Makeup Revolution – Ultra Glow Palette

Makeup Revolution - Ultra Glow Palette

I had been wanting to get my hands on this swoon worthy highlighting palette for the longest time. I’m so excited to finally own it and to also share it with you on my blog. This is the Ultra Glow palette from Makeup Revolution. If you’re a massive fan of highlighters, then I know you’re going to love this one. It contains eight stunning shimmer powder highlighters, which also happens to be my favourite formula for highlighters as powder based are so easy to apply and wear.

The highlighters within this palette all feel so soft and light on the skin. This really helps to make them easy and quick to apply onto the designated areas of your face. The Ultra Glow palette has some crazy pigmentation to it. All of the eight shades within the palette have really good colour pay off , even including the lighter shades and the more warm toned ones. The shimmer within these shades are also just right. They’re not too sparkly or over the top. Instead they have the perfect balance of shimmer and can be built up if you want a more glowier look.

There’s a mixture of beautiful shades to chose from within this palette and this was probably the very first thing I fell in love with when it came to purchasing this palette. They’re all individually so wearable and will look so lovely on different types of skin tones. It’s definitely a palette that caters for all.

As you can see, the left hand side of the palate starts with more of the lighter toned highlighters. It starts with a cool toned pearl shade and a yellow toned highlight which are perfect for those with fairer/lighter skin tones. It then moves on to more peach and pink toned highlights that can be used for blushes also, and finally going through to more warm and bronze toned highlights which can be used to bronze up your face or if you have more darker toned skin.

Makeup Revolution - Ultra Glow Palette Swatches

There’s such a great selection to chose from and it provides you with the opportunity to create so many wonderful looks from these eight shades. The more warm and bronze shades can be used for creating a more golden summery glow to your skin. This will look particularly good on holiday or any summer evenings. With the more pink and peachy tones, you can get away with a more girly and pretty fresh look that will be perfect for everyday wear. And then for a more intense and strong highlight, you can use the more lighter tones to really highlight your face and give a bold glow to your skin.

The Ultra Glow palette retails at only Β£10, which I personally think is an amazing price for what you get inside, in terms of the all around quality of this palette and the fact you can also use for multi purposes, like to add a fresh colour to your cheeks or to bronze up your face, as well as using it for the main purpose which is to of course highlight. The shades within this palette are all so stunning and really wearable for many different occasions. It’s definitely a palette you can use it year round and get lots of usage out of. I’d really recommend it to every single one of you.

What do you think of this palette? Have you tried it?

Lauren x

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