Why It’s Ok To Not Be Positive All The Time

Why It's Ok To Not Be Positive All The TimeThere’s a pressure in society and it’s not just in the online world, but in general that us humans have to constantly be uplifting and full of positive energy. If we share an ounce of negativity, then we’re instantly labelled as negative, miserable and any other negatively associated word.

The reality of this positive life we’re supposed to lead is one that is unrealistic. No one is completely happy 100% of the time. It’s just not possible. It is completely ok to not be positive all the time. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you different.

If you’re going through hell inside or outside, then you’re emotion and outlook is going to reflect this. You need the time to feel however you want to feel in this moments of despair and to let it be. It’s not helpful to have people brand you as being negative for just feeling how you need to feel. Being negative and feeling negative associated feelings is just a normal part of being a human.

So why are people so quick to shame us when we feel something that is so natural?

It’s impossible to literally be happy 24/7. I know for a fact that it is exhausting trying to keep up this happy go lucky front all the time. Everyone has good and bad days. It’s completely ok to acknowledge that you don’t feel good and just let it be without trying to suddenly go back to being positive. Don’t try to fight it off and get yourself good again. Know that there are people out there who will accept and encourage you to show how you feel and if that means being negative then so be it. You’re just being genuine and honest.

Anyone who can’t accept that you need to be negative simply isn’t worth it and doesn’t deserve to be around you during the good moments if they can’t stand the bad.

You should be able to say how you feel without the fear of people branding you negatively.

Having negative emotions has never been a bad thing

There’s this misconception that having negative emotions is something bad and something we should do all that it takes to avoid. Sure negative emotions aren’t the most pleasant feelings to experience, but they’re not a weakness nor are they something we should feel like we have to run and hide from.

Think back to the last time you felt sad or nervous. Did you do all you could to try to distract yourself from that feeling and push it far away? Did you notice that once you had done that, it came back to bite you and felt even more intense?

That’s the thing about emotions. Whether they’re good or bad, they have the tendency to stick around until you actually address them and take care of them properly. Once you accept how you feel,  you’ll notice that you can manage and deal with the whatever you’re going through better.

You can accept and understand these negative emotions

By understanding more, you’re able to nurture yourself and move forward in the correct way. This can also help you improve your relationships with people by understanding more about the world and how to handle different situations, as well as learning to be empathic and accepting that being negative is part of life.

It’s not a weakness to be negative. It’s actually considered a strength to be able to address how you feel and keep things real. It doesn’t mean you’re a negative person or even a bad person. You don’t have to be ashamed of feeling the way you feel. It just means you’re human.

You can’t learn to appreciate the good without the bad

To get to the good, you have to get through the bad. To really appreciate the good moments and even those small everyday moments, you have to experience the bad to feel the full impacts of what gratitude is like. This will take you through a journey and get you used to the experience of the highs and the lows.

By giving yourself permission to let yourself feed the bad, you’re giving it the chance to pass naturally without this constant fight. Don’t multiply the negative emotion you’re feeling by adding to it. The negative emotion you’re feeling will feel less intense the more you welcome it in.

Your body and mind will probably thank you for it too.

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