My Favourite Hair Masks For Healthier Hair

My Favourite Hair Masks For Healthier Hair

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I actually began to invest more time into looking after my hair properly and this involved me bringing hair masks into my hair care routine to help me to maintain healthier hair especially after bleaching my hair when I had balayage ombre.

Since then I have tried and tested a few and have settled on a few favourites that I like to use on rotation to help me to maintain healthier hair between hair cuts and especially when using heat more often than not.

Wonditioner Hair Mask* – Soap & Glory 

One of the newest additions to my haircare range is the Wonditioner Hair Mask* by Soap and Glory. This hair mask is specifically targetted at conditioning the hair to help revitalise your hair and leave it feeling nourished and healthier.

Now if you love Soap & Glory and you’re familiar with their Righteous butter then this mask smells exactly the same as that. It’s got that classic Soap & Glory fresh smell to it. It’s also quite a thick product so I would recommend using only a small amount because a little does go a long way.

I only use hair masks on my mid-lengths and ends because I don’t tend to get any dryness on my roots so I love to focus the product on the dryer parts of my hair which are further down.

After applying the Wonditioner hair mask*, I always find my hair to feel so soft and fresh afterwards. It definitely helps to bring it back to life almost and make it feel instantly better. It contains argan oil, shea butter and coconut oil so no wonder it leaves your hair feeling silky smooth.

I also love that you don’t have to use a conditioner after applying this mask which means you save time because this product does that step for you in one. I definitely reach for this more when I want to refresh my hair and nourish it quickly.

My Favourite Hair Masks For Healthier Hair My Favourite Hair Masks For Healthier Hair

Coco Loco Coconut Mask – Lee Stafford

Now if you’ve been an avid reader of my blog for the past couple of years then you’re probably familiar with this mask making an appearance on my blog quite a few times before but it’s definitely my all time favourite hair mask.

The Coco Loco hair mask is the one I first used when I had bleached my hair and I really wanted to prevent it from drying out. This definitely is my go to mask when my hair is in need of some serious loving and one I reach for more when I’m due a hair cut because it really does help to to keep my hair healthier for longer.

It’s packed full of coconut oil goodness which you will probably be aware is a great way to bring moisture and hydration back into the hair. In my opinion, this mask has the perfect consistency of not being too thick or too thin in texture so when you apply it you really do feel like you’re getting the perfect amount out of it.

I love how well nourished and hydrated my hair feels after using this. The Coco Loco Hair Mask is one I will continue to recommend to everyone. I love it so much!

S.O.S Hair Repair For Dry, Damaged and Fragile Hair Treatment Mask* – Andrew Barton 

Can we just start off by saying I’m loving this S.O.S Hair Repair For Dry, Damage and Fragile Hair range by Andrew Barton right now!

If you saw my recent review of this range, then you might remember this treatment mask* being featured. Again this is another hair mask which you can use as a replacement for a conditioner which is always a winner in my opinion. I love a quick and easy routine!

In comparison to the two above masks, this one is definitely a lot lighter and not as thick as the others which always surprises me as I’m so used to using thick masks. But nonetheless this mask still does the job well and I can always notice a difference in my hair condition after using this.

It leaves it feeling soft and refreshed due to the Moroccan argan oil and shea butter ingredients. This is another great go-to in-between hair cuts when I want to maintain that healthy appearance and texture of my hair. Plus the whole range including this smells so good as well.

My Favourite Hair Masks For Healthier Hair

Nourish Restore Hair Mask* – Freshly Cosmetics

Another hair mask that is packed full of nourishing and restorative ingredients is the Nourish Restore Hair Mask* from Freshly Cosmetics. This one contains karite, macadamia and argan oil to help to treat dry, damaged and dehydrated hair.

This smells so incredible and fresh. It has a very citrusy scent to it which I think is just a great summer fragrance. This mask also works well by protecting your hair against any external agents that can affect the hairs density.

My hair feels so soft and hydrated after using this nourish restore hair mask*. It definitely does help to lock in moisturise and bring back some life into my hair. This mask really does help to prevent dryness which is something I’m prone to with using heat often so this definitely tries to put a stop to that and does so well.

I also love how this comes in a tube which means it’s so quick and easy to apply. It’s lasted me for such a long time.

What’s your favourite hair mask?

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Hair Masks For Healthier Hair

  • These all sound fab! I’m really intrigued by the Soap & Glory one! I want to try their hair care! I need to get better at doing hair masks more regularly – they make such a difference to the condition of my hair whenever I use them! x

  • Hair masks really do make such a difference! The coconut mask sounds great, I’ve been using coconut oil and products with shea butter and they’ve helped so much xx

    My Lovelier Days

    • They truly do! I never realised until I started to use them more regularly at how much difference they can make. They’re such a good ingredient to use xx

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