My Favourite Style Pieces This Winter

My Favourite Style Pieces This Winter

I’ve really fallen in love with winter fashion this year which is a complete change for me as I’ve always been someone who is so into their spring and summer fashion. But this winter I’ve just really found my own personal style and it’s made shopping and styling outfits this time of the year way easier.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my favourite style pieces this winter and what I’ve mainly been wearing the past couple of months, as well as what I’ll probably continue to wear until spring arrives.

My Favourite Style Pieces This Winter

A chunky knit

A chunky knit is a must during the winter-time!

I’ve always struggled with knitwear and jumpers during the winter months because I am so short and everything usually drowns me but this year I have managed to find some gorgeous knitwear that has actually fitted me quite nicely for once. It’s meant I have been super cosy and warm this winter especially with a roll neck or high necked piece.

I’ve definitely stuck to knit’s in more neutral tones rather than colour and have opted for camel, cream, light grey and stone. I used to definitely be one of those people who had loads of black in their wardrobe but now I’ve got way more of a neutral-toned wardrobe and I love it. They’re so easy to wear and style with other pieces in my wardrobe.

A camel coat

I’ve been wanting a camel coat for years like literally for as long as I can remember and this winter I finally managed to get one into my wardrobe. I’ve basically worn it non-stop since getting it. Not only is the colour gorgeous and fits into my colour palette well, but I’ve also found it to be the perfect coat in terms of style.

Most of my coats and jackets aren’t long other than my trench coat which isn’t the warmest thing during the winter-time. I wanted something that was going to cover the majority of my body without drowning me so I picked up a camel coat from New Look’s petite range and it fits perfectly.

It keeps me warm and snug and as I said it goes with so much in my wardrobe. I also think it’s one of those coats what you can easily pair with a more casual look but you can also wear it to dress up looks for more formal occasions. It’s a great versatile piece and one I am so glad I have in my wardrobe now as I couldn’t be without it!

My Favourite Style Pieces This Winter

Faux-leather look leggings

When the whole faux-leather trend came around this autumn/winter I was so ready to add a nice pair of faux-leather trousers to my wardrobe. Unfortunately, most of the trousers I liked did not fit me in terms of length so I decided to go for faux-leather look leggings instead.

Although whilst I think faux-leather trousers can look a lot nicer, I don’t regret going for the leggings because the comfort is just a dream. I suffer from my IBS which can mean I can get on the bloated side and also sometimes when I wear high-waisted trousers or jeans it can make my stomach hurt, so having some faux-leather leggings in my collection has been the ultimate comfort this winter.

It means I can still look more put together than usual leggings would look but still have so much comfort and not worried about having any stomach pains from being too bloated in regular jeans or trousers. I like to pair mine with a big oversized jumper to really maintain that comfort feeling.

Chunky boots

I mentioned these in my autumn style favourites post, but again these have been one I’ve been loving during the colder period. You can’t go wrong with a pair of chunky boots during the winter. They are a must-have in my wardrobe and I find these to be so comfortable.

Chunky boots really are my go-to especially when the weather is rubbish and you want something to get you through the day with no issues. I can pair with them with so many different things as well and don’t feel too bad if I wear them with something a little more dressy. I think they’re really versatile.

These have definitely become a firm favourite within my autumn/winter style!

My Favourite Style Pieces This Winter

A beanie hat

I couldn’t do a winter style post without mentioning a beanie hat. I know they’re not the most ‘in’ thing but they’re a basic when the weather is cold. When I’m going out for a walk or going out and it’s really cold, then I’ll pop this on and feel like I’m keeping myself extra warm and cosy.

We went on a beach trip not too long ago and it was so cold so wearing my beanie was definitely something I was glad I had on. Plus if you wear your hair down it keeps it from blowing everywhere in the wind or even on those days where your hair needs washing, but you don’t want to just yet, so you just pop a hat on and forget about it until you can wash it.

I’m not the only one who does that, am I?

What’s your favourite winter style piece?ย 

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