6 Ways To Make Your Desk Space Inspirational

6 Ways To Make Your Desk Space Inspirational

Whether you work from home or in an office, you’re a blogger like me or you just have a desk space you want to call your own, here are my 6 ways to make your desk space inspirational to help you maintain your motivation and focus, as well as to get you to work your best.

Make your desk space your own style

When it comes to creating your desk space, you need to remember that it is entirely you’re own, so don’t be afraid to throw your own style on it. With mine, I’ve gone for colours and pieces that really represent who I am. I love white, pink, gold and greenery, so you will see this throughout my desk. I also love a little bit of colour here and there to keep things inspirational.

Go for things that you like and what you want. Don’t feel as though you have to do what someone else is doing or that you can’t express yourself fully because as I mentioned, it’s your desk space, so own it. Go with a theme that you love and something that feels more like you.

When you do this, you end up not only creating an inspirational desk space, but you’re also making a space where you will want to go to and actually work.

Add some prints to your desk space

I find motivational prints of any kind so inspiring. Whether it’s a quote, a saying from your favourite movie or TV show or even just an illustration of some kind, prints can be a great way to keep our desk spaces as a  constant reminder of what we are capable of or just whom we are.

This can really help with creating a desk space inspirational.

Pick prints that you find resonate well with you. I always find quote prints like ‘say yes to new adventures’ or ‘small steps everyday’ can really inspire me to seek new opportunities and also remind me to go at my own pace, to not rush or put pressure on myself to get to where I want to be, because within my own time I can get there.

Little reminders like this can be very useful in keeping you going and for helping you through more difficuilt times.

Switch up your desk space often

To always keep things fresh and your desk space inspirational, switch up up your desk space more often than not. This can really help to keep things feeling new and to help you recharge particularly in times of need or when you feel a burn out of any kind coming on.

When switching up your desk space, remember to keep things current to you, so when you go to swap things around based on how you feel and what you feel you need or want. I like to swap out quotes often or move things around to keep things feeling fresh. This really helps with my inspiration as I’m not constantly surrounding myself with the same things.

Doing little things like this can really help to make your desk space inspirational time and time again.

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Give your desk space a focus point

A focus point is usually the space above your desk or the first thing you see when you go to sit down. Having a focus point can be a great way to give you a clear and clean headspace. When you’re feeling run down, uninspired or struggling to continue, you can use your focus point to bring you back, almost like a grounding point.

Above my desk, I have a wireboard, where I keep little motivation postcards and things people have sent me to remind me of whom I am, what I can and have achieved, as well as the little things that inspire me. I have a postcard of an illustrated London skyline and it reminds me that I can achieve big things and that I can go wherever I desire.

Make this space your own and something that is really going to light that spark back up inside of you.

6 Ways To Make Your Desk Space Inspirational 6 Ways To Make Your Desk Space Inspirational

Make your desk space personal

Like I said, your desk space is your own space and no one else, so make it as personal as you want to. Make it reflect you and your interests, perhaps things you like such as fresh flowers to make things feel fresh and open or a reed diffuser with your favourite scent to bring you warmth and contentment.

I have a candle that I got from my Mum for Christmas on my desk as it smells amazing and it’s pink which is my favourite colour so it reflects my interests well.

You could also add memories to your desk space to make it inspirational, like photographs or memorabilia from trips or events that remind you of happy times or what inspire you to do more. This could be little things like polaroids of some recent trips you went on or a souvenir you brought back.

Create a vision board for your desk space

If there’s one way you want to make your desk space inspirational, then putting together a vision board can be a great place to start. A vision board usually consists of a range of words, images and other pieces that build up to a bigger picture of any goals or dreams you wish to achieve.

I’ve always wanted to make one of these and I think I will try to give one a go sometime soon as I know how good they can be to give you a focus and to motivate you, which is exactly the kind of inspiration you need when you’re sat at your desk.

This can be a great alternative for your vision point if you chose to put it above your desk. Whenever you need a reminder to keep going or a dose of motivation, you can look up and see all the inspiring things on your board.

Isn’t this such a great way to remind you of what you can achieve and where you can go?

How do you make your desk space inspirational?

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