North Yorkshire/Newcastle – Travel Photo Diary

As you may or may not be aware if you read my last post, but I went away on a family holiday to North Yorkshire and Newcastle last week (8th-15th). It was my first proper holiday in years. It was great to get away for a few days and explore parts of the country I haven’t visited since I was young or not at all. I thought I would share a small collection of photos I took on my time away with you and inform you of the things I got up to whilst I was away. I hope you enjoy!

The first day of our holiday was mainly spent travelling and we arrived at the cottage we were staying at in North Yorkshire at around 5pm. The journey took longer than expected, so we didn’t have much time to chill or even go out to explore the area. Most of the first day was wasted, which was a shame, but it meant more excitement to head out the next few days.


It wasn’t that great of weather the next day (saturday), so we were limited on the things that we could do. But in the end, we ended up braving the weather and headed to the coast. We went to Whitby to take a look around the sea side town and also have a look at the harbour. I so wish the weather was better because it would have been lovely to be by the sea with the sun shining and some warmth in the air. But aside from that, it was a good way to spend the late morning and afternoon wondering around the local shops, popping into famous high street brands and taking a look around sea edge.

Durham Cathedral

Durham Shopping

River Wear, Durham

Sweet Tooth Durham

On Sunday we headed into County Durham again for a day of exploring, visiting the local shops and checking out the local attractions. The first place we headed to was the cathedral, which when we got there we couldn’t go into because there was a service for the courts of justice. Instead, we decided to take a look around the outside and snap some photos of the cathedral. Also because of the service, we were unable to go into the castle, which was just a short walk across from the cathedral, because the after event was being held there. So we headed down to the shopping area, which of course suited me absolutely fine and also had a walk around the River Wear. I also purchased the most amazing Rolo cake from the Sweet Tooth stand located at the Cheveley Park Shopping Centre. I’d definitely recommend purchasing a slice if you ever visit the area or making an order as they offer a delivery service. They also do cupcakes, ice creams, brownies, waffles and cheesecakes which all looked amazing!!!!

Yorkshire National Railway Museum

Yorkshire National Rail Museum

York Minster

On the Monday we headed to York, which was one of my favourite places of the whole trip to visit. It’s such a lovely place to visit to and I’d actually quite like to live there. As we travelled in by bus, we decided to head to the National Rail Museum first as the bus stopped literally around the corner from it. I’m not a massive fanatic of trains, I don’t mind travelling on them at all, but I wouldn’t say I have an obsession with them. But this museum is honestly somewhere you need to visit if you’re in York! It’s free to get into, so you don’t even have to worry about spending any money to get inside. It’s interesting to take a look inside all the the different types of trains over different centuries, including those used by the royal family and ones used over the world. 

In the afternoon, we headed more into the centre of York and headed to York Minster. However, we didn’t pay to go inside, so it was the perfect opportunity again to stand outside and take a few snaps of the place. It’s actually huge!

York Castle Museum

Little Shambles, YorkLittle Shambles, York

The next stop on our trip around York was to head to the Castle Museum. Again another amazing museum for everyone and not the typical museum I was use to at least to going to at least. It beats the Norwich Castle Museum hands down (sorry home city, love you really). There were so many interesting exhibits within the castle that really engage you in, such as the toy gallery showcasing children’s toys throughout each decade, 400 years of fashion, food and life, a recreated Yorkshire street that is so lifelike and literally makes you feel like you’re walking back through time, recreated period rooms, the prison cells and the 1914 start of the war exhibition showcasing how the world changed. Another one I’d really recommend going to and I’d go back in a heartbeat!

After all the tourist type activities, we headed down to the local high street and lanes to have a wonder around the shops. Again another winner for me who loves shopping. One of the streets we wondered down was one of the smallest oldest shopping streets I had ever seen. It’s famously known as the ‘The Shambles‘ with overhanging timber framed buildings, some going as far back as the 14th century. I love exploring cute little parts of towns!


North Yorkshire/Newcastle - Travel Photo Diary

The next day (Tuesday) was spent a little more relaxed and in the local area since we had quite a few busy days and had a busy day planned the next day. In the morning we headed into Yarm, which is a small town in Stockton-on-Tees and around a fifteen minute drive from where we were staying. We had a look around the local businesses and I spotted such a pretty flower display outside one of the florists. I, of course, being the blogger I am, had to take a picture of it and had to include it in this post. Who doesn’t love a pretty flower display? After checking out Yarm, we came back to the cottage for the rest of the day to chill in the hot tub in the glorious weather that had finally decided to make an appearance. Now I’m back, I am missing that hot tub more than anything. It was such a great way to relax in the sun after a busy day!

Charlotte Tilbury, FenwicksFenwicksFenwicksCosta Iced LemonadeOn Wednesday, one of my other favourite days of the whole trip. I wonder why?! We headed into Newcastle, a place I have visited many times before. Fun fact (that probably really isn’t that interesting…) I am actually a 1/4 Geordie. I so wish I was had the full blown accent. It’s my absolute favourite. It’s so lush compared to my Norfolk/Essex accent. Anyway, our first destination was the Metro Centre, a shopping centre I hadn’t been to since I was little and clearly wasn’t a massive lover of shopping back then. But years on things have definitely changed in that aspect of my life, I very much enjoyed having a little shopping spree and purchasing a few bits and pieces. 

In the afternoon, my mum and I headed more into the centre of Newcastle and went to Eldon Square shopping centre, whilst my brother and dad went to St James’ Park, the home ground of Newcastle United Football Club. I made my first visit to a Charlotte Tilbury counter in Fenwicks, which by the way is such a lovely department store. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures on my phone of some of the gorgeous things they had in there and the food hall in particular was amazing. There were so many delicious treats. I wish I had got a full photo now. But as you can see, I did take a picture of the marble flooring in there (blogger goals!!!) and also the adorable classic biscuit set that look’s so yummy! Also I had to have one of my favourite summer Costa drinks, the original ice lemonade. 

Before we headed back to our cottage for the evening, I also made another first visit to Ikea. Back in Norwich, we only have a small Ikea, which basically has a few showrooms and only a select few items you can purchase, like fake plants or decorations. It’s basically just a click and collect store. So since I had never been in an actual proper Ikea, I made the most out of the Newcastle one. I couldn’t believe how long it went on for and how many great home pieces there was. It was like an interior lovers dream. I purchase the cutest flamingo glasses for 50p each, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing them appear on my Instagram very soon.

The last day of our trip was another go out in the morning and then relax in the afternoon/evening sort of day, since we would be having a long journey back to Norwich the following day. We headed to the coast again and went to a place called Redcar, a small seaside resort and town. One of my mum’s friend’s actually recommended going there. It was your typical seaside town and had a gorgeous sandy beach. I hate it when beaches are all stoney and you can’t sit on them properly, anyone else?

So there we go, a little photo diary and insight into what I got up to on my holiday to North Yorkshire/Newcastle. It was fun to explore places I had either not been to before or hadn’t been too since I was really young. 

Have you been away recently? What did you get up to? Or where are you headed on your travels?

Lauren x

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