My Favourite Self-Care Practices

My Favourite Self-Care Practices
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Self-care is being talked more and more about because everyone knows how beneficial it is to your wellbeing and making yourself feel good. I don’t really follow a strict self-care routine but I do have some favourite self-care practices that I either practice daily or weekly to help me feel my best and to look after myself, so here is a little look into my favourite self-care practices.


I speak a lot about reading but I definitely have found that within the past year it has helped me a lot. I used to use it as a form of escapism to get away from my negative thoughts and to get my head in the pages in my hands, but now I definitely use it in another way. I use it to unwind and relax. It also gives me the opportunity to learn something new and explore.

It’s one of my favourite self-care practices and I tend to do it weekly. I would love to try to read a book every day but some days I’m just not in the mood or don’t have the time so doing it a few times a week is what works best for me.

Working out

Never ever did I think working out would become one of my favourite self-care practices but here we are five months into the year and working out has become something I’ve found myself benefiting from.

I never could really feel the benefits of working out and exercising until I got into it more regularly and created more of a routine with it. I only work out twice a week which probably isn’t a lot to some, but it’s working well for me right now and it doesn’t push me too much with my stomach issues.

I love being able to get my body moving and it makes me appreciate what I have and what I can do. It makes me feel so refreshed and energised. I always feel better afterwards. Instead of thinking about burning off calories or fat, I think about burning away the negative energy I feel inside. It really does help me to de-stress.

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My Favourite Self-Care Practices

Being with my dog

Animals are one of the greatest things in life and being with my puppy Teddy makes such a difference with my mental health. I was three years without a dog after losing our previous dog Billy and within those three years, I felt awful so it just proves that having a pet around especially a dog can impact you in a positive way.

Although we didn’t have the greatest introduction because my anxiety spiked loads when he first arrived in our lives, now I feel so comforted and happy to see him. I love snuggling beside him when I’m doing my work, taking him out for a walk, playing with him in the garden and just having him around in the background just makes me feel content.

Being in touch with myself

Being in touch with myself is something I’ve found to be really important to me. It’s helped me to build an inner relationship and trust within myself. This also ties in with being present and living in the moment.

My mind can very quickly get overwhelmed and consumed by negative thoughts if I don’t take a step back and be more present with what’s going on in the moment. This means I have to listen to what my body is telling me and check in with myself regularly.

This isn’t such an obvious self-care practice that gets spoken about a lot but it’s one that is hugely beneficial. Checking in with yourself may seem silly but it literally takes a few moments out of your day and can be done anywhere. Try it!

My Favourite Self-Care Practices

Having a pamper 

Now, this is one that gets spoken about a lot and I can completely see why. There’s just something about pampering yourself and making yourself feel as good as you do on the outside as you do on the in.

Even something as simple as having a flower can make me feel so refreshed. I used to be such a fan of baths but now I prefer showers as they just instantly make me feel more cleansed and fresh not just literally but mentally as well. I’ve been loving the Nivea Clay Fresh Body Wash Hibiscus & White Sage*. It not only smells amazing and is pink, but it also makes my skin feel so clean and soft.

I also love to up my skincare a couple of times a week which usually involves a face mask and treating myself to something like a serum or oil. I keep my skincare routine quite minimal from day to day. I also like to carry out some body-care pamper activities like moisturising my body.

I’ve been loving the Nivea Body Mousses recently. The one I’ve been using recently is the Smooth Instant Absorption for Dry skin*. This has really helped the dry skin on my elbows and wrists. I love how quickly these mousses absorb onto the skin and how they don’t leave any stickiness.

Other things I like to do as some of my favourite self-care practices include painting my nails, doing my brows and putting on fake tan, those sort of maintenance related tasks that make you feel more together.

Letting myself feel how I need to feel

I’ve never been someone who shied away from showing how I really feel because I’ve always been honest with my emotions and I never have forced myself to be positive if my mind is feeling anything but it.

Instead, I allow myself to feel how I need to feel because I’m not afraid to be negative or feel negative feelings. This might mean having a good old cry, resting up when I’m tired, venting my frustration to my loved ones or sitting with any anxious feelings.

I’ve found the less I’ve fought against these feelings and instead have welcomed them in, giving them the attention they need to the quicker they go away making way for the more positive feelings to come through.

What are your favourite self-care practices?

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