My Real Techniques Brush Collection

Real Techniques Brush Collection

Real Techniques are one of those great brands that delivers high quality, affordable and great performance brushes. They’re perfect for beginners, as well as those who are already way into deep with their love of make-up. When I first began to love make-up a few years back, Real Techniques brushes were the first brushes that I invested in to apply my make-up with. Today I thought I would share with you a few of the brushes that I own from the Real Techniques range and what I use each one for.

Real Techniques Brush Core Collection

The first ever brush set I bought from this brand was the Core Collection. I believe this is a great starter kit for anyone getting into make-up or someone who needs some affordable brushes that they will use daily. It contains four bronze coloured brushes, which are mainly used for the base of your make-up. The first one is the Buffing brush. This brush I mainly use to apply liquid foundation to my face. It is really easy to use and blends easily due to the style of the brush. Also it doesn’t leave your foundation looking cakey on your skin because of this reason. The soft bristles on this brush work great in applying the product onto the skin without missing any areas. 

The next one is the Contour brush! This brush is pretty self explanatory due to the name. It works great for contour. The shape of this brush really help’s to get into the hollows of your cheek bones. Also the size of this brush is great because it means that you’re not creating a too big or too small of a line. It’s the perfect size. Also I use this brush to apply my highlighter onto the tops of my cheek bones. It works just as well as when you’re contouring. A great multi use brush!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush Contour Brush

Moving onto the next two  brushes in the set, the Pointed Foundation brush and the Detailer. These are probably the two that I use the least out of all my brushes. But still ones that you can use and get some use out of. The Pointed Foundation brush I find is way too small for applying my foundation. Instead I like to use this for blending in my concealer, particularly under the eye and on any blemishes. The point really helps to touch those areas that might be hard to reach with larger brushes. You could also use this brush for any foundation touch ups or if you were to use a liquid highlighter and needed a brush with more precision to work the product into the skin.

The Detailer is a handy little brush. I like to use it for any extra touch ups and for adding details to a look. I tend to use it more for clearing up any mistakes or to avoid mistakes. For example, if you dab the bush on whatever colour lipstick you have chosen and then outline your lips with the product, you can quite easily use this brush to work in the same way as a lip liner would. Also another great use of this brush would be for when applying a light shimmer eye shadow into the inner corner of the eyes. The size of the brush and the shape work well in in this particular area.

Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Detailer

Now I’m on the topic of eye-shadow, I should mention the next brush in my collection. This brush happens to be the only eye brush that I actually own from Real Techniques. The reason behind this is because I’m not a massive fan of eye make-up looks. Personally I don’t think they suit me very much and I don’t have the eyelids to pull off any eye looks. But I do like to apply a neutral colour to my lid for everyday wear and this is where this brush comes in. This is the Shading brush. As mentioned, I use this brush to apply an everyday wearable colour, which is just a little bit lighter than my actual skin tone. The Shading brush works with ease. When I do tend to steer more towards a smokey eye, this brush is great for blending in any eye shadow and the size of the brush is the perfect size for applying a good amount of shadow. Also this brush is great at creating that perfect shadow through the crease. Due to the size though, I would not recommend using this for any concealer application. I feel like it is too small to do this task.

Real Techniques Eye Shading

The last two brushes of my collection are personally two of my favourites and both of them are great for the finishing touches of your make-up looks. The first one is the Blush brush. This brush is a great multi-use tool. You can use it to apply your blush, your bronzer, powder or your highlight. I tend to stick to using this brush to apply my blush. It’s quite a large size, but I think it works well in the sense that you don’t have to keep using a lot of product with this brush. It helps to cover a large area of your face, without you having to keep applying product and then moving it onto any areas that a smaller brush might have missed. Also I find this brush to be the softest of them all!

Finally, the latest brush in my collection is the Sculpting brush. I got this one for Christmas since I had been wanting a new brush for ages. I now use this for contouring. It work’s so well in achieving the perfect precise line of bronzer to blend into the hollows of your cheeks. Also it is great for contouring around the nose. The shape easily fits into those more problematic areas that are sometimes hard to blend into.

Real Techniques Blush Scultping

What is your favourite Real Techniques brush?

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