Welcome To Live Happier With Lauren

Welcome To Live Happier With Lauren

It’s been on my mind for a while now that I’ve wanted to start a new adventure and extend the content I already produce. I wanted to create a space where I could build a community and connect with people on a different level to what I already do on my blog.

A newsletter is that something that I never quite imagined myself putting together because I had no clue what I would even share. Updates on my blog? Blogging tips? A general chit-chat?

No, I wanted something more. Something that would (hopefully) make a difference to people and improve their general wellbeing day to day.

That’s why I’m excited to announce I am launching my very own newsletter also known as Live Happier With Lauren.

What is Live Happier With Lauren?

It is a place for you to take a small time out of your day to sit down, open up the newsletter and spend a few moments focusing on you. It’s a chance for you to give yourself some ‘me’ time and invest in your own wellbeing without the distraction of a busy schedule.

Live Happier With Lauren will be a weekly newsletter that will give you the chance to not only come for a catch-up with your internet friends but to also gain inspiration, motivation, assurance and comfort each week to live happier.

Main features:

  • Weekly catch up – each week you will have the chance to turn inwards and reflect on how your week has been
  • A note from the editor
  • Favourite posts from the internet – a chance for you to get involved and be featured
  • Features including recommendations
  • Free resources exclusively for subscribers to enjoy
  • Tips and advice on a whole range of subjects including some of the following, mental health, wellness, wellbeing and positivity!
  • Inspiration

How do I sign up?

You can sign up through the contact form on this post or on the official page labelled ‘Newsletter‘ at the top of my blog. All you need to do is pop in your first name and email address, wait for a confirmation email and then verify your subscription.

Once you’re signed up, you will get 10 free phone wallpapers for you to download and use as a little thank you for signing!

When will the newsletter be out?

I plan on launching the newsletter on Sunday 14th October 2018 at 9 am.

Newsletters will continue to go out every Sunday at 9 am.

There may also be a Wednesday mid-week catch up a newsletter once every month or so.

I really hope you sign up and enjoy the newsletter. I’m so excited to start this new project and build a wonderfully supportive community!

Sign up now!

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Please let me know if you sign up ☺️

Thank you so much.

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