June Haul (2015):

Today I thought I would share you with a few pieces that I have purchased over the month of June in a haul post since it is already the first day of July. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!
Some of the items include beauty bits, accessories and a few clothing items. Although due to job hunting and a lack of money, I haven’t been able to purchase more bits so this post may come across as a bit sparse.


L’oréal Paris true match foundation in C2 Vanille Rose (£9.99)I have been wanting a new foundation for ages since the one I had been using was just not doing it for me anymore. I decided to sit tight until it ran out and then I began the hunt of a new foundation product I wanted to try. After searching the web and heading into my local Boots and Superdrug, I finally made the decision that I wanted to try the L’oréal Paris true match foundation and I believe it is a fairly affordable price compared to other foundations on the market.  I have yet to try it because I have been trying to leave my face makeup free because of the lovely warm weather we have been having. But I have high hopes that this will be great! I plan on trying this very soon and am thinking of posting a review so stay tuned for that.  

Maybelline New York Color Show power red nail polish (£2.99): I love the color show nail polishes they are a close favourite of mine to the Barry M ones as for me they are long lasting and don’t cheap easily. The red polish I had been using previously was very old and the brush had dried up, which meant it was difficult to even paint my nails with it let alone making them look nice. Because of this I knew I had to repurchase a new red colour and I decided to pick this one from Maybelline New York because it is super cheap at only £2.99!!! With a price like that, you can’t really go wrong, can you?

Maybelline New York the colossal go extreme mascara (£6.99): This mascara is probably one of the best mascara’s I have ever purchased and I have tried quite a lot. I have been using this mascara for over a year now and I have not tried any others in between this, instead I have just been repurchasing it every time it runs out. It really helps to volumize your eyelashes and you can great a coverage in no time with only a few strokes of the brush. Also it really helps to define them and does not make them look clumpy at all. I would really recommend this mascara if you’re after something that look’s natural, yet gives you that extra added volume that you are looking for. Also it is soooo cheap!! 

Rimmel London proffessional eyebrow pencil in 001 Dark Brown (£2.99): When it comes to filling in your brows, I always used an eyeshadow that matched my eyebrow colour and an angled brow brush to do so. However the eyeshadow I had been using had hit pan really bad and I felt bad every time I used it that it was getting so low. Therefore, I decided to invest in an eyebrow pencil as alternative. I’ll be honest the idea of using a pencil on my eyebrows was a bit daunting for me since the last time I used one I had no idea what I was doing and the pencil I had previously used made me look like I had two slugs on my face. However, I was pretty impressed with how successful this eyebrow pencil from Rimmel was. It so easy to use and because the pencil is fairly thick, it makes it quick and easy to apply straight onto the hairs. Also I was so surprised out how defined they looked compared to when I had been using just an eyeshadow. I would definitely recommend this brow product to anyone who is wanting to find something quick and easy to use to fill in your brows.


Primark black cropped bardot off the shoulder top (£2.00): The picture does not really give this top any justice. But on it look’s so chic. Also I absolutely love the style of this top and off the shoulder tops are very on trend at the moment so it is definitely a must have for the summer. I already thought I was getting a bargain with this top when the price of this was originally supposed to be £5.00 until I got to the till to pay and the price came up as only being £2.00!! It’s a piece that you could pair so many different items such as some denim shorts, some ripped high waisted skinny jeans or if you’re really brave some floral print high waisted flared trousers. 

Primark preppy round sunglasses (£2.00): I really wanted some new sunglasses for summer so I took to Primark to find some cheap ones as I have mentioned being unemployed is not great when you’re a shopaholic like me. I’ve never really had any sunglasses this style or colour before so I thought it would be something different for a change and try something new because what’s the harm in that? I was worried they may be too big for my face as I am petite, but they don’t look out of place and feel comfortable.

Light blue and camel New Look wrap front sleeveless tops (£14.99 each): I first off saw the light blue one and fell in love with it. I have been wanting a top like this for ages because it was a style that I had never tried before and fancied changing up my typical everyday looks. One of the main reasons why I love this item is because you have the choice of whether you want to style it up in the evening or down for an everyday kind of look. I styled the light blue top with some black high waisted skinny ripped at the knee jeans, a black leather jacket and some black snake skin flats. If you wanted to dress it up you could pair it with some white jeans, a clutch bag and some heeled sandals which would be perfect for the summer evening! Also I feel like I have picked up two affordable tops that only come to just under £30 as apposed to buying a top from Topshop for example which sometimes can cost you this amount or more for one item. It’s basically a win win situation.

Primark sports bra (£3.50): This next piece isn’t necessarily ‘fashion’ but I thought I would show it anyway. I have been wanting to exercise more since January when I set new years resolutions for myself. Although it’s now the end of June and half way through the year already, I finally plucked up the courage and made the first step of going for a run with my boyfriend the other day. Of course this meant I came up with the excuse that I needed the appropriate running wear for the task in hand. I know I’m not going to be heading to the gym anytime soon with the lack of money I have, so I took to Primark to find some cheap clothing and found this plain but fits the job sports bra. It is so comfortable and does not feel tight around the ‘chest area’ so I would really recommend going to Primark if you want some cheap sportswear that will do the job if you only plan to do some form of exercise a few hours each week.

I hope you enjoyed viewing some of the products I have purchased over the month of june, let me know what you thought about this post and if you would be interested in monthly haul posts?

Thank you for reading,

Lauren x

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