Monthly Task Ideas For Bloggers

Monthly Task Ideas For Bloggers

We all can agree that most of us want to run a successful blog and be able to manage it to the best way that we can, right? No matter how long you have been blogging for, you’ll know that it takes a lot of hard work, time and motivation to be able to achieve this. There’s always a mixture of different things you need to be doing to run your blog and any social media channels you have linked to it. Today I wanted to share with you a series of task ideas you can use monthly to help maintain the running of your blog and also achieve the things you might forget about or put off for whatever reason. These ideas will help keep you super organised and also working efficiently to make your blog the best it can be!

Update your media kit – This is something I definitely want to do more in 2017. I normally end up going a few months without updating and since then my stats have grown quite a bit. Therefore, it is important you update your media kit at the end of each month/the start of each new month so you’re showing brands who want to work with you current stats and you can also monitor your own progress. It’s also a good idea to change any irrelevant information, such as if you’ve had a birthday since the last time you update you’ll need to change your age, or if you have had a change in career or job you’ll also want to update that.

Brainstorm content ideas – I personally am always brainstorming content ideas, but if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to do that all the time and prefers to do it on a set day, then brainstorming ideas for future posts can be a beneficial thing to do each month. Whether this is half way through the month for the next few weeks content, at the start of a month for the current month and the next month’s plan, or something you decide to do towards the end of each month for the upcoming month ahead. This will really help you to keep organised and keep to a schedule with your posting.

Go through your emails – Respond to any emails you haven’t yet been able to get back to, sort out your junk emails, get rid of any emails that are irrelevant or you don’t need in your inbox anymore, and send out new emails are some of the ways you can organised and keep your inbox up to date. I’m sure I’m not the only one with an overflowing messy inbox, so doing something like this will benefit the both of us. 

Review stats and make a plan – If you’ve checked your stats for your media kit or just in general each month, you can start to form conclusions and ideas as to what is working well and what you need to improve on. You can see what’s been the most popular post(s) you have shared that month, or what social media platform has grown the most or has had increased engagement. This will enable you to put plans in place for the next month on things you continue to do to maintain your growth rate or methods you can try and experiment with to improve on a particular area.

Clean up social media accounts – Unfollow any inactive accounts or accounts that don’t float your boat anymore (don’t feel bad for doing it, just go for it and you’ll feel a lot better for it!), update your cover and profile photos, update your bios and check that your links are working. We all know how important social media is for our blogs so it’s essential we keep them as fresh as possible.

Set yourself some goals – Some people strive off working towards goals whilst others prefer to go with the flow. Whatever you are, remember that setting small manageable goals each month can really help you keep organised and motivated with your blog. You might want to aim for a particular follower target on Twitter, have a rough idea of the number of posts you want to put up throughout the month of March, you might want to change up your header this month or there might be a series of manageable tasks you want to get done.

Calendar – Updating your calendar can also help keep you organised and give you a clear idea of the month ahead. This could be a social or editorial calendar. Cross off things from the previous month you have achieved, schedule in new events and tasks for the upcoming month and change things if they need to be switched around to make sure you’re managing your time more effectively.

Check for new sponsored or collaboration opportunities – Check your emails to see if any brands have got in contact lately to work with you, have a look on blogging PR websites for any new assignments or opportunities, search through the hashtags #bloggerswanted and #prrequest on Twitter to find any new collaborations, email around a few of the brands you really want to work with and pitch them an amazing post ideas to get them onboard with your blog. 

What monthly tasks do you carry out for your blog?

Lauren x

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