My Go To Winter Beauty Essentials

My Go To Winter Beauty Essentials
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My skin this winter has definitely taken a hit when it comes to experiencing dryness and being dehydrated. I don’t know why but this winter my skin just is feeling the effects of the colder weather. I thought I’d put together a post on my go-to winter beauty essentials that are helping me get through this cold season.

(affiliate link) E45 – Dermatological Cream 

As mentioned my skin has been on the drier side recently so I picked up some (affiliate link) E45 cream to help combat the dryness. I wouldn’t say this works instantly and it does take a good while of applying it religiously to get rid of the dryness, but it does help to make my skin softer and smoother, as well as get rid of any flakes of dead skin.

After using this I definitely feel like I’m helping to keep my skin in a good condition all over my body which is exactly what you need this time of the year with the colder weather so I’m glad I’ve got this on hand to apply morning and night.

(affiliate link) Blistex – Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating Lip Cream

My lips have also been so damn dry recently. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been way more anxious and seem to have this tendency to rub them together constantly which in turn is making them dry and flakey. My usual lip balms weren’t really helping the situation so I decided to invest in something else.

The (affiliate link) Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating Lip Cream has honestly been the best thing for combating dry lips. It works so well and so quick. Unlike usual balms, it’s cream-based, so you can imagine it is super hydrating and moisturising which is exactly what you want to get rid of the dryness.

I’ll pop this on at night, go to sleep and then when I wake up in the morning my lips are in such a good condition. It’s now my go-to whenever I can feel that dry feeling coming back, I’ll reach for this and it will work so quick at getting rid of the dryness.

I would recommend checking it out if you’re on the hunt for a lip balm that actually works and fastly!

My Go To Winter Beauty Essentials

(affiliate link) Soap & Glory – Flake Away

When my skin is really dry or I want to help get rid of those dead skin cells, I’ll reach for an exfoliator. The one I’m reaching for this winter and one that also makes a great winter beauty essential is the (affiliate link) Soap & Glory Flake Away*. This exfoliator is great at getting read of rough and dry skin by replacing it with smoother skin.

It’s really gentle on the skin and doesn’t feel harsh or scratchy at all so if you have more sensitive skin this one is a great option for you. I don’t exfoliate probably as much as I should but I like to do it every so often to help benefit my skin and get rid of any dead skin that won’t quite budge.

(affiliate link) Nivea – Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream*

Hand cream is a must-have go-to winter beauty essential. My hands can get so dry all year round (I blame OCD for that) but even more so in the winter so it’s essential that I have a hand cream on hand (no pun intended) to help keep the skin on my hands and wrists in the best possible condition.

I’ve been using the Nivea Hand Cream* to add that hydration and moisture back into my hands to prevent dryness. Plus I can take it on the go so I can refresh and replenish no matter where I am. I’ve also been trying to wear gloves when I’m out and about especially when it’s cold to help with the dryness.

My Go To Winter Beauty Essentials

(affiliate link) Oh K – Glowing Moisturiser

In terms of skincare, I haven’t really changed up my routine that much recently as I’ve been quite happy with the products I’ve been using. I love a glowy and radiant look all year round and in the winter this is no different especially when I can give my skin that added boost of hydration.

The moisturiser that has been winning my heart recently is from Oh K and it’s their glowing moisturiser. This is honestly one of my favourite moisturisers. It’s so hydrating and moisturising. It’s such a gorgeous product to apply in the morning and use under my makeup. It really does help to give my skin that hydrated, glowy and refreshed look to it.

I’m so glad it’s made my go-to winter beauty essentials!

What winter beauty essentials have you been loving?

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