An Introduction To My Puppy – Teddy

An Introduction To My Puppy - Teddy If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you’ve probably been used to the puppy updates I’ve been sharing over on my Instagram stories the past week of Teddy. I thought it was about time I shared my puppy with my lovely blog readers.

So let me introduce Teddy! He’s a 12 week old Lhasa Apso puppy who we like to compare to either an Ewok from Star Wars or a Gremlin. Teddy was one of seven puppies and one of two boys from the same litter.

We knew we wanted a male as we had a male Lhasa Apso before, so when it came to choosing we had to make the decision between two boys. It was pretty tough because all of the seven puppies looked pretty similar and there wasn’t one that was hugely different to other.

The difference between Teddy and his brother was that Teddy has a dark muzzle and lighter parts around his eyes, as well as on the top of his head. Whereas Teddy’s brother was darker all over. Our last Lhasa Apso was a dark grey colour, so we wanted to go for something a little different this time around.

Everyone always says that you should let your potential puppy pick you, but we went to visit Teddy when he was only 4 weeks old, so as you can imagine he was only then just finding his feet in the world. Not only did the colour of Teddy sway our decision, but he also was full of life, so affectionate and friendly, it was hard to resist that cute little bundle of fun.

We had a really long wait of 5 weeks until we were able to bring Teddy home and away from his littermates.  It felt like the longest 5 weeks ever! On the 8th September 2018, we finally brought Teddy home and he settled in very well straight away.

Teddy definitely found his feet within the first week of having him. He has been sleeping so well and we’ve had no problems with his sleeping at all. He only cried for a few minutes the first night and since then we haven’t heard a peep from him at night.

His toilet training is coming along now and just this week we ventured out on our very first walk. The first day or so Teddy was very curious about what was going on and all the new sounds and sights, but he’s walking really well and is enjoying making lots of new doggy friends along the way.

An Introduction To My Puppy - Teddy

Teddy is very mischevious and has the typical puppy behaviour including biting and chewing anything and everything in sight, but he absolutely loves cuddles, playtime and of course sleeping!

He is always so excited and happy whenever someone returns home and loves all the fuss he gets from not only us but whenever he gets to meet someone new. He just has so much love to give.

Having a dog in my life again was always something I really  to experience again for different reasons such as the endless cuddles, comfort, company and positive effects they can have on your wellbeing, but after losing my last dog three years ago in such a traumatic way, I struggled to picture welcoming another dog into my world due to how horrific my past dog’s death was.

It’s been stressful bringing a puppy into the house when you already have severe anxiety and find everyday tasks stressful. Puppies require your undivided attention, patience and care which can be hard when you’re trying to look after yourself and manage your anxiety, but thankfully Teddy is a family pet so we all help out together.

The more time I spend with Teddy and ease myself into looking after him more, the less anxious I feel about having a puppy again and the more confident I feel that I can actually look after someone else, even if it can get stressful at times. Seeing his little face happy and full of life definitely makes all the harder puppy times seem a 100% worth.

We’re off to puppy classes within the next few weeks which will be another challenge for us and Teddy, but I can’t wait to see him grow more and I’m sure I will continue to share this journey on my blog, but also on my Instagram.

Teddy actually has his own Instagram page if you fancy giving him a follow! He likes to update people any rambles he has from his day  🐶

Do you have a dog? Have you ever owned one?

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