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Healthy looking and feeling hair always makes me feel my best. My hair is definitely more on the dry side than the oily side, so having a haircare routine that helps limit the dryness and prevents dryness is always essential for me. A new brand and range I was introduced to recently are the S.O.S Hair Repair range by Andrew Barton London*.

I had never heard of this brand before so I didn’t really know what to expect as I had no assumptions beforehand. Obviously, with this hair range being especially targetted at those with dry, damaged and fragile hair, I knew that I would be hoping for some softer, smoother and more healthy looking results after use.

So how did I get on?

S.O.S Hair Repair Shampoo* by Andrew Barton London

Can I just start by saying that this whole range smells absolutely insane? The products are actually infused with Moroccan argan oil and rich sea butter (which obviously does wonders for your hair) and It’s a very warm musky scent without being too overpowering. It’s just the right amount of warmth and makes my hair smell so good for a good few days too.

So going back to the shampoo, we have the S.O.S Hair Repair Shampoo* by Andrew Barton London. When I first applied this onto my hair I found that it didn’t lava up too much upon the first usage which I know sometimes isn’t always the case as it is recommended you shampoo your hair twice but to give my hair more lava I applied more product to my scalp.

This definitely did help and now when I use it I apply a little more than usual just so I can ensure that I’m using enough product to cover the whole of my head to get it extra clean. It didn’t leave my hair feeling dry after using the shampoo either. I tend to avoid directly putting shampoo on my mid-lengths and ends anyway to avoid it drying out my hair.

Overall after washing out the shampoo and then going to try my hair, I’ve found my hair to be so soft and clean afterwards especially on my roots where I massaged the shampoo into my hair more. I’ve also found my hair to be less greasy for longer since using this which is always a winner as I only wash my hair twice a week.

S.O.S Hair Repair Conditioner* by Andrew Barton London

Moving onto the second part of the hair washing process is the S.O.S Hair Repair Conditioner* by Andrew Barton London. Whenever I use conditioner I only apply it on my mid-lengths and ends because I don’t want to make my hair greasy as some conditioners can make my hair get greasy quicker.

So after shampooing my hair, I apply the conditioner to these two parts of my hair and then leave it on a for a few minutes whilst I’m washing my body in the shower. Then once I’ve finished doing that, I’ll rinse out the conditioner and then hop out of the shower. I don’t tend to do it enough but you can also comb the conditioner through your hair whilst you’re in the shower.

In terms of the texture, it isn’t the thickest conditioner I’ve come across, but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t do its job because it does. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth afterwards. I haven’t had my hair cut in a good few months and I definitely feel like this has helped to prevent my hair from drying out as much as it possibly could.

I’ve been using the shampoo along with the conditioner for the past few weeks and I have to say I am loving it. So much so that I didn’t want to bring travel size products to me for a recent weekend trip away and I brought these along instead because I love the combination of the two so much.

They smell amazing, they make my hair feeling amazing and make it look so fresh and healthy. I’m totally won over by these. I’m going to be making a repurchase when I’m all out!

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S.O.S Hair Repair Treatment Mask* by Andrew Barton London

Next up is the S.O.S Hair Repair Treatment Mask* by Andrew Barton London. I don’t tend to use hair masks as often as I probably should but I used this a couple of times during my testing and I don’t have a bad word to say about it.

I leave this on longer than I would conditioner say around 5 minutes and you can use it as a conditioner replacement which I did. In terms of the texture of the mask itself, I found it to be quite a light mask in comparison to some other masks I’ve tried but still nonetheless it was super easy to apply and use.

After using this, my hair always feels a lot softer and like it has been refreshed without the need of a cut. My Mum even complimented my hair and said it felt softer than it usually would this amount of time between cuts so it’s great that even she has noticed the difference in my hair since using this range.

I think I’ll definitely be using this mask between hair cuts to maintain healthy hair.

S.O.S Hair Repair Miracle Hair Oil* by Andrew Barton London

I’m obsessed with hair oils and how gorgeous they can make my hair feel so I was so intrigued to try the S.O.S Hair Repair Miracle Hair Oil* by Andrew Barton London. This smells just as insanely good as the rest of the range.

One thing that I love about this hair oil is the fact that it is not sticky and absorbs onto the hair rather than staying on my hands like some other hair oils have the tendency to do. It’s also non-greasy on the hair which is a massive plus.

It leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth, as well as looking sleeker and healthier. It’s also really good at patting down any flyaways or frizz as well especially if I’ve curled my hair. But aside from styling, I tend to use this more after every wash as I find it does absorb better on damp hair.

Overall I’m so impressed with this whole range and can definitely see how beneficial it is for those who have dry, damaged or fragile hair. I’m in love with the shampoo and conditioner combination and I will definitely be repurchasing the two of them, as well as continuing to use the hair oil after every wash. The treatment mask will be more of every so often product that I’ll reach for to give my hair an extra boost if need be.

You can shop this range or other Andrew Barton hair products at Asda for £4 each or a rollback price of £2.05.

Have you ever tried anything from Andrew Barton hair?

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