Pampering With Your Mum This Mothers Day

Pampering With Your Mum This Mothers Day

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The older I’ve got the more I’ve realised the importance of celebrating holidays like ‘Mothers Day’. Of course, we should be grateful and show our loved ones love all year round, but I love having a special day dedicated to those closest to us.

Pampering with my Mum is something we rarely ever do together and to be honest I feel like my Mum needs to make more time for herself. She’s always doing so much for everyone whilst battling a chronic illness and I think she deserves to take some time out for herself to relax.

This mothers day we’re going to schedule in more time to take some much-needed self-care and pamper ourselves. It will be a great chance for us to not only spend some time together but also the perfect opportunity to chill out and make ourselves feel our best.

If this sounds just like what you feel you and your Mum or the person in your life who feels like a Mum to you, then how can you pamper with your Mum?

You don’t always need to head to the spa or beauty salon to pamper yourself. Of course, by all means, if you both want to and have the funds, then go for it. But setting up the salon in the comfort of your own home is a perfectly affordable and useful way to go about it.

Gather all your favourite products together, anything from those to do your own at home facial, nail and hand care, foot care, whatever it may be and whatever you might be wanting to give some extra TLC too, then get it all together and ready for you both to make good use out of.

My Mum and I both absolutely adore NIVEA products and whenever I kindly receive a blogger mail from them, I always get her to have a try of some of the products I receive so I can share my excitement with her and also get her thoughts on the products.

Pampering With Your Mum This Mothers DayPampering With Your Mum This Mothers Day

More recently we’ve been testing a few products. Starting with the Nivea Body Mousse in Wild Raspberry and White Tea*. This is a product I’ve been wanting to try for ages and one that definitely didn’t disappoint.

It’s such an easy and cool way to apply a moisturising and a nourishing product onto the skin. All you have to do is dispense a small amount onto the palm of your hand and then apply to the body area you wish to refresh. The product itself dries so quickly and leaves your skin feeling so soft. I’m so in love with this product.

Plus it smells pretty damn amazing too!

A product that my Mum absolutely fell in love with and has found has helped her dry hands really well is the Nivea Intensive Hand Cream*. My Mum even said that it left her hands feeling so ‘silky and smooth’. I can definitely agree with that. It’s such a nourishing hand cream and really does help to make your hands feel so soft.

Pampering With Your Mum This Mothers DayPampering With Your Mum This Mothers Day

The final product is one we always repurchase and already loved being testing. The Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream* in Normal and Combination skin has been a firm favourite in our skin care collection. My Mum actually recommended this to me back last year and I have been obsessed with it since.

It’s such a gorgeous moisturiser that always leaves my skin feeling so fresh, soft and so glowy. I always look so radiant after applying this day cream onto my skin and find that it really does help to start my makeup off in the right way. I could not recommend this product enough! It’s literally so good and so affordable which makes it even more of a win.

I know we will continue to go back to using these products when we’re having more pamper days together and making sure that we schedule in time more often to spend taking care of ourselves. It’s a great way to hang out with each other, but also give our own selves some much-needed self-love.

How will you be spending mothers day?

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