The Overnight Masks That Work Their Magic By Morning

The Overnight Masks That Work Their Magic By Morning

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If there is anything that I love when it comes to skincare then it is keeping things simple and making things convenient. Overnight masks are such an easy and covenant way of taking care of your skin without exposing it to toxins like during the day. I love being able to wake up with fresher and better skin come morning time.

Here are some of the overnight masks that work their magic by morning!

The Body Shop – Vitamin E Sink-In Moisturise Sleeping Mask

One mask that has been very raved about the past few weeks from me is The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Sleeping Mask. This mask has quickly become one of my all-time favourite skincare products. If you suffer from dry skin or you’re after a product to get you through the next few weeks of winter and beyond, then this mask is definitely one for you.

 Upon application, the sleeping mask sinks into the skin with ease and dries quickly, the product being absorbed into the skin to work overnight. It provides a radiant and fresh base come morning that looks instantly brighter and more hydrated. It is great at preventing dehydrated and dull skin, something we can all be subject to during the colder months of the year. I couldn’t be without this mask now!

Dermalogica – Sleep Sound Cocoon *

If you want a mask that is not only going to work it’s magic on your skin but also help your bedtime routine and aid your sleep, then the Dermalogica Sleep Sound Cocoon*is one to try! This mask has a very calming scent to it that makes drifting off that little bit easier. It also contains a range of essential oils like lavender and sandalwood that contribute to creating a relaxing environment and help to promote a good night’s sleep.

The Sleep Sound Cocoon* transforms your skin by smoothing and providing hydration to help you wake up with healthier and radiant looking skin. This mask also helps to reduce skin fatigue and brings back your skin’s vitality. Matt and I love to use this one when we’re feeling stressed and need to aid not only our sleep but our skin come morning.

The Overnight Masks That Work Their Magic By MorningThe Overnight Masks That Work Their Magic By Morning

Naturally Radiant – Glycolic Overnight Peel 

A product that I tried and became obsessed with last summer is the Glycolic Overnight Peel from Naturally Radiant. I absolutely love how glowy and radiant it makes my skin, creating the perfect summer glow and making your skin look so healthy.

This overnight peel contains glycolic which is an ingredient that helps to remove dead skin cells. I find this mask so beneficial at unclogging my pores overnight, leaving me with smoother and clearer skin come morning. It is also great at providing a brighter and fresher appearance. I have also found this to not cause any irritation or sensitivity!

In the morning, you need to make sure you apply an SPF after removing this mask as your skin is more sensitive to sunlight after using a glycolic product.


Now, this isn’t a mask as such but this product I love to let work its magic overnight is literally a godsend for when I have hormonal breakouts on my chin. Sudocrem is something I’ve used for years and can always go back to whenever I’m in times of need.

Sudocrem is commonly known for things like nappy rash, eczema and sunburn to name a few, but I’ve found it more beneficial to use this as more of an overnight breakout control cream. I can go to bed with really sore red and angry spots after using Sudocrem overnight will dry up the spots, leaving them less red and visibly reduced come the morning. It is also great at healing any scaring from spots that might have not budged.

What’s your go-to overnight skincare product?

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