Meet The Blogger – Natalie Leanne

Meet The Blogger - Natalie LeanneWelcome to the final part of my meet the blogger series. I can’t believe it’s the last part. We had the wonderful Leighanne feature in last week’s post. Don’t forget you can catch up with the whole series here. But let’s introduce this week’s blogger – Natalie.
Natalie is the blogger behind the blog Natalie Leanne. She is from the United Kingdom and has the cutest dog called Harvey. Natalie covers a range of topics on her blog from lifestyle, beauty and mindfulness. Her blog is one I always find myself reading and come away with feeling uplifted and calm. I love how creative she is with her photography and how she has developed her own style.
I know you’re going to love Natalie’s content!
Hey, Natalie! How did you first get into blogging?
I first started blogging around 2 years ago. It was a time in my life where I felt quite lonely, and I knew I had something more to give, so I started a lifestyle blog and I haven’t looked back since!

How has your blog evolved since you first started? What’s changed the most?
I would hope my blog looks a little bit sleeker than it did once I first started, but content-wise, I think it’s very similar to what it once was! I still post about a majority of the same things I did then.

What’s been your biggest blogging achievement so far? What are you most proud of? Receiving a PR package from the Charlotte Tilbury team, was such a big deal to me! As well as working with L’occtaine on a Christmas post. I felt so proud of my little blog! But generally, anytime I get lovely comments or feedback on a post is what makes me the happiest. The fact that one person is interested in what I’ve got to say blows my mind.

Meet The Blogger - Natalie Leanne

What’s your favourite topic to write about on your blog? |
Anything and everything! At the moment, I’m loving writing more personal posts about the changes I’m making, or the new lifestyle goals I want to achieve. And the posts were the words just tumble out, are always my favourite. I think it’s because they feel truly from the heart.

How did you create your photography style? What was the process like?
I feel like photography is a never-ending journey for me! I soon realised I wanted to add my own creativity into my photos, and after going on Sara Tasker’s Instagram course my love for photos that are a bit ‘differen’t blossomed quickly. Although it could change, I’m loving what I’m doing with my photos at the moment.

How do you manage your personal life and blogging? Have you found a balance?
That’s a hard question because I’m not sure I have! Of course, there are some topics I don’t cover or share because they feel too personal, but I usually go with my gut instinct and if it feels right to share it, I do.

Are there any brands you’d like to work with? Or perhaps a subject you want to touch on but haven’t yet? I would love to work with more lifestyle brands, for instance, stationary or candles. In terms of subjects I haven’t yet covered, I really want to speak more about becoming a vegetarian, hormones, periods, and of course, keep blogging on whatever life brings me. I feel like I still have so much to write about! Which I kind of love, to be honest. It’s ever-changing!

Meet The Blogger - Natalie Leanne

Do you set any blogging goals? Where do you hope to be in the next 2 years? Oh, that’s a tough one! I don’t really set blogging goals in particular anymore, but in 2 years I just hope I’m still loving blogging as much as I do now. I’d be happy with that! If I could make more income from it so I can spend more time at it, that would be the dream.

What’s your favourite part of blogging? Without a doubt the community! It’s the loveliest, supportive bunch of people, who really do have your back online, it’s great. Plus I’ve met a few of them too and they are just as nice in real life.

If someone came to you for advice on starting a blog, what would you tell them? Just do it! Write write write. Don’t put pressure on yourself, and do it because you love it.

Thank you so much, Natalie, for letting me interview you. You can check out her blog here.

I really hope everyone has enjoyed this series and that you discovered some new bloggers to check out. Remember you can read the full series here. Thank you so much to everyone who partook in my meet the blogger series.

Which post was your favourite? Would you like another series like this soon?

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