Important Advice For New Bloggers

Important Advice For New Bloggers

Coming into the world of blogging when you’re new can be a daunting task in itself. I remember how scared I felt to hit publish on my first blog post and the amount of anxiety I use to feel when talking to new people on Instagram or Twitter. At the time I wish I had read and come across more posts sharing tips to help newbie bloggers and welcome them into the blogosphere. Today’s post is going to be for anyone out there who is new to blogging and need some advice in getting started in this growing market.

Find what your passionate about

As soon as I could pick up a pencil and write proper sentences, I have been obsessed with writing. All throughout my Primary school years I would write stories or nonfiction pieces for my Mum or teachers. At high school, my love for writing got pushed aside for my studies and wasn’t revisited until I wanted to start this blog. At that point in my life, I had developed an interest in particular subjects, some that you still see on this blog today. 

If you want to start a blog, you need to have something to write about and it would be great if it was things you were passionate about writing. This will make the content that you create come to you a lot more easier and you can pour all your energy into writing some amazing posts. If you don’t enjoy what you’re writing about, then neither is nobody else. You really have to love what you’re sharing. 

Don’t be afraid to write about what you love and stand out from the crowd!

Get inspiration, but don’t copy 

With so many other blogs out there, it can be hard to come up with original post ideas because there will most probably be someone else who has done something similiar. Instead of getting disheartened by this, you can instead use it to your advantage and gain inspiration from other posts or blogs you read.

The important thing to remember is not to copy. You want to put your own stamp on things and use this inspiration to form your own idea. It can be a great way to get you thinking outside of the box and getting creative. You want to be remembered for your own ideas and creations, not because of someone else’s hard work.

Copying is a no go!!!

Focus on being consistent

If you’re serious about making your blog into a success, then my top piece of advice is to focus on being consistent. This is something I’ve struggled with the past year, but I know how beneficial it can be to consistently upload. By being consistent, you’re giving your readers something fresh to keep coming back to.

Obviously this doesn’t mean you have to post every single day, but sticking to a rough post schedule can be super beneficial e.g three times a week. When you enjoy putting our regular content, you’re building up your work and in the long run an audience. 

Don’t buy followers, work on growing organically

When you’re new and see other bloggers with big following counts, it can be hard not to want to grow in the same way. The only thing is we fall into the comparison trap of wanting to get to where they are instantly. Success does not happen overnight and unfortunately some people will go out of there way to get to where they want to be no matter what the cost.

There has been lots of drama in the blogging world over the past year with people being outed for buying followers. As a new blogger (or any blogger for that matter) your aim shouldn’t ever be to buy your following. It should be to work on growing organically, communicating with people, sharing good quality content and  focusing on enjoying the experience.

If you’re having to buy followers, ask yourself why? Wouldn’t you prefer an audience of real and genuine people than fake ones who aren’t going to engage with you properly?

Get involved in the blogging community

One of the best things about blogging is getting involved in the blogging community! Most of us are welcoming of new bloggers, so it’s always best to get involved if that is something you want to do. It’s a great way to meet and make new friends, create discussions with like minded individuals, gain support and offer your own advice to others. It’s also really useful in finding new blogs to follow and enjoy reading in your spare time. There are so many of us out there, that there will be at least someone you click with and will get on with. It can be so much fun being apart of the community!

Also remember to just have fun. At the start it doesn’t have to be taken so seriously because you’re just finding your feet. Hard work does pay off, so just be patient and focus on what’s most important for you right now. Be kind and supportive of other bloggers. Be genuine and honest. Your readers will appreciate it!

What’s your number 1 blogging tip?

Lauren x

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