My Christmas Tree

You know Christmas has well and truly arrived when the Christmas tree and decorations get put up around your house and neighbourhood. Last week, the tree got put up in my family home and it always feel so much more Christmassy. I usually help my Mum put it up and decorate it, but this year I was busy, so I didn’t have the chance to. I can’t wait till I’m older and have my own house, so I can decorate my own tree and my home myself. I’ve already got it all planned out, but it will probably change again knowing my ever changing tastes (haha) and how long it will probably take me to even get my own house. 

I love having a little nosey at everyone else’s decorations and what they’ve got on their tree, as it’s always nice to see what kind of colour scheme they’ve gone for, whether they have a fake or real tree, what theme they’ve decided on and the colour of the lights. So I thought I would it would be fun to share with you all what’s on my family Christmas tree. You can probably tell that its a fake tree. I’d love to buy a real tree one year and do it all up. I’ve never experienced a real one at Christmas in my home, so that would be a different and I’d love to go pick it out and everything. I think it would be a great tradition to take with you for many years to come.

In terms of colour scheme and style, we usually tend to go for a silver and white theme, which we have gone for the past couple of years. I think it’s very Christmassy with the different baubles and wintery with the snowflakes, icicles and snowman. There’s also other small decoration features like the glittery shoe, which my Mum puts on the tree as a little tribute to my auntie who passed away over a decade ago. We also have two sets of lights around our tree. One set is more of a bright golden colour circle, which I absolutely love and think they look so good on the tree. They stay on throughout the time the lights are on for. The second set is more smaller and thinner, a more tear drop like shape and they flash every so often, instead of staying on the whole time like the other set of lights. Then on the top of the tree, we have the most adorable little angel that we’ve had since I was really small, so that’s always really sweet to see her standing bright on top of it.

What’s on your tree? Is yours real or fake?

Lauren x

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