L’Oreal Clay Mask – Detox Review

L'Oreal Clay Mask - Detox ReviewYou know me, always trying to up my skin care game and really find products that work well for me. So when I saw these L’Oreal Clay Mask’s floating around the beauty world and knowing they were on offer at Boot’s, I couldn’t resist hunting one down and trying it for myself. Even though it took me a while to find one since they were all pretty much sold out everywhere I went, I managed to pick up one of the Detox masks. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been trying out this mask a few times a week and have seen evidently results in the changes this mask has brought to my skin.

L'Oreal Clay Mask - Detox Review

About the product –

There are three masks all together within the pure clay range, purity, glow and detox. Each one of these masks is specifically tailored to a certain area of your face (although you can apply the mask all over), as well as each performing in a particular way to help improve a problem your skin might have. With a charcoal pure clay based mask, this detox product helps to detoxify and clarify your skin. The clay and the charcoal work together to clean out pores and draw out impurities such as dirt, oils and pollution. The main reason I chose this one over the other two was mainly because I needed something that would help give my skin a deep cleanse, particularly on my chin area where I get the most spots and problems, this mask is specially targeted for detoxifying this area.

Expected results –

Immediately – Skin is purer and clearer
Use for one week – Skin feels fresher and more luminous
Use after use – Skin can breathe and is visibly transformed 

L'Oreal Clay Mask - Detox Review

Method of application –

To apply this mask onto my skin, I make sure that my skin is 100% clean before I do so. This means removing any dirt, makeup etc off my face and starting with a fresh clean canvas to work on. Once my skin is prepped, it is then time to start applying the mask. I simply just dip my finger into the product and smooth it over the problematic area. Of course this is my chin, so I just apply it over my chin and sometimes even across the skin above my top lip where I currently have a healing spot. As you can tell, it is super easy to do and all you need to do once you’ve applied it is wash your hands. Another method that I have seen others do successfully is applying it with a flat brush and then basically painting the product onto your skin. You could use an old foundation brush to do this or a brush specially made for applying facial masks.

The recommendation time for leaving this mask on is between 5-10 minutes. I generally leave mine on for anywhere between 10-15 minutes just so I really make the most of the mask. Once this time is up, you will feel changes in how the mask feel’s on your skin and also the way the product looks. When you go to remove the now dried mask, I like to use a cotton pad and run it under some warm water, before then taking the mask off with the damp cotton pad. Once it’s all removed, I will go over the skin again with a clean pad or cloth to remove any excess mask and give it a thorough rinse. Not only is it super easy to get on, but unlike some other mask it’s also so easy to remove too with no problems whatsoever!

L'Oreal Clay Mask - Detox Review

The testing and the end results –

Over the past two weeks I have been testing this product, I have been applying it for at least three times each week and leaving it on for the same amount of time. In other aspects of my skin care routine, I have kept things the same and haven’t been trialling out any new products  nor have I removed any from my routine. The only change has been adding this mask in a few times a week. The same applies to what make-up I have been using. All the products have stayed the same to ensure a fair review on this product and the performance it has provided my skin with.

During this time, I have kept a day to day record of my first impressions of this mask, how my skin was like at the start, how it has changed throughout the testing, how the mask felt on my skin, what it looked like, how my skin felt after I took the mask off etc.

Day 1 – This was the first time I had applied the mask. I left it on for around ten minutes. It was such easy application. It felt super smooth to apply onto the skin and had some sort of perfumed fragrance to it. The first changes I began to notice when this mask started to get to work was a hot kind of feeling, shortly followed by a tightness as the mask began to dry and draw out the impurities. When I looked into the mirror before I was about to take this mask off, I noticed that you could see dots on the mask, which had highlighted my pores. This signalled to me it had really helped to target my pores, because it was bringing them out. Once I took this mask off, my skin felt super soft and it had brought out some redness to the spots I already had there, but this didn’t bother me too much as I knew it was beginning to work on them.

The second use of this mask when first applied onto the skin. 

Day 2 – I still had some redness to my spots and they formed over with some puss (gross I know, but it did continue to aid to that idea that the mask had worked), but my skin remained feeling soft and cleansed from the mask.

Day 3 – I applied the mask again quite early on, simply because I was so excited to use it again and see more changes in my skin. I carried out the same routine for the exact same time, only this time I noticed more of my pores showing up on the mask.

Day 4 & 5 – Between these two days was when I started noticing the size of my spots reducing in size and redness. Finally some changes in these spots what have bothered me for weeks now and weren’t budging whatever I tried to do. I was so thankful they had started to calm down. Instead of being puss filled (gross terminology…), they had started to dry up and began to start healing.

Day 6 – This day I applied the mask again, bringing it up to three uses within one week. Again, the same method and time was used. Only this time, I could feel the mask tightening my face a lot more than what I had been use to with it. But again, afterwards it left my skin feel so soft.

Day 7 – I woke up to my spots still looking calm, reduced in size and less noticeable and like they were in the healing process, which is where I find the most problems. Mine take forever to heal or they end up scarring which sucks. It’s officially been a week since I’ve been trialling this out and so far I’m really impressed!

The mask once it has dried up after the second use of this mask. You can see my quite large spot and also my highlighted pores showing through.

Day 8 – My face had the same appearance as the past few days, so I knew it was time to give the mask another go. This time I applied it onto my upper lip where I had a healing spot. Again, I strangely felt more tightness this time around and a hot/burning sort of feeling. 

Day 9, 10 & 11 – Between these days, my spots were still clearing up. But I found my make-up application the easiest. I was able to apply my make-up without any of the products clinging to these problematic areas and my chin in particular was looking flawless. My skin also still had that really soft feel to it.

Day 12 – I reapplied the mask again onto my clearing up spots and the skin surrounding it. Although this time, I had a new spot on my face to try tackle before it got any worse like they usually did, so I had to ensure I was targeting this spot with the mask. I felt the same sorts of feelings when the mask was getting to work on my skin.

Day 13 & 14 – My skin had cleared a lot, even though there are still some spots present on my face due to it being that time of the month, I’ve noticed how much of a difference this mask had made. I’ve even had people compliment the look of my skin lately, which is a massive confidence boost and definitely makes me believe the mask has done something good enough to my skin for others to notice a change.

Overall, I am really pleased with this mask. I’ve really felt like overtime I’ve noticed a difference in my skin and my spots have healed a lot quicker than they did before. My skin feel’s smooth and thoroughly cleansed after applying this mask. It’s one of those products that you do have to wait for the results to show I think. You won’t see it over night, your skin may even get slightly worse like mine did with the redness and puss like spots, but once they had disappeared, my spots and skin were visibly better with people even pointing it out to me. Although the product says around 10 uses, I definitely feel you can get more out of it, especially if you are only applying it to one part of your face like me. I’m definitely going to try do it all over and see if there any changes within the overall appearance of my skin. 

For an affordable price of only ยฃ5.00, I’d highly recommend this to anyone suffering with problematic skin, who needs a major detox and wants something that’s going to help reduce their spots. I can see this product now being an essential part of my skin care routine for a couple of times a week or most certainly when my skin is in need of some extra loving.

You can buy it here.

Have you tried this? Would you want to? Have you tried any of the other Clay Mask’s?

Lauren x

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