My Summer Evening Skincare Routine

My Summer Evening Skincare Routine

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Even if it’s only a few small changes here and there, I like to switch up my skincare routine when a new season rolls around to keep things fresh and suited to my current skincare needs. In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you my summer evening skincare routine so these are the products I tend to reach for from week to week.

Clinique – Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Starting with a product that I have mentioned a few times on my blog it’s the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I’ve been using this cleanser since the winter time and I’ve carried on using it in my summer evening skincare routine as I find it so effective at giving my skin a deep cleanse and removing all the dirt and makeup from the day.

But it also a cleanser that it is super hydrating and keeps my skin looking healthy so I’ve carried on using it and also part of me wants to use it up as I’m trying to actually get good use out of my skincare so I don’t waste products all the time.

This cleanser is particularly good if you have dry skin as it’s so hydrating and really does help to bring some hydration back into your skin. Cleansing balms are particularly useful at removing any stubborn dirt and makeup because you can easily massage them into the skin to deeply cleanse whilst keeping your skin moisturised.

Clinique Take The Day Off Balm Dr Botanicals Charcoal Superfood Mattifying Face Mask

PMD Beauty Cleansing Brush Device Freshly Cosmetics Red Velvet Oil Serum

PMD Beauty – Cleansing Brush Device*

Something I have loved adding to my summer evening skincare routine is this Cleansing Brush Device* by PMD Beauty. It was only a few months back when I tried my first ever cleansing brush device so I was very interested to give another one ago and see how they compared.

I’ve definitely found that after applying my cleanser and using this cleansing brush* to almost like massage in the cleanser that it really does help my skin to absorb the product, getting more out of the product and my skin enjoying having more time and care spent on it.

I’ve noticed that my complexion seems to a lot healthier and the texture seems to have improved a lot. It’s a lot smoother and I have a more even complexion which I’m so happy with. I like to use the second setting on the cleansing brush* to get the maximum cleansing impact during the evening especially after wearing makeup all day.

A full review of this brush will be coming soon!

Freshly Cosmetics – Red Velvet Oil Serum*

I’ve really tried to strip back my skincare routine lately as I find that if I overwhelm my face with so many different products it never gets a chance to breathe or absorb the ones that actually do it some good so if I ever want to treat my skin then lately I have been loving the Red Velvet Oil Serum* by Freshly Cosmetics.

I was using this consistently a month or so ago but now I tend to reach for it when I want to give my skin an extra boost maybe around that time of the month or when I’m feeling like I need it. It really does help to create a glowing and healthy complexion which is ideal during the summer.

It also has helped to reduce any redness that I might be experiencing from any breakouts and I find it adds an extra boost of hydration to my skin. I apply this a little while before I go to bed as it does take a while to sink in. This has soon become my favourite serum and one I’ll be reaching for often as part of my summer evening skincare routine.

My Summer Evening Skincare Routine

A few other products that I sometimes reach for depending on whether my skin needs an extra bit of care or I’m going through quite a terrible breakout on my chin area. I have hormones to thank for that.

I like to use two products from Dr Botanicals when I’m having more of a pamper evening like the Coffee Superfood Exfoliator* which I do apply all over my face but I work it more around my nose where I can sometimes get dry skin and on my chin where I’m more prone to spots. I find this to be a really effective exfoliator and a really gentle one too.

The other product from Dr Botanicals is the Charcoal Superfood Mattiyfying face mask* which I find is just a great all around face mask. I aim to apply this once a week but as I’m writing this I need to do it as I haven’t done it in a couple of weeks. I find it works really well at detoxing my skin and helping my skin deal with any breakouts.

And finally, I always opt for my trusty Sudo Crem when I’m having a breakout. I apply it before bed and come morning I wake up to less angry and red looking spots that have reduced in size. I always make sure that I have some Sudo Crem in my beauty drawers.

What’s your summer evening skincare routine like?

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