Nourishing Lip Options

Nourishing Lip Options

A nourishing lip pick is the perfect summer lip option if you’re after something that is light and moisturisers the lips well. They also work well in creating that more softer look throughout the lighter and warmer months of the year, whilst you can opt for something more heavy and bold come winter time. I’ve gathered together a selection of some of my favourite nourishing lip options within my lip wardrobe:

Starting off with a prize I actually won in JinskyBeauty’s giveaway a few months back, it’s the Benefit They’re Real lip liner and lip colour in the shade pink thrills and beyond sexy. Not only is this shade an absolutely gorgeous fuschia pink and perfect for summer, but it’s also such a pretty colour to wear. I wouldn’t say it would suit all skin tones as it can be a bit out there, but it’s definitely one to try and would suit so many of you. Both pink thrills and beyond sexy are so highly pigmented, like I could not get over how pigmented this beauty was. With most nourishing lip products, you have to be careful that they don’t lack in colour, this one has so much colour pay off, it’s insane. Due to the style of the lip product it’s self, it’s actually so easy to apply onto the lips and the lip liner section works so well alongside the main lip product. This is such a nourishing summer lip and one I could see looking so lovely on a summer holiday abroad.

Next up is a crayon based product from Kiko’s gloss range. This is in the shade 102 and it’s such a pretty colour for the summer time. I would say this one is definitely more suited to a range of skin tones. It’s more of a peachy pink colour so it really does help to make your makeup look so dewy and your skin so healthy. As this is a crayon, it is really easy to apply onto the lips and has a similiar moisturising feel to a balm. You can quite easily wear this daily whether that’s to work or out for a fancy meal. It also has a little bit of shimmer running through it which just looks so pretty. I need to pick up more of these!

Stepping over to the more lipstick based nourishing picks, I have quite a few in my collection that hit this texture just right. The first being from Rimmel in the shade As You Want Victoria, which has featured on my blog a couple of times now, but one I will always shout from the roof tops about how moisturising and nourishing on the lips. I’ve never met one quite like this one before. It’s a hot toned fuchsia pink that is packed full with pigmentation and moisturising properties. The only downside to this stunning shade is that it can have the tendency to bleed, so be extra careful when applying and eating/drinking.

I have to mention Kiko once again, but they do lip products so well for the price. The next is from their smart range in the shade 918. These lipsticks have such a great formula. They dry semi-matte, but are so super creamy and do not feel drying at all. This shade in particular is a gorgeous warm toned nude. So you can easily wear this everyday and for any sort of occasion. I like to reach for this as a quick go to. It’s so wearable and comfortable on the lips. I Just wish they didn’t discontinue these as they’re such great quality!

And finally it would have been wrong to not mention a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in this post. Kim K.W in particular is such a nourishing and creamy lip option. It has such a lovely formula to it. It’s so light and comfortable on the lips. It’s more of a nudey peach shade that can look a little wishy washy if you’re not careful, so I really love to bronze my skin up with this and make me look more golden to really make this shade work. But for the summer time it is just gorgeous! Plus who can ever resist the swoon worthy packaging the CT lipsticks have?! They’re just a huge must in themselves. 

What’s your favourite nourishing lip?

Lauren x

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16 thoughts on “Nourishing Lip Options

  • Kiko is such a fabulous brand, thank you for sharing! I still have yet to buy a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, Kim KW sounds like a must-have, thank you for sharing. I love a nourishing lip especially as I am constantly applying balm because they are so dry xALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • I really want to try Kiko's lipstick! They look really good xxx

  • I love Kiko but I've never tried out any of their lip crayons, they're definitely on my wishlist! Great post lovely x

  • I didn't even realise the They're Real range included a lipliner! I;m very intrigued, will definitely be swatching next time I'm at a Benefit counter!Sinรฉad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  • I love the KIKO lip products, especially the smart lipsticks and liners, although I found that they don't stock these lines in my local counter anymore! The L'oreal caresse line is great for dry lips too, but I think they discontinued it. Although, collection do tinted lip balms which are really good and pigmented ๐Ÿ™‚ xxVelvet Blush

    • No I think they've discontinued them! So sad as the smart lipsticks are such a good line. Oh I'll have to check out those Collection balms xx

  • That Kiko lipstick looks like the most perfect nude shade. I definitely need to add something a similar colour to that to my collection, would be so useful!Sophie

  • I wish Kiko was available in Australia! It looks like it has such a brilliant range!

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