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Welcome to the landing page of Live Happier With Lauren.

Live Happier With Lauren, the monthly wellness, mental health and wellbeing newsletter that aims to provide you with inspiration, motivation, and comfort as you navigate your way through your everyday life, helping you to live happier.

You can expect the following and more from the newsletter:

  • Exclusive tips and advice on certain topics
  • Notes from the editor
  • Free resources for you to use
  • A wellbeing check-in
  • Recommendations
  • My favourite blog posts/articles
  • Inspirational quotes

So why should I sign up?

Well if you’ve been looking for the chance to dedicate 10 minutes to improve your life and live happier, then Live Happier With Lauren can provide you with the breathing ground to get you to focus on yourself and begin to work on practising being more mindful of how you feel in the moment.

Each week Live Happier With Lauren will give you the opportunity to turn inwards and check in with how you’re doing, as well as be that supportive friend who will be listening and handing out any tips or advice for when you might possibly need it, amongst all the other wonderful exclusives that come with being a subscriber!

How do I sign up?

Fill out the contact form below and you will be subscribed to the Live Happier With Lauren newsletter. It’s really that simple!

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