Kiko 30 Days Mascara Treatment – Does It Work?

Kiko 30 Days Mascara Treatment - Does It Work?

Around a month or so ago, my local shopping centre opened up a Kiko Milano store. As a massive Kiko fan and having tried some of their products before (and loving them!), I was more than thrilled to pop into the new store opening and make a cheeky purchase. One of the items I picked up intrigued me from my first look. It was the Kiko 30 days extension mascara treatment, a product concept I hadn’t been very familiar with and thought it would be interesting to try out for myself. Plus the gold metallic packaging completely won me over from the get go and it was also a major bonus that it was on sale for only £3 at the time.

So what is the Kiko – 30 days extension mascara treatment?

The Kiko 30 days extension mascara treatment is a special lash enhancer treatment. Its main aims are to bring instant length and definition. It contains active ingredients that help to stimulate lash growth, by penetrating the lashes and moving it along to the roots. If you apply this each day for 30 continuous days, then Kiko state that you will achieve the full impacts of this mascara. 

What were my first impressions?

As mentioned above, I straight away fell in love with the packaging of this mascara. I’m a sucker for anything gold and metallic. It’s so my aesthetic so you can see why I was instantly drawn to it. I also thought it would  look pretty damn cute in any blog photos, so again it was a win win situation for me. 

Aside from the packaging, I was really intrigued by the whole concept and wanted to see how much it would differ from any usual standard mascara. For some reason, it was completely better than I

expected when I first used this mascara. I found it to create such a fluttery and defined look to my lashes only by once usage. I definitely had high hopes for this mascara from then on and also knew that even if it didn’t lengthen my lashes, I would still probably make a repurchase for the effect it had and also the affordability of it.

 It also lasted a really long time on my lashes, whereas most non-waterproof mascaras tend to have the decency to not last as long. The only slight criticism I would have to say was that it’s quite a smudge prone mascara, so during the testing period I had to make sure every so often that I wasn’t walking around with smudged under eyes. 

Kiko 30 Days Mascara Treatment - Does It Work?

Week 1:

I tested this mascara for just over four weeks to really get the full effects of using a 30 day mascara treatment. My positive first impressions meant I kick started wearing this mascara during week one in a more positive note, my hopes still high for a success with this testing. I still loved the mascara as much as I did when I used it for the first time. It continued to create that gorgeous fuller fluttery and defined effect that I really do love. Although I wasn’t seeing any noticeable changes in the length in my lashes by the end of week one, I still loved the look the mascara was creating on my lashes. My lashes did seem to be more volumized with a slight longer looking effect, but nothing that was screaming out major changes yet. 

Week 2:

By week two, this is where things started to slightly go down hill for me when I was using this mascara. I found the smudges from my first impressions to be happening a lot more. Of course things like it not being a waterproof mascara could have been one of the main reasons for this, as I have been quite stressed out and emotional whilst testing this in my personal life. But also I just found to have more panda eyes at the end of the day, which isn’t a look anyone likes. Yet this mascara is really easy to remove. I hate those mascaras what go really dry and won’t budge. They’re such a nightmare to get off. But the Kiko mascara was super easy to remove. Again I didn’t notice much difference in the length of my lashes by the end of week 2, but I still kept my hopes high as I knew in reality it would not be so instant as anyone would have liked.

Week 3:

Whilst it can be good to always be monitoring the length of my lashes during this testing, I could not ignore the other effects this mascara was creating on my lashes. I touched briefly on how volumised and defined my lashes had been since using this mascara, but by week 3 my lashes seemed to be a lot more separated and more fuller than ever before. It had intensified the fluttery effect, which I absolutely loved, and created a more fuller lash effect. On it’s own, this mascara is one I’d probably always reach for just for the look it creates. It’s definitely one I am for regardless if the treatment doesn’t work. However, the growth was still minimal though and I was having more problems with trying to avoid smudges. I also found that my eyes seemed a lot more stingy during this time. It could have been for a number of different courses, but I noted it down anyway because you never know if it had more of a role to play. There’s also the fact I was having more way accidents with the brush, e.g clumsily poking myself in the eye with it or catching my eye when trying to get up to the root. This may obviously be caused by the size of the wand or just simply down to human error itself.

Kiko 30 Days Mascara Treatment - Does It Work?

Week 4:

As we came into the final week, my hopes for it lengthening my lashes crumbled away sadly. Of course this did disappoint me a little, as I don’t have the most long lashes in the world, but I would have loved a little more length to them. The mascara was still creating that fuller more defined and volumised lash effect, that I was still enjoying and probably could never get bored of.  I’d come more the conclusion at this time that this mascara was giving me more of a lash lift than an extension of any kind. Also during this time, I found the smudging to be a lot less. Again this could be down to me being more careful with it and a less emotional or simply just the mascara drying up a little after the continuous usage.  

So what’s the final verdict?

After trialing this for more than the 30 days that has been guided, I have found this product slightly disappointing, but a mascara I wouldn’t say no to repurchasing again or even recommending, just not for it’s primary role. Instead of giving my lashes more length, this Kiko mascara alternatively gave me more of a lash lift. It helped to give my lashes that can be more on the straight side, more curve and volume. This then helped to create a more defined and fluttery fuller lash effect. I’m obsessed with this kind of look as it helps to really open up my eyes (which is one of my favourite features of myself) and helps to make me look more awake during the dull autumn weather. I also didn’t really enjoy the smudging too much and how my eyes felt slightly irritated just over half way through the treatment, but as I stated it could have been down to my own doing rather than the mascara itself. 

The packaging still always makes me swoon. I’m so in love with it. It has a really luxurious feel to it compared with most affordable mascaras. You could definitely look at it and think it was more towards the higher end based on looks. Like I can’t believe I purchased it for a few pounds in a promotional sale, but even at it’s retail price of £7.90, which is cheaper than some drugstore mascaras, it’s still an amazing steal

I’m definitely going to continue using this and see if it does work further than the 30 days. If not I’ll still love using it to create a gorgeous fuller and curved effect to my lashes. As I said at the start, it’s going to look gorgeous in my blog pictures anyway, so even if I hated using this, it will still be put to good use. But since I do like it, I will be using it for both. There’s also a 30 day lash night treatment, that I’d also be willing to try to see how that works and if it is any similiar to the day one. 

What do you think of this product? Would you give it a go? Is mascara treatments something you’ve tried before?

Lauren x

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