes this will help to balance out the rest of your look, or if you wanted to stay natural this wouldn’t look too much out of the way. As this is a liquid lipstick, it does have that matte finish to it. I would definitely recommend popping a lip balm underneath this as it does have the tendency to be quite drying, which is a shame as it’s such a pretty shade.

The next is one that I would have probably never mentioned on my blog until I was having a little look through my makeup collection and came across this Avon lipstick. I hadn’t used it nor come across it in a while, but I swatched it on my hand and thought the shade was just so lovely. Pink Pop is such a unique colour. It has sort of rose gold tones running throughout the bright pink colour. It’s definitely going to be the subtle pink option I reach for throughout spring. It has a very nourishing formula and almost a frost like finish to it. Although this lipstick isn’t available anymore, Avon do some really lovely lipsticks for such affordable prices. It’s never somewhere I thought to look for makeup really, but the things I have tried from them have been lovely.

A lip option that has been treated in a completely different way within my makeup collection is Snob by Mac. This was the first ever Mac lipstick I bought and I’ll always hold such a love for it. Every spring/summer time it comes out and every time I am reminded of just how much I love this shade. Whilst it may not be one that suits all, Snob is a cool-toned bright pink with lilac undertones. It’s what I would say is more of a barbie shade. It’s definitely one that is hard to pull off and a little out there, but I honestly just love it so much. The finish to Snob is a satin finish which is my favourite finish for a Mac lipstick as it’s not quite matte, but still gives a really lovely non-glossy look to your lips. It also feels super comfortable and lasts such a long time with or without food and drink. 

Pink Lip Picks For Spring

On the topic of more out of there shades, this next one from Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish range is the shade Pink Blush. Although this nowhere near resembles a blush colour to me, Pink Blush is another bright barbie or bubblegum pink shade. It’s definitely more of a bolder lip option that will either suit you or it won’t. I would say this one would probably look best on those with fairer skin tones and darker skin tones. Anywhere in the middle it can look a little too off and wash out your complexion. Pink Blush has a matte finish to it, but with a moisturising and somewhat creamy texture. The staying powder of this range is also so good for the affordability. This is definitely one for anyone who wants to be a little daring! 

Could I really do lip product post and not mention one of my favourite brands? Of course, the NYX lip range has to make an appearance. The butter glosses from NYX are one of the best lip gloss formulas I have ever tried. They’re not sticky or uncomfortable on the lips. They feel so lovely and the pigmentation is also so good. Vanilla Creme Pie is one of my favourites from the butter range and also one of my go to pink gloss picks. It’s a warm toned bright pink that looks lovely on it’s own for a glossy lip or on top of a lipstick for a more intense look. It is one that will also suit a lot of people, so definitely give this a go or try out the butter gloss range. You’ll love it!

Finally also from NYX is one of the soft matte lip creams in the shade Prague. This is more of a berry toned pink that not only works well in the Autumn months, but also one I reach for during spring time as it’s more on the pinky side of things. I could go on and on about how much I love the formula and finish of the soft matte lip creams, but I’m sure if you’ve tried them yourself then you’ll know exactly why they’re so hyped about. If you haven’t tried them, then not only do you seriously need to, but also prepare yourself for a creamy and comfortable matte liquid lipstick formula you’ll fall in love with. Plus the affordability of these as well is enough for you to want them all. 

Pink Lip Picks For Spring Arm Swatches
Top – Bottom: Bourjois – Don’t Pink Of It, Avon – Pink Pop, Mac – Snob, Rimmel – Pink Blush, NYX – Vanilla Cream Pie & NYX – Prague. 

What’s your pink pick for Spring time?

Lauren x

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