Meet The Blogger 2 – Natalie Leanne

Meet The Blogger 2 - Natalie Leanne
Welcome back to another meet the blogger post in this part 2 series. Last week I caught up with Cliona from Cliona Hill and this week I am joined with Natalie from Natalie Leanne to catch up with her. We discuss all things blog goals, photography style, motivation and more!
Natalie is a UK based lifestyle blogger who loves to share her light-hearted, positive and slow living related posts. She also has a very fun and creative photography style that I admire and appreciates how much time and hard work must go into creating these playful shots.
So let’s just jump straight into the questions!
1. How has your blog grown/developed within the past year?
In terms of statistics, I’d say my growth is kind of the same. But compared to last year, I feel more comfortable than ever with blogging and staying true to myself with the content I’m putting out there.
2. Have you achieved or reached any goals since then?
I’m not at the point where I use my blog for any income, but I’ve altered my attitude about that a little, and I’m more using my blog as like a diary, which I really love.
3. How do you keep your love for creating content alive?
I always try and go with how I’m feeling. I don’t force content, so if I have a week where I don’t write anything, that’s totally okay. Usually, when I take the pressure off myself ideas and inspiration start to come back again.
4. What has been your biggest blogging challenge so far?
I’d say the biggest challenge is probably something we all face- time. Life can become super busy sometimes, so things like blogging can take a backseat, especially when you’re active on other platforms like Instagram for example. But I do try and prioritise getting two posts up a week if I can. Plus, writing is the most therapeutic thing for me, which always means I miss it when I don’t do it.
Meet The Blogger 2 - Natalie Leanne
5. How do you come up with ideas for your photography?
Usually, my imagination. Pinterest and other creatives are great for inspiration, but my favourite ideas are the ones that have just popped in my head when I’m going about my day!
6. If someone wanted to get more creative with their photos what advice would you give them?
Experiment with everything! Try lots of different styles so you know what you’re most passionate about. There are no limits, plus lots of editing practice really shows in the photo I think.
7. What does your photography process look like?
I still take all my phones on my iPhone, and I actually just use that and a tripod from Amazon. The taking of the photos is often pretty simple and I edit using Photoshop and Lightroom/VSCO on my phone.
8. How do you stay motivated to keep creating?
Moderation. I don’t take photos or blog every single day, which I don’t think would work for me. A few times a week when I get an idea, I’ll run with it, but because I love it, it just feels like having fun!
Meet The Blogger 2 - Natalie Leanne
9. Are there any changes you’d like to make to your blog or content?
I think I’d like to do more of the same really. Stay true to myself and always be authentic.
10. If we were to do a part 3 to this series next year, what do you wish to have achieved by then?
I hope I’m still as happy and content with blogging like I am now. I feel blogging has a massive place in this online world, I still love reading blogs myself. Some people say they’re dying out a bit now, but I think they’re more relevant than ever.
Thank you so much for letting me interview you again, Natalie. I loved reading your responses and could definitely get a clear sense that staying true to yourself is what you do best. 
Please do go check out Natalie’s blog and her Instagram page. 
How do you stay motivated to keep creating?

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