My Process For Testing Beauty Products

My Process For Testing Beauty Products

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I love sharing and reading other bloggers posts that talk through their behind the scenes process of how people run their blogs. I’ve never really got into much detail about my process for testing beauty products and so I thought I would give you an insight into my process.

It all depends on the type of product

To begin with, I like to take into consideration the type of product before I even start the testing process. As I mentioned, I mainly test beauty related products so I split the products into three to four categories based on the type of product they are e.g skincare, body care, makeup and other.

Starting with skincare I like to give myself between 2-3 weeks of testing. This gives me a good amount of time to test it out on my skin and gather together some ideas on my opinions. I definitely am able to notice any changes in my skin during this period.

Of course, some products take a little longer to make a difference, so I will also take this into consideration. Sometimes I might do a follow-up post on my blog in the future if I have shared my thoughts in a review after the 3 week period but then notice further changes to my skin later on.

For body care, I don’t feel like it takes as long for me to form an opinion as skincare does. From straight off with most body care like a body butter or exfoliator, I can already get a good feel for whether I like a product from the first or second use as I find that these aren’t always products that have a big long term result.

When it comes to makeup, it’s a similar kind of time length. It can take me a few days to get a good feel for a product and how it works before I can decide whether I like it and form an opinion on it. I like to notice how it takes to my skin or how I can make it work such as using different ways to apply a product for example so this usually takes more than just a couple of days but nowhere near as long as skincare.

For other products like haircare or nail care, for example, it entirely depends on the type of product that it is which will determine the length in which I take to take the test a particular product. For products like hair masks, I like to give this a good few uses before I determine my thoughts on it. But for products like nail polish I’ll get a good idea of what I think from the first use and if not the second.

My Process For Testing Beauty Products

How I actually test each product

Sticking with a similar kind of theme, if I was testing a range of skincare products I will only use these for the test period. However, if I am only testing one new product then I will strip my routine to a minimalistic one and not introduce any other products in new or old.

For example, if I’m testing a facial oil, I will apply my usual cleanser and moisturiser, then I will use a facial oil. Keeping things simple and not introducing another product in when I’m testing just one really helps me to get a good feel to how this particular product is working with my usual products and the impact it is having on my skin.

I’ll then record my first impressions of each product after it’s the first usage. I’ll note things like texture, scent, how it made my skin feel, how it made my skin look, things I didn’t like and things I did like etc.

I’ll either make note of this on the notes section on my phone or in one of my blog notebooks so I can keep referring back to it. After the first week, I will then note down any changes and further opinions I have gathered after this time. I’ll repeat the same steps coming into the second week and up until the test period is over.

This will then end in me gathering all my observations from the weeks together and then putting together my final verdict which will then concluded into the reviews and roundups you see over on my Instagram or blog.

I repeat a similar process for the other product types I might be testing. For body care, I’ll apply the products onto the skin to get a good feel for what they are like, making notes as I go along to form my opinions on the products. This will end up with me doing first impressions, thoughts after the first few uses and then my final thoughts.

For makeup testing, I like to include the product or products in my usual everyday routine to see how it fits with my current routine. If I was testing a foundation, I will apply it like usual, with a primer underneath and then setting it afterwards.

If it doesn’t work well with a primer underneath or maybe needs a powder to help set in in place, then my next applications I will switch things up until I reach a point where I like how the product looks or come to the conclusion it just isn’t for me.

I might also switch up how I apply a product. So for example, sticking with the foundation, it might work best applied with a stippling brush or a buffing brush as opposed to a beauty blender. I like to see how it performs with different tools and applications before I conclude.

Again I’ll make notes of first impressions, my thoughts throughout the testing and then my final thoughts. I’ll do the same process for other beauty testings like haircare or nails as I mentioned above. I feel like this is a fair way for me to track how I’m finding a product and for me to draw up conclusions at the end.

Obviously, some people test products for longer and some for shorter. I don’t think there is any set way in which everyone should test their products but this is what works well for me and what I find the easiest to carry out when I’m testing different beauty products.

I hoped you enjoyed having a little behind the scenes look of my process for testing beauty products.

What does your process for testing beauty products look like?

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