My Current Favourite Highlighters

My Current Favourite Highlighters

Alongside lipsticks, highlighters have to be my favourite beauty product. I personally feel no make-up look is complete without adding a touch of highlight to my face. I love creating a soft glowy look, that also helps to brighten my face and create dimension. Surprisingly, I only own a select few highlighters. But the ones that I do own are ones of great quality, affordability and stunning colour. Here are some of my current favourites from my collection:

My Current Favourite Highlighters

Makeup Revolution – Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette (£8) – Top Left Shade:

First off, I hate how this palette doesn’t actually have names for the eight shades. It makes it hard for me to try show you what I’m on about. But anyway, one of my favourite highlighters is the top left shade from this palette. This shade is the perfect shade from this blush palette for highlighting. It’s a stunning bright pearl colour! Because of how bright it is, it really helps to lighten up any areas that you wish to bring some life to. I personally love applying this to the inner corners of my eyes, to make my eyes pop and also I like to apply this on my cupids bow to give the illusion of fuller lips. Although this highlighter is just as stunning when applied across the cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose and under the brow bone. I believe this palette works great for pale girls, who want to lighten their face and create an extra bit of glow! I have a full review of this palette here.

My Current Favourite Highlighters

MUA – Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – Pink Shimmer:

The cheapest in my collection is this £3 highlighter from MUA. It’s not only very affordable, but is also one of great quality. It is a pigmented pearly champagne pink colour. It gives the skin a lovely girly glow, one that I find will suit all skin tones. I love wearing this during the spring and summer months. For being a pink based shade, it is isn’t too over the top or overpowering. Although you can easily build this up, if you fancy going for more of a prominent highlight for a night out look. It is also easy to blend due to it’s lightweight formula, so if you make any mistakes, there’s no need to panic about having to start again. I think this is a great highlighter for any beginners, since’s it’s purse friendly and really easy to use. 

My Current Favourite Highlighters

theBalm – Mary Lou Manizer (Luminizer):

A product that has been featured on my blog probably way too many times already, but one that has soon become a holy grail of mine and one I’m always reaching for. On more of the pricier side (£17.50), Mary Lou Manizer is a product that I am so glad I invested in. It’s a gorgeous stunning golden champagne colour with high pigmentation and long staying power. I wear this daily, even though some may find this a little too over powering for everyday wear. But I enjoy using this in my day to day look, because it gives me such a healthy glow and creates great dimension to my face. I honestly couldn’t live without this product in my make-up collection! I have a full review of this product here.

My Current Favourite Highlighters

What are your current favourite highlighters? Have you tried any of these, if so what are your thoughts on them?

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