Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette Review:

I’ve heard so many good things about the makeup brand Revolution and how great they are for finding dupes of higher end makeup products for really affordable prices. I have been wanting to add more products to my collection that I can use for applying colour to my cheeks, highlighting and contouring my face. This palette seemed like the perfect solution to the problem. Therefore, I decided to go for the golden sugar palette because I personally felt like I preferred these shades over the other palettes which in my opinion were more blush based as opposed to highlighters or bronzers and I thought that they would suit my skin tone. 

About the product:

Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette offers eight individual shades that are made up of merged blushers, baked bronzers, bronzers and two merged highlighters. The palette offers both matte and shimmer shades which can be useful when creating different looks. It retail’s for only ยฃ6 which I personally think is such an affordable and cheap price for how many shades you get. 

1// The first shade in the palette could be used for a highlighter, especially great when used in the inner corner of your eye. Although I have personally worn this to highlight my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow. I still think it works if you do use it this way and look’s really nice against my complexion. It could be described as being a shimmery champagne colour.  

2// The next shade can be used for both a blusher and a highlighter. It’s a soft pink shimmery colour, that would look great during the spring/summer time. I personally think it’s great for creating more girly looks. 

3// This next shade is definitely more of a blush product than a highlighter or bronze. It’s a shimmery golden rose colour that would look great on most skin types. If you are after a more subtle look, this blush product could be used to achieve exactly that as it takes quite a lot of product and blending to make this shade appear on the skin.

4// If you are after a high pigmented gold shimmery blush, this next shade would be perfect for you. It is super easy to apply a light amount and blend onto the face to achieve whatever desired look you are after. The rule a tiny amount goes along way applies to this shade in particular.


5//This blush is not as shimmery as the other pink blushes in the palette. This could be great to use     as a subtle blush or could be built up to make a more prominent colour on the skin. Also it would be great to use when creating natural looks.

6//This is the other baked bronzer used in the palette. The tone to this bronzer is a lot darker than the other shades. It has more of a orange tint to it. I think it could create a really warm feel to the face and would look really nice on those who have darker skin tones. 

7//A golden shimmery bronzer that could also work well if applied lightly as a highlighter is the next shade in the palette. I think it’s a great addition to the palette as it can be used lightly or built up to achieve two different looks. 

8//The last shade in the palette is a matte bronzer. In my opinion I believe it is the perfect shade, it’s not too dark or too light. It is also very easy to blend into the cheek bones to create amazing contour. 


  • The packaging for me just makes the product look super chic and sleek, which surprises you more when you find out just how much it is. Also it is very compact and comes with a mirror which is very helpful when applying the product.
  • Most of the shades are high pigmented and lighter shades can be built upon to create more prominent looks. 
  • The shades within the palette are very versatile to use as highlighters, bronzers or blushers which makes it very easy to change up different looks, as well as get more wear out of the products. 
  • There’s something there to suit all different skin tones by the use of subtle and darker shades which means the brand have really thought about providing something for everyone.
  • The price for what you get is amazing and soooo affordable. 75p for each shade is a must!!!
  • They are fairly long lasting on the skin without much wear over time.  
  • A range of matte or shimmery shades.


  • Maybe more pigmentation to certain shades which require more build up to get a stronger look.
  • Names to the shades to give them that extra touch of specialty to them. 
  • There needs to be more products like this out there which are affordable and of great quality, Revolution should bring out more of these versatile palettes.


I would definitely 100% recommend this product to anyone on a budget or after some blush, highlight or bronzing products. You can get all three types of products in one for such an affordable price. Most of the shades can be switched up to be used as a highlighter one day and a bronzer another which means you get great use out of this palette as nothing is being wasted. There’s matte shades and shimmery shades on offer, as well as offering shades that can suit all different type of skin tones. 

I really have fallen in love with this product and honestly would recommend it to anybody as a must have product. 

What are your thoughts on this palette? Has this made you want to purchase it and check it out for yourself? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading,

I hope you enjoyed this review,

Lauren x

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