Why It’s Ok To Not Be Busy All The Time

WhyItsOkToNotBeBusyAllTheTimeBeing busy is something we have become obsessed with. From growing up and living our lives on social media, we’re used to seeing what everyone is up to and it makes us want to be just as busy as the person on Instagram seems to be.

The reality of this is far from what we think we know on social media. Not everyone is a 100% busy all the time. And if they are, then hats off to them, because I know I couldn’t manage to be busy 24/7.

But why are we made to feel guilty if we’re not busy? Why does it make us feel bad if we’ve got a free schedule?

Here’s why it’s completely ok to not be busy all the time:

You get to rest 

When you’re not busy and you have no plans, you’re actually giving yourself that time to rest. You can spend the time taking care of you, which should always be number one priority anyway. If you’ve been feeling a run down or stressed, then having time to yourself can work wonders.

You’ll be able to unwind and relax by doing the things you love like watching a new TV series or getting your head stuck into a good book. You can catch up on some much-needed sleep which will help you to recharge. There’s also the importance of being able to eat proper good meals since you’ll have more time to prepare and cook.

Resting really helps us to refresh and come back to our everyday lives with a clearer mindset.

You can re-evaluate

 Amongst the chaos of being busy, when do you ever get the chance to sit and have a deep think to yourself? Rarely ever I bet!

By having that much needed time to yourself, you can re-evaluate the things that are important to you in life. This could include your wants, goals, the progress you want to make and any future plans you might want.

Giving yourself the time to sit and think about what you want out of life, you’re giving yourself that chance to accept how things are right now and how you can move forward to achieving what you want.

Busy doesn’t always equal good

As I mentioned, we feel guilty when we’re not busy because we get in the comparison trap of thinking that we need to be as busy as someone else is, to have a good time and get the most out of life. This is completely not true.

Busy doesn’t always equal good. It doesn’t mean that you’re worthless if you’re not as busy as someone else. Being busy doesn’t mean that someone’s life is better than yours either. You’re also not weak if you struggle to do it all.

Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity

 When we’re trying to navigate ourselves through life doing our own thing and also being part of others lives, it can be easy to take on too much and think we have to do everything.

You can end up sacrificing quality for quantity. Instead of being able to focus your attention and best effort on just one task, you end up putting in a poor performance for each individual task you’ve tried to accomplish at one time.

This prevents you from putting in your full ability and instead leaves you not feeling the full impact of something that could have gone better if you put your 110% into it instead.

What do you think about being busy? Do you prefer not to be?

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