Meet The Blogger – Cliona Hill

Meet The Blogger - Cliona Hill

After a good response from the previous meet the blogger post featuring Lucy, this week the meet the blogger series is back and this time I have interviewed the lovely Cliona, where we have talked all things blogging, Instagram and dreams.

Meet Cliona, the girl behind the blog, Cliona Hill. Cliona is a twenty-year-old university student from Dublin, Ireland. She posts fashion and beauty content that include anything from skincare and makeup to style and books. I adore Cliona’s beauty content. She shares such gorgeous images of products in their true beauty and always leaves me with a never-ending makeup wishlist after reading her posts. Plus I love her beauty vanity! It so dreamy!

If you love beauty, then you’re going to love Cliona’s blog.

Continue reading to find out more about Cliona!

Hey, Cliona. What was the reason behind starting your blog?
My sister’s friend has been writing a lifestyle blog since I was a kid and I always loved reading it and looking at her gorgeous photos. As I started to discover more blogs, I knew it was something I wanted to do myself someday and I finally started my own blog in January 2014!

How do you come up with new ideas for your blog posts? Are there certain things you do or look for when you need some new inspiration?
For beauty posts, I usually have a root through my makeup drawers and seeing all of my products in one place usually sparks some ideas for some posts. If I’m lacking inspiration I usually look back at my old content to see if I can write any updated versions of some of my old posts. I also have a few series’ such as ‘books I’ve read recently’ and ‘new beauty launches’ so I can always count on writing more of those posts if I’m stuck for ideas.

What has been your favourite blog achievement so far?
Recently I was gifted some Charlotte Tilbury products and CT is my favourite brand of all time so it was really surreal and amazing to write a review for them!


Are there any brands you would love to work with and why?
I’m going to dream big here and say Hourglass! HG is another one of my favourite brands as I think their powders, blushers, bronzers etc are so unique and beautiful. I’m a big fan of their products and I love watching their tutorials on Instagram so it would be a dream to work with them!

If someone was thinking of giving up on their blog, what piece of advice would you give them?
My advice would be to stick with it and take breaks as much as you need to. I often take blogging breaks and I usually just stick to posting consistently on Instagram as it’s quicker and more convenient to post a photo there than writing a full blog post. Taking breaks is so refreshing and it often reminds me why I love blogging so much!

Who are some of your favourite bloggers? Who’s blog’s do you love?
I love reading Gemma Louise’s blog! I love the variety of her content, she has everything from beauty, lifestyle, parenting and blogging tips on her blog so there’s something there for everyone to read! Her photos are gorgeous too!

Which post of yours has been your favourite to create? And why?
Every year I buy some balloons as a prop for my birthday outfit shoot and it’s always so fun to shoot! For last year’s photos, I took my four-year-old niece with me to get some shots together for our family album and she thought it was so funny! She laughed and smiled the whole time and I love looking back at that post as it has a special meaning behind it.


Do you set blog goals? If so, where would you like to be this time next year?
I love setting myself goals, especially blog related ones! By this time next year, it would be amazing if I could surpass 5,000 Instagram followers. It can be so hard to grow on Instagram so it would be an amazing milestone to achieve! I’d also like to build up my confidence more and start stepping out of my comfort zone with my content within the next year! By next year, I’d love to be posting some video content, more fashion and lifestyle posts as well as talking on Insta Stories more regularly.

What is your favourite thing about blogging? Is it the writing, the photography, the community?
Definitely the community! I follow so many kind, supportive and talented people! I go through phases of lacking photography inspiration and writer’s block but the support from fellow bloggers is what keeps me motivated and inspired.

What are your top tips for being consistent on Instagram?
Bulk shooting photos and posting around the same time each day are the best things to do to start posting more consistently! You can also save all of your posts to the drafts section of Instagram and this allows me to have all of my editing and hashtags done, so then all I have to do is write up a quick caption on the day I’m posting my photo. Sometimes if I know I’m going to be busy I’ll even just write a generic caption (like my thoughts on a product or something like that) so then all I need to do if I’m out and about is it hit the share button.

Thank you so much to Cliona for letting me interview her and for being apart of the series. 

You can check out Cliona’s amazing blog here and don’t forget to keep checking back for a new meet the blogger post soon!

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