My Favourite Lipsticks

(Left to Right: Rimmel London – As You Want Victoria, MUA – Shade 2, Rimmel London Kate Moss – 03, Mac – Snob and Maybelline New York Color Whisper – Pink Possibilities.)

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite lipsticks and the ones that I go to the most from my own makeup collection. Lipsticks are probably one of my favourite makeup products as they quickly help to change a look and there is just so many different ones out there to try. The products that I have selected from my collection are mainly drugstore which means they are super affordable and great for those who are on a low budget.


Rimmel London Moisture Renew – As You Want Victoria

The name of this lipstick was the first thing that instantly drew me to it! As you can probably guess from my blog name, Victoria is my middle name and therefore I just had to purchase this because of the personal touch I felt from it (Is that weird?). Not only is the name of the shade great, I absolutely love the colour of this lipstick. It is very vibrant dark pink colour that would work well on all skin tones. Because this shade is so out there, I only tend to wear this when going out during the evening/night. The only slight issue I have is that it smudges quite a lot when applying it and when it is on because it is a moisturising lipstick. Therefore, you have to be extra careful.

MUA – Shade 02:

If you love a bargain, then you’ll absolutely the lipsticks that Mua (Makeup Academy) have to offer. They are super cheap at only £1 each and for what they are worth they are so long lasting. I definitely need to purchase more of these. This shade is my autumn go to lipstick because of the gorgeous plum colour it creates. I literally love the colour of it on my lips and how it really suits my skin tone, as well as the colour of my eyes. They’re also actually really moisturising on the lips, which is quite surprising for a lipstick that is only £1!!!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss – 03

Is it bad that this happens to be the only nude lipstick I actually own? I much prefer shades of colour when it comes to lipstick rather than nudes. However, I do really like this nude lipstick and it works really well as a autumn/winter nude. It’s quite a dark natural that can be worn during the day or at night. Also because it is quite dark, it is not too out of the way when applied on lighter skin tone, there it is a great bonus.

Mac – Snob

This is my absolutely all time favourite lipstick that I own and use most of the time, because I literally in love with it. As you can probably see, it’s beginning to run out and I definitely am thinking of repurchasing this when it is gone completely, as I don’t think I can quite be with out it. It’s a gorgeous light pink colour with slight purple undertones to it which is perfect for spring/summer. In my opinion, I don’t think that it’s too ‘Barbie bright’ as others may suggest and I think it compliments my skin/lips well. Also the staying power of this lipstick is amazing and so worth the money. It does not feel drying on the lips either, which is great as I sometimes can get dry lips, especially in the cooler months.

Maybelline New York Color Whisper by Color Sensational – Pink Possibilities:

My friend kindly picked me up this lipstick whilst she was in America last year. This is one of the lipsticks that is more suited to the summer as opposed to autumn/winter. It is more of a mid-tone pink and can be built up to make a stronger colour on the lips. One of the reasons why I like this lipstick so much is how moisturising it is on the lips and how much it reminds me of a balm as opposed to a lipstick because of the texture. Also I love how quick and easy it is to apply because it just glides onto the lips.

What are some of your favourite lipsticks from your own collection? Has this post made you want to invest in the lipsticks above or maybe add more to your collection? Let me know.

I apologise for the low quality of these pictures. We have been having the worst weather in the UK recently and could not waste anymore days delaying my post for this week for sunny natural lighting to make an appearance, so I could actually take my pictures. I hope they’re not too bad though!

Thank you for reading,

Lauren x

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