Meet The Blogger – Maiyabellexo

Meet The Blogger - Maiyabellexo

You may or may not remember, but last summer I started a series on my blog called Meet The Blogger. This series involved me interviewing a group of my favourite bloggers so we could all get to know them better or for you to have the chance to discover a new blog to follow.

Well, that series is back and I’m going to be interviewing a new group of bloggers. We’re going to start with the lovely Maiya from Maiyabellexo. Maiya is a twenty-one-year-old beauty blogger from Birmingham but now living in London.

I first discovered Maiya on Instagram and fell in love with her product photography. Since then, we have continued to support each other on the platform and I’m really enjoying her new mix of lifestyle and beauty content.

If you love a mix of content that includes gorgeous beauty flat lays and everyday life updates, then you’re going to love Maiya!

Hey, Maiya! What got you into blogging? 

I’ve always been a beauty junkie and growing up I loved sharing product recommendations and knowledge with friends and family so once I moved to London I finally mustered the courage to start my own blog. It was really scary but it felt so natural and I quickly fell in love with it, it’s like my baby!

What made you want to switch up your content to include a mixture of life and beauty?

Beauty will always be my main niche as it’s the topic I enjoy talking about most but I personally love reading blogs with a mixture of content so I decided to try it for myself and I haven’t looked back! Also, my husband kept moaning at me to experiment more which annoyed me at the time but he did have a point, (don’t tell him I said that).

Do you have any goals or plans for 2019?

I have quite a few actually! I plan on taking the plunge and switching to WordPress in the next couple of months and also changing up my blog theme which I’m super excited about! Restarting my YouTube has been on my mind for a while and I’ve had quite a few people asking if it’s going to happen, I would love to create videos again but we’ll just have to wait and see… I’d also love to hit 4K on Instagram but that’s me being optimistic!

What keeps you inspired? Is there something in particular that you do?

There’s so much that inspires me. I’ll see a new beauty launch or rediscover an old favourite and suddenly I’m hit with a wave of ideas but I also find so much inspiration from other bloggers. Once a week I like to catch up on my favourite blogs and that always helps!

Meet The Blogger - Maiyabellexo

How do you keep your audience engaged? 

That’s a tough one as I’m constantly stressing about whether people are enjoying my content but consistency is definitely the key. Even if you only post once a week, being consistent and posting on the same day will give readers a reason to come back. Actually telling people to engage is another tip. I’m sure I have readers that check my blog on the regular but you can’t expect new people to engage if you aren’t updating them on what’s new. Also, I think once you’ve figured out what people love about your blog and the types of posts they enjoy it’s quite easy to keep people interested! Posting daily on Instagram stories helps too!

Who are some of your favourite content creators?

I have so many favourites but if we’re talking right now I’d have to say Ellie Blakeney for sure! She’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met and her motivational posts in particular always leave me smiling! Of course, I have to mention the flatlay queen aka Gemma Louise. Gemma’s content is so beautiful and I love that she’s been adding some lifestyle and home decor into the mix!

Are there any brands you’d love to work with? 

Charlotte Tilbury would be the absolute dream for me! Although that’s probably what every beauty blogger would say haha! Last year I got to collaborate with brands that I’ve used for years which was such an incredible feeling so I can’t wait to see who I cross paths within 2019!

What does your blogging process look like?


I’d like to say I have a set strategy but to be honest I’m still working on it! I’m getting better though! I normally start by jotting down all of my blog post ideas for that month and then I’ll pick which ones are best for the upcoming week. Sometimes I’ll write the post first and other time I’ll get all of the products together and have a big photo sesh. It depends how much energy I have that day!

Meet The Blogger - Maiyabellexo

If you could only keep one piece of content on your Instagram and blog, which ones would you pick?

If I had to pick just one it would probably be my flatlays. It’s taken me a long time to get to a stage where I actually feel proud of my photos and flatlays are probably my best ones! They’re also what most of my followers/readers seem to love most!

What do you find the most challenging regarding blogging? 

Motivation without a doubt. I’m already quite a critical person and I always see the faults in what I do and I tend to lose my motivation quite quickly. This happened to me so many times throughout 2018 and whilst it was my best year blogging wise it wasn’t great for me personally and that started to take a massive toll on how I felt about blogging and I started to doubt whether I wanted to carry on but I’m in a much better place now. Over Christmas, I looked back at my achievements and remembered why I started blogging in the first place and now I’m more focused than ever! A positive mindset really can change everything.

Thank you so much, Maiya for letting me interview you. Please do check out her lovely blog and Instagram. Check back next week for the next part of the Meet The Blogger series. What made you want to start a blog?

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