Meet The Blogger – Oh Hello, It’s Hannah

Meet The Blogger - Oh Hello, It's HannahWelcome back to another Meet The Blogger post! I hope you managed to catch last week’s meet the blogger that featured the lovely Cliona. There are only a few more posts left in this series, so I thought it was due that I featured a blogger who I have actually been best friends with for a good couple of years now.

Meet Hannah from Oh Hello, It’s Hannah! Hannah is a twenty-year-old media student from the UK. She creates a range of beauty and lifestyle posts, with a bit of fashion and style thrown in here and there. As I said, Hannah and I have been friends for absolute ages. She is such a down to earth, supportive and wonderful girl. I absolutely love how genuine and real she is and this really comes across in her writing.

I love Hannah and the content she creates, so I know you’re going to love her and her blog too!

So let’s get straight into the questions.

Hey, Hannah. How did you first come across blogging and what made you want to start a blog? 

I actually first came across blogging through YouTube. I started watching YouTube videos at around the age of thirteen and was obsessed with old-school beauty YouTubers such as SWalkerMakeup and bubzbeauty. I was so fascinated by their makeup tutorials, reviews and hauls, which is what really sparked my love for all things beauty as a young teenager.

I was always too shy of fully putting myself out there on YouTube, but I noticed a lot of them also had blogs alongside their YouTube channels. I thought this seemed like the next best thing, so I gave it a go and ‘Oh Hello, It’s Hannah’ was born. I started a blog because I really wanted to share my thoughts and advice on the products I really loved. Plus, I always loved English at school, so this was a great way for me to further my writing in a more creative way.

What’s been your favourite thing about blogging so far? Is there anything about the process or an achievement that stands out to you? 

It is so hard to pinpoint my favourite thing about blogging. I absolutely love the fact that I have my own outlet to talk about and create anything I want. However, one of my favourite things has to be being part of the blogging community. I have spoken to and made friends with so many lovely girls through blogging.


As Lucy from Forever September said in her post, blogging is a community where I really feel that I fit in. I struggled with my anxiety a lot whilst growing up, so I did often miss out on things and felt distant from my friends at times. With blogging, I feel that all of us are so similar because are all so passionate about the same thing and people really seem to get me. I wish we could all live close by and see each other regularly! I still haven’t met any of my blogging friends but I really want to make it happen in the future.

As a bonus, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a selection of great brands. It is so nice to feel recognised by a brand and them like me and my blog enough to want to work together. How cool is that?!

What have you found the most challenging when it comes to blogging? 

Blogging does come with its challenges. There can be a lot of pressure to stick to a niche or a theme, whilst at the same time writing content that will inspire people, whilst also trying to be unique and not ‘copy’ anyone!

There’s also pressure to post regularly and stick to a schedule when in reality blogging has always been my hobby and there have been times when I’ve neglected it for months at a time. I do have a life and sometimes I think people need to remember that before simply hitting unfollow if I don’t post an Instagram photo for over 3 days.

It can also be hard to not compare yourself to others, especially when you see so many gorgeous photos on your feed after an unsuccessful photo-taking session. Blogging is hard work, no matter how many people say it isn’t. So when it does go right and you feel positive about what you’re creating, it’s a darn good feeling!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a new blogger? 

There are so many pieces of advice I’d give, but I’d definitely say don’t take everything too seriously. Hopefully, they have started their blog because they want to share their thoughts and passions with the world and have a love for writing. So no matter how many followers you have, likes you get on a photo, or comments you get on a post – as long as you love what you’re doing, that’s all that matters.


What are your favourite type of blog posts to create? 

There will always be a place in my heart for beauty related content, but over the years I have loved incorporating more lifestyle content into my blog. I just love sharing my own take on my personal experiences and providing advice to others who might be in the same boat. It’s also really nice to look back on lifestyle posts to read about how I felt about a certain topic or about a certain time in my life. It’s also so nice to receive feedback on these type of posts, especially when someone replies saying that they can relate or it’s going to help them in the near future. It’s a really rewarding feeling.

Which social media platform is your favourite?

Over the past few months, I’ve really gotten into Instagram. The whole algorithm can be so frustrating, however, I do absolutely love taking photos and playing around with cool filters. Photo editing is probably one of my favourite things to do. I love how I can scroll down my profile and see all of the great things I’ve captured for my blog so easily. It’s really satisfying! Photos are great as well as they help to keep memories alive, but also add a great asset to my portfolio when I go to more job interviews in the future.

What’s been your favourite blog post to write ever? 

There are honestly so many, but one that sticks with me is my ‘Body Confidence & Learning To Love Myself‘ post where I explain all about my body confidence journey so far. This was written in a particularly tough time throughout my journey, but I was really trying hard to accept who I was at this time and not let it get me down too much. I feel that I was really honest with myself, and I often feel quite emotional when I read this back.

I also feel so proud of myself for having the ability to write so openly about my experiences with body confidence throughout my childhood and early adult life. I received an amazing amount of feedback in the comments as well, so this is one I was really happy with and will treasure.

If I could have another favourite, it would be my long distance relationship advice posts (you can read them here and here) as that has been one of the hardest but most rewarding parts of my life.

If there was one thing you would change about blogging or the community, what would it be?

If I could change anything, it would be that bloggers could all be treated equally. You can’t even get some of the features on Instagram or the opportunity to collaborate with certain brands if you don’t have 10K+ followers. It’s really quite sad because I know so many bloggers with a smaller following who create absolutely amazing content with beautiful photography.

However, just because of the numbers game, we’re not given as many opportunities. I think if some brands looked more into the quality of the content as opposed to the level of reach they are going to receive, then everything would be a lot fairer and ads would be seen as more organic and relatable.

Do you have any big dreams or goals for your blog? Where do you hope your blog will be in the next five years? 

I would like to think I am still blogging in five years, hopefully, I will run it successfully alongside my full-time job. Blogging will always be a hobby to me, but as I said I would love to be able to meet some bloggers in person and feel a part of the community in that sense.

I’d also like to eventually make the jump to WordPress once the time is right. Who knows how many followers I will have, however, it would be amazing if my little OHIH community could continue growing some more – I am honestly so grateful to everyone who reads my blog posts and likes/comments on my photos.

I’m a hard worker so I always try to improve whatever I’m doing, so it would be great to look back in five years and see how far I’ve come and the potential opportunities that might have come my way.

Thank you so much, Hannah, for letting me interview you. I loved reading your answers and cannot wait to see how far your blog grows!

Check out Hannah’s blog here and share her some love! Check in next week for another meet the blogger post.

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