Introducing Double Cleansing Into Your Skincare Routine

Introducing Double Cleansing Into Your Skincare Routine

(Contains previously gifted items and affiliate links. All items marked with a * are PR samples) Double cleansing is something I got introduced to a few months ago and one now I couldn’t be without when it comes to my skincare routine. It’s been a recent skincare trend as of late and one I am very much here for. I thought I would put together a post to help you when it comes to introducing double cleansing into your skincare routine.

So what is double cleansing?

Essentially double cleansing is a two-step process of cleansing your face. We know that cleansing is useful at helping to remove any dirt and bacteria both morning and night to prepare our skin for the day ahead or for restoration overnight.

Cleansing helps to remove dirt, makeup, sweat, old skill cells and impurities. The first step of doubling cleansing can consist of cleansing oil or balm to help remove stubborn makeup, spf or sebum as these types of cleansers are specially designed to draw out oils from your skin.

The second step of double cleansing is what is used to clean deeper into your skin in particular your pores where we can experience congestion and excess oil. Ending with a second cleanse is a great way to deeply cleanse your skin and make sure you’re giving it a thorough cleanse.

Introducing Double Cleansing Into Your Skincare Routine

What are the benefits of double cleansing?

  • Free from every single inch of makeup – you know those stubborn parts of makeup that just won’t budge? Double cleansing can help ensure that even the most stubborn parts are cleansed away.
  • Your skin cells get a chance to regenerate – cleansing can really help to restore and regenerate your skin, removing the dead skin cells and ensuring the growth of new cells.
  • Brightens any dullness – no one enjoys dull looking skin so to ensure your skin is looking bright and hydrated, double cleansing can enhance your complexion.
  • It can help other products work better – after cleansing you follow up with some other products in your skincare routine, double cleansing can actually help with the process of these products and help them to work better for your skin.
  • It helps to remove toxic properties – double cleansing helps to remove any toxic debris from your face which can clog up pores and cause other skin related issues

Introducing Double Cleansing Into Your Skincare Routine

How to introduce double cleansing into your routine

Double cleansing is most effective in the evenings as you will have a lot more build up of oil and dirt from the busyness of the day from things like makeup compared with the morning where cells have been focused on repairing overnight.

You want to ensure you’re not over cleansing your face by using harsh cleansers or being harsh with your cleansing. You don’t want to cause irritation to your skin, strip your skin’s natural layer, cause dryness or sensitivity. Instead, you want to help rebalance the skin through double cleansing.

When it comes to selecting your products, you want to use an oil or balm based cleansing because of water-based cleansers do not mix with oil from makeup, excess sebum and spf, as well as other properties from throughout the day. You can go in with a water-based cleanser as the second part in your cleansing routine to work on unclogging pores and giving a deep cleanse without the oil getting in the way.

Introducing Double Cleansing Into Your Skincare Routine

My favourite double cleansing products

A cleanser I have been obsessed with and use for the first part in my double cleansing routine is the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm. This balm based cleanser works amazingly well at drawing out all dirt, makeup and other oil-related properties throughout the day leaving me with hydrated and radiant skin. It’s an amazing cleanser for everyone but in particular those with dry skin as it’s so hydrating and leaves your skin oh so smooth.

If I’m not using the Clinique Balm, then I’ve been loving the Freshly Cosmetics Rose Quartz* cleanser. This cleanser is also super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It has a really light texture to it that is so soft and gentle on the skin but still manages to cleanse the skin and regulate sebum secretion.

I then like to follow up with the Freshly Cosmetics Fresh Micellar Water* to remove any last traces of dirt from the skin and regenerating skin cells. I love how refreshing this micellar water is and how good it is at removing traces of stubborn waterproof makeup from my eyes.

Introducing Double Cleansing Into Your Skincare Routine

A more expensive option, but still one that is good nonetheless is the Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse* and Special Cleansing Gel*. This two-step cleansing process from Dermalogica is a great way to introduce yourself to double cleansing.

The Pre Cleanse* Works at removing layers of stubborn makeup, surface oil and dirt, which is the perfect first step of the double cleansing. This cleanser always helps to ease congestion from my skin in particular around my chin where I get most of my breakouts and on my nose where I get blackheads.

The Special Cleansing Gel* then comes in to remove dirt and debris from the skin. I love that by the end of this double cleansing my skin feels so clean, but also so smooth and soft. It’s also such a soothing and calming gel. The two work perfectly together!

Have you introduced double cleansing into your skincare routine?

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