Meet The Blogger – Her Sassy Self

Meet The Blogger - Her Sassy Self

It’s Friday so it means it’s time for another Meet The Blogger post! Last week I interviewed Char from CharsLittleBlog and this week I’m joined with Lizzie from Her Sassy Self.

I first discovered Lizzie over on Instagram and admired the simplicity of her photography with the meaningful messages she shared in her captions and stories. Over a few months at the end of last year, we’ve become really good friends and she’s just the sweetest person!

Lizzie is the girl behind the blog Her Sassy Self. She shares a range of important topics over on Her Sassy Self including mental health, personal growth, relationships and much more! I love how honest and genuine Lizzie is. Her content on both on her blog Her Sassy Self and her Instagram is so inspirational and definitely worth checking out.

So let’s find out more about Lizzie from Her Sassy Self!

Hey, Lizzie! How did you first discover blogging?

I first discovered blogging through YouTubers such as I Covet Thee and Hello October. Their blogs are always linked below their videos and one day I decided to have a look at what blogging actually was and fell in love. The way you can express yourself, your story, and advice with others on your very own website made me feel so inspired and since then I have wanted to have my own!

What has been one of your highlights of blogging so far?

As cliché as this sounds, it’s most definitely been meeting so many lovely and inspiring people. When I started this blogging journey I had no preconceptions to meet friends through it and was just expecting to have my own space on the internet with little interaction. How wrong I was! I have met countless beautiful people through blogging (and Instagram) and I am so excited to meet with at least a few of them when the time is right. It is so comforting to know that whatever issue I may encounter through blogging, social media, or just everyday life, there will be a group of amazing girls I can turn to for advice, as well as being my internet cheerleaders.

You share lots of positive and inspiring content on both Instagram and Her Sassy Self, was this something you always wanted to share with your audience? Or is it something that has come about along the way?

I think it’s something that has come about along the way! Friends and family have always said I’m quite a positive person- why dwell when there are so many beautiful things to be happy about?- so through me expressing myself as authentically as I can online, I guess the positivity has just come along with that.

I wouldn’t call myself inspiring, but I have always wanted to help people in any way I can. I remember reading those advice columns in magazines when I was a teenager and thought I would love to help people with their troubles one day. Through blogging, I can share my experiences and any advice I have to take those baby steps to try and help people in the long run!

Do you have any goals or plans that you’d like to work on this year? Blog-wise and life in general?

I have a few pretty big goals this year including going to university and passing my driving test (and getting a car!) so that will be keeping me busy. Regarding my blog, I’ve just switched up the layout and I’m hoping to create some more open-and-honest posts, along with some more posts about where I go and what I’m wearing when I go there!

I’m also going to be getting a professional camera so my photo quality will be better and I’m just super excited to keep playing around with styles and making my blog and Instagram the little space on the internet that is as best it can be and as reflective of my life as possible!

How do you stay inspired with your content?

The main way I stay inspired is just by posting an creating content which I love and to just keep it as genuine and unfiltered as possible. If I see a pretty set-up of flowers that makes me smile, I’ll stop and take a photo and put it on Instagram so I can share that moment with my followers! But it’s also the same with the hard times.

I won’t ever pretend I’m fine if I’m not and if I’m going through a rough patch I will explain it so that I’m not putting on a front- this way I never feel pressure to act a certain way or to post something happy-go-lucky if I’m not feeling it and it keeps me inspired because it’s like a mini diary!

I also try to reflect on past experiences and what I’m going through (if I’m having a tough time) and ask myself if it will help other people if I share my advice on it and to help them feel like they’re not alone. If I think it will help them, I’ll write a blog post or post a caption to a photo on Instagram and the thought of helping just one person keeps me motivated!

If someone wanted to start creating content, but they were worried about it, what advice would you offer?

I would say to not worry too much if people ‘like’ you. As lovely as it is to have a supportive following, there is no point posting photos and blog posts because you think that is what people would like, but your heart and soul isn’t really in it. Stay true to yourself and what you love, and through this people will see your passion and creativity and will be drawn to it! Ignore the silly people, keep the ones who always have your back close and make your content to please you and only you.

Who are some of your favourite content creators? 

I honestly have so many favourites. My gals online are all so talented (including the lovely you Lauren!) and I find it really hard to pick a favourite. The ‘big gals’ I love the most are I Covet Thee for her impeccable style, Katie Snooks for her real-life chat and Lucy Wood for her gorgeous sense of humour.

Some other inspiring ladies I love are Ali Hemsley for her kind heart and honesty about her chronic illnesses (which I can relate to), Elana for her I’m-not-taking-any-of-your-crap attitude and Lucy for her stunning yet relatable blog posts.

Where do you find the confidence to talk on stories and so openly?

I genuinely don’t know as I hate public speaking! I just imagine I’m talking to one of you guys. I think it also helps that I chat with my friends on Snapchat in the same way, so I have a tiny bit of practice. As I said before, I just try to be as unfiltered as I can be.

I don’t like to video if I’m crying or feeling rubbish about myself because I don’t want to make myself uncomfortable, but occasionally I’ll have a little chat with you all and save it to my story highlights on Instagram so I (and others if they want to!) can see my mental health journey- the great days and the down days.

What’s been your biggest blogging challenge so far?

The only big hiccup I’ve had has been cyber-bullying. Luckily it has only been with one person but it happened during the lowest mental health blip in my life and I had just started grief counselling so you can imagine it wasn’t very nice!

It’s had a big impact on my health but I’m finally at a point where my confidence online is better than ever and I know I have an amazing group of loyal friends around me so even if it does happen again, they’re going to be there for me.

The biggest piece of advice I can give about this is to not give them the satisfaction of replying. If someone does something inappropriate I will ask them about it in the nicest way I can but otherwise, if I ever get a horrible message again I won’t respond and instead internally say ‘byeeeee girl’.

What’s your favourite type of post to create either on Instagram or your blog Her Sassy Self?

My favourite posts to create on Instagram are usually ones adorned with flowers, pictures of my favourite people and places or just posts of photos that holds a really happy memory.

On my blog, I love challenging myself to write about topics that potentially aren’t spoken about as much such as grief, broken friendships and sexual health. I would’ve loved to have found a little post on the internet written by someone who just ‘gets it’ when going through some rough times, and I can only hope that my blog and posts can be that for someone else!

Thank you so much to the lovely, Lizzie for letting me interview you. Please do go check out Lizzie’s blog Her Sassy Self and her Instagram page. 

What’s your favourite post to create?

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