Look After Your Mental Health With The ThriveUK App*

Look After Your Mental Health With The ThriveUK* App

We all know how important is it to look after your health especially your mental health. Whether you suffer from a form of mental illness or you’ve always had good mental health, it is essential that you regularly take care of the mental side of things.

I’ve been testing out a mental health app also known as ThriveUK* which is the perfect tool for everyone to use to track your mood, change your thinking patterns, relax and give yourself some time to focus on yourself. I’ve absolutely loved using it the past few weeks and I cannot wait to share with you my thoughts.

So what is the ThriveUK app*?

The Thrive app* is an app designed for those who want to self-manage stress, anxiety and other mental health-related conditions. It is an evidence-based app that gets you to focus inwards and draw the answers out through the guided activities and questions. There’s a whole range of techniques and games to use.

The app’s design is based on three beautiful beach islands with the sound of the waves crashing, calming music and birds tweeting in the background. The seaside is one of my favourite places to visit and always brings me so much joy so this setting was perfect.

You can quickly and easily move to and from each island with different activities and information on each so you can go for a good explore before you decide what you may wish to focus on.

Look After Your Mental Health With The ThriveUK App*


  • Asses your mood daily – to really get to know yourself and be in tune with what’s going on inside, the Thrive app gives you the chance to track your mood each day. It gets you to select how you’re feeling on a scale and this gives you a moment to focus inwards on where you are right now and how you’re feeling including inside your body as well as your feelings. This really helped me to track how I was doing each day and give me that space to really focus inwards on how I was truly feeling without the distraction of the everyday world.
  • Set goals – based on your preferences, mood, thoughts and feelings, the ThriveUK app* sets you three goals each day to complete. These are a combination of games, offline activities and relaxation tasks. If you’re someone who struggles to set small tasks to help your mental health, then this can be really beneficial to get you focused and motivated on improving your overall wellbeing.
  • Monitor your progress – each time you track your mood and feelings, it gets recorded on a graph for you to refer back to whenever you wish to monitor your progress. This is a great idea if you want to see how different tasks are affecting your mental health or how you’ve been feeling from day to day. I love being able to see where I’ve been successful but also where I might need to improve.
  • Find alternatives to your thoughts – after you’ve assessed your mood, the ThriveUK app* gives you the opportunity to explore how you’re feeling and some of the thoughts, behaviours and symptoms you might be experiencing. After you’ve selected some of the thoughts you’ve been feeling, it then helps you to find alternatives to your thoughts. I found this part really beneficial as it got me thinking about different situations in a different way rather than so focused on the negatives or the worst case scenario.
  • Games and activities – there are a few games included in the app which gives you a chance to concentration on solving different puzzles like word games or getting creative and being therapeutic by creating your own zen garden. I love word games as they really help to distract me from my thoughts. There’s also the cute feature of a message in a bottle, where someone sends you a kind message and you can also send your own anonymously.
  • Relaxation – one thing I didn’t get to try too much was the relaxation part of the app. This included things like breathing exercises, meditation and deep muscle relaxation. I know how beneficial breathing exercises can be for anxiety and panic attacks, so being able to listen to a breathing exercising really does help to ground you and calm any distressing feelings. If you also experience a lot of tension in your body, then the deep muscle relaxation part can be beneficial in helping you release the tension out of your body and instead relax your body back to a sense of calm.
  • Wellbeing guides – if you want to build up your knowledge or gain some extra tips on how to deal with certain issues, then the wellbeing guides is a great tool to make use of. The guides are also relevant to your mood or any issues you’re experiencing on that particular day. I definitely picked up some helpful advice.

Look After Your Mental Health With The ThriveUK* App 2


  • The chance to focus on you – the ThriveUK app* gives you the opportunity to actually take time for yourself and focus on your own wellbeing without the distraction of a busy day. It’s the perfect excuse to engage in some much-needed self-care.
  • Easy and convenient – it is so easy to use no matter where you are (as long as you’re connected to the internet of course) and for as long as you like each day. Whether you take 5 minutes on your train journey or when you’re soaking in the bath at night to reflect on your body and engage in improving your mood.
  • Functional- it provides you with the essential tools to implement good habits and strategies as you go through your everyday life and manage your wellbeing. Plus it’s all in one place so you don’t have to worry about switching from different resources.
  • Reflection – a chance for you to reflect on your day and how you’re currently feeling in the moment. From this, you’re able to then focus on the things you need to do to help improve any symptoms and challenge the thoughts you may be experiencing.
  • Educate – you’re able to educate yourself on how to challenge your thoughts, different areas you’re struggling with, as well as how to calm your body and relax. It’s a great tool to keep referring back to as you navigate your way by taking care of your mental health.
  • Challenges – since the ThriveUK app* sets you 3 goals to achieve each day, it can give you something to work towards and focus on if you find that you find it difficult to find the motivation to do anything or that you do not have a real purpose. It can get you moving and achieving, which all around boosts your self-esteem.
  • Figure out what you need – based on your mood, thoughts and feelings, it helps you to figure out what you might need in order to get through a situation or to help manage how you’re feeling. By suggesting you activities, goals and advice, it takes away that overwhelming feeling of having to figure it all out on your own accord.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the ThriveUK app* and would definitely say it is worth checking out if you want to manage your wellbeing better.

It’s a great tool to have on hand when you need to take a small moment to yourself to focus inwards and work out where you’re currently at. It is definitely good to have that form of self-awareness present in your every day. It makes you recognise your own self-worth and that you deserve to take some much-needed self-care.

You can check out the ThriveUK app* here to access the app and more information!

Have you ever tried an app like this?

This post is in collaboration with ThriveUK. Products marked with a * are PR samples.

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