L'oreal True Match Foundation Review:

I finally got round to trying out the new foundation I bought and thought I would share with you a review of the L’oreal True Match Foundation. I bought it in the shade C2 Vanielle Rosé from Superdrug for £9.99.

About the product:

It is a foundation that offers a unique palette of 23 skin-true shades. The main aims of this product is to create a natural looking skin-true colour without leaving tidemarks and to provide an outstanding coverage without caking. It is a 30ml glass bottle with a pump provided for easy application, as well as containing an SPF of 17.

(Left: C2 Vanielle Rosé before blending. Right: After blending.) 


  • Good size bottle with pump provided which means easy application and an average amount of liquid comes out of the pump for the first application. 
  • Lots of different shades choices to suit all different skin tones from cool, neutral and warm. There is something to suit everyone and it hits the aim of being true to the colour of your skin.
  • Blends fairly easy and can be improved if the correct blending brush is used.
  • It is compact and would be easy to fit into different size makeup bags.
  • The foundation lasts for a really good amount of time, for me personally it lasted around 5/6 hours before I noticed any signs of if wearing off around and the first area was my chin. 
  • Provides a medium coverage and another pump can be added to build coverage.    


  • If you have dry skin (which unfortunately I do), some areas of dryness where the foundation has been applied can accentuate these dry patches and can cause your skin to appear cakey.
  • Packaging becomes dirty easy and is noticable if not cleaned.
  • If after a high coverage, the foundation does need to be built up to achieve this. However it can be quickly achieved with just two applications. 
  • Can possibly be too expensive for those on a budget or just starting with makeup.


Overall, I believe that this foundation is very good for everyday use and for a medium coverage that is going to last you a good few hours of the day. It can be used to build up to more of a higher coverage if desired by another application. Also I like how there is a wide range of shades to choose from and helps to make matching your skin tone to the product a lot easier than some other foundations that only have a few shades.

Although some could argue not to use this foundation if you have dry skin because of the matte finish and the appearence of dry areas, a good moisturiser and primer can be used to avoid these areas from being highlighted and instead can help to reduce these areas. 

I probably would recommend this product to any drugstore foundation lovers because of how long it lasts, the coverage, the variety of shades and how easy it is to blend onto the skin. However I would say to be careful to those who do have dry skin or are prone to dry areas, to use a moisturiser and primer before using this product to get the best results from this foundation to avoid the negative results of looking dry and cakey.

Have you tried the L’Oreal True Match Foundation? If so, what are your thoughts on the product?

Thanks for reading,

Lauren x

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