How We Spent 72 Hours In London

How We Spent 72 Hours In London

So last weekend Matt and I headed off to London for 72 hours to celebrate our anniversary which was a couple of weeks back. We never really explore London when we visit as we always have something specific on so it was nice to be tourists for the weekend and have the time to visit and do things properly. So here is how we spent 72 hours in London!

Friday 7th June 

Our train got into London at 2 pm so we headed straight to the hotel as we needed to refresh and get our suitcases into our room. Matt actually ended up carrying my case because as always I overpacked and it was so heavy to keep lifting up the tube steps so Matt kindly carried it for me. As you can imagine we were both very much ready to get them inside and refresh after a two-hour journey into London.

We had already pre-booked a visit to the Sky Garden for Friday night a few weeks in advance so by the time we got to the hotel and refreshed, we didn’t see much point in venturing far into London near the busy commute time so we decided to head to the small shopping area where we were staying.

How We Spent 72 Hours In London

We stayed near St Pauls and we have stayed there before so we kind of knew where we were going and what was there. We had a little wonder around the shops and then made a Nando’s order to pick up so we could take it back to our hotel room. Of all the places you can eat in London we went with a basic Nando’s. We’re so adventurous!

Once we had eaten, we started to get ready for the night. Our Sky Garden booking was for 8:45 pm as we wanted to be there to watch the sunset and we had to be there half an hour before our booking for security checks. Although it was quite cloudy so we didn’t see much of the sunset once we had got inside.

Because the security checks were so quick we actually got into the Sky Garden way before our time which meant we had more time to spend there and chill before we had to leave our time slot which was at 10:15 pm.

How We Spent 72 Hours In LondonHow We Spent 72 Hours In LondonHow We Spent 72 Hours In London

If you didn’t know what the Sky Garden is it’s basically an indoor garden on the top floor of a skyscraper it has a restaurant and a bar inside. It also has views of London from above. Plus it’s free to get into so definitely worth a visit if you want something affordable to do in London especially at night if you want to grab a drink with friends.

I loved being able to see views of London from above and from different sides as well. You could see for miles and it’s just crazy how tiny a big city like London looked. It was such a good atmosphere inside as well. There was live music, drinks flowing, plenty of areas to sit and it was just a really cool atmosphere.

Saturday 8th June 

Saturday was probably my favourite day from our trip as we just crammed in so much and I had such a fun day with Matt. It was just the best. We started our day in Leicester Square which is somewhere I don’t think I’ve ever been before. We went to the Lego shop, the M&M shop and then walked through to China Town.

We then hopped back onto the tube and headed to Covent Garden which is somewhere I had only been once before on a school trip but I didn’t have a proper look around it was just a fly pass so I wanted to make sure this trip was more worth it.

How We Spent 72 Hours In London

I was super excited to visit and check out some of the recommendations I had gathered from Instagram and other blogs. We had a little look around some shops and then headed to a steak house known as Flat Iron. It was super busy and we actually had to wait for a table which just made me more hungry.

I had seen Flat Iron on Instagram and heard good reviews so I was very interested to try it. I get quite nervous eating out at places especially places I’ve never been before because of my anxiety and emetophobia but surprisingly I was really calm and felt so at ease throughout the meal.

It was honestly the best meal I’ve ever had out in my life. It was so good. I want to go back already just for the steak. It was honestly so good. If you’re ever in London, I’d definitely recommend going. It’s insane and it was only £11.50 for a steak which is so good as some places you can pay up to £20 for a steak. Plus you get free ice cream on your way out!

How We Spent 72 Hours In London How We Spent 72 Hours In London

After stuffing our faces at Flat Iron, we had another wander around some of the shops in Covent Garden including picking up some Ben’s Cookie’s which were also so good.

We then headed back onto the Tube to Piccadilly Circus (again another place I’ve never been before) and I just had to take a picture of the billboards. I don’t know why but I know it’s like a well-known place so I just did it!

After snapping a few shots, I wanted to go to Hamley’s as I went there as a child and I can barely remember going and it was the only department store in London I hadn’t been to for years so I wanted to swing by to unleash my inner child. We loved checking out the Harry Potter floor in Hamley’s.

Because we had already done so much walking we decided to head back to have a little rest, grab some food and refresh. We really wanted to go to Hyde Park somewhere where we both have been before, but I wanted to go on the bikes around Hyde Park in the evening and whilst we were that way do some sightseeing as well.

How We Spent 72 Hours In London

How We Spent 72 Hours In London

So after refreshing ourselves, we got back on the tube and headed to Hyde Park. Although the tube at Hyde Park corner (where we got the bikes from) had severe delays on the line, so we walked from Marble Arch through Hyde Park and to the bikes. You pay just £2 on the app to hire a bike for 24 hours and if your journey is less than 30 minutes you don’t pay anything more. But from then every 30 minutes is £2 extra.

We only went on the bikes for 20 minutes or so we didn’t have to pay any extra and we biked past the lake and back so it was really lovely to see the water in the evening with the sun beginning to set around us.

After getting off the bikes, we then began a huge walk to Buckingham Palace. I kind of wish we went to Buckingham Palace in the morning as it was the trooping of the colour and we could have seen the royal family but oh well. It was actually quite nice walking to the Palace in the evening and going there at that time of the day because it was less busy so we could get some good pictures.

How We Spent 72 Hours In London

Then we began the walk back to Marble Arch tube station and by this point, my feet were honestly aching. The night before I got massive blisters on my toes from my new shoes and you can imagine my feet were throbbing at this point but it was actually quite peaceful walking through the different parks around Buckingham Palace back to the tube station.

When we got back, we had a nice drink at the bar in the hotel and then headed back up to the room to rest our feet. It was honestly such a lovely day and I felt so content!

How We Spent 72 Hours In London

Sunday 9th June 

On Sunday we started our day at the millennium bridge where we took some photos of the views of London from the bridge before we headed over to Westminster where we went to Downing Street. This is somewhere I’ve never been before or at least I can’t remember ever going there before.

We then walked across Westminster bridge past big ben which is under reconstruction and went towards the London Eye.

How We Spent 72 Hours In LondonHow We Spent 72 Hours In LondonHow We Spent 72 Hours In London

We didn’t head out till quite late on Sunday morning so we stopped for some lunch at Gail’s Bakery before we carried on exploring. Gail’s bakery had so many delicious looking goods. I had such a tasty cheese straw and brownie. It was so good! It’s also such a good place to sit and eat lunch outside as you can see the London Eye further down the street.

After Lunch we to Oxford Street because there were a few shops along there that we don’t have in Norwich that we wanted to visit. Then we stopped for a drink in the John Lewis rooftop garden bar and to rest our feet because they were still aching from the day before. We then looked around a few more shots before heading back to the hotel. We picked up a pizza from Zizzi’s on the way back and it was so good.

How We Spent 72 Hours In LondonHow We Spent 72 Hours In London

I actually started feeling quite unwell on Sunday night so we just stayed in the hotel room instead of venturing out or going down to the bar in the hotel. I think it was a combination of being tired from being busy, eating rubbish food that my stomach issues aren’t the biggest fan of and not taking care of said stomach.

Monday 10th June

We actually had such good weather during our time in London so when we woke up to rain on Monday, on one hand, we felt lucky it hadn’t rained all weekend but at the same time, we felt pretty limited as to what we could do on Monday before our train home.

Our train home wasn’t until 2 pm so we had a few hours in the morning to make use of. To be honest we decided to head back to Oxford Street and I went to Primark on Tottenham Court Road as it’s a much bigger Primark than the one in Norwich. We also contemplated going back to Covent Garden as we loved it so much but the rain was so bad and we just didn’t really want to go too far.

It was a shame we couldn’t do more exploring other than shopping on Monday before our train home as we could have seen so more sights but I guess it will mean we can do other things on our next visit that we didn’t get to do.

Overall I had such a lovely trip with Matt to London doing touristy things and exploring. It was such a nice weekend and I’m so proud of myself for managing my anxiety, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and enjoying myself.

This trip also meant so much to me as I was actually able to pay money towards it which has never happened before as I had been unemployed the past few years and I went freelance a few months ago so the money I had earned I saved up to put towards our trip. It felt like a really special moment for me personally!

What’s your favourite thing to do in London?

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