How To Survive Your Period

Most girl’s, if not all girl’s will be able to relate to that annoyingly horrible thing that happens to our bodies at least one a month. Yes, you know what I’m on about. Periods. The dreaded time of the month where you literally feel like ripping out your uterus, stuffing your face with the closest unhealthy food in sight and crying over every little thing. And that’s only just some of the things us girl’s have to go through!

I was one of the first people in my high school friendship group to actually get there periods in the first year of high school and let’s just put it simply, I was so not happy about it. My first one wasn’t actually that bad. I remember actually thinking ‘hey, this isn’t so bad’. But how ever wrong was I? The next few that followed taught me just how horrible it really is. Today I thought I would share some of the things that I find useful when I’m on my period. I felt like doing something a little different, so let’s just roll with it. Some you might already do since they’re pretty obvious things, but others you might have not thought about before.

 1. Prepare:

I find being prepared for my period is essential. I roughly work out when it is. Apps are great for this or simply just jott it down on your calendar. This means I then have a clear idea of when I need particular things at the ready, e.g sanitary products, pain killers, comfy underwear or what I like to call ‘my period pants’, please tell me I’m not the only one who call’s them that?

2. Minimize pain:

As soon as your period starts, I like to take pain killers. This way I think it helps to prevent the pain or allows it to help minimize the pain as much as possible. Also I like to take some before I sleep so then the pain doesn’t stop me from sleeping. Although sometimes I opt for other options. For example I like to apply heat to my lower stomach. I have one of those heat pads you put in the microwave for just over a minute and then you can hold it against your tummy. Another great tip is for when you’re on the go, you can purchase some of heat pad strips, that you heat up and then stick under your clothes for when you’re out of the house like at work or school. This way you can still have some form of heat being applied to your pain.

How To Survive Your Period

3. Stay hydrated:

It is really important that when you’re on your period that you stay hydrated. Drinking water can help not only prevent dehydration, but it also helps to prevent water retention which is that awful bloated/heavy feeling you can get in your tummy. Also water helps to keep your skin feeling hydrated and prevents any acne from forming caused by your period.

4. Skin care:

As mentioned, drinking water can be really great for helping your skin. When you’re close to or on your period, you are more likely to have break outs. It is essential that you take care of your skin all of the time, but mainly around your period. Remember to wash your face twice a day, apply a moisturiser, cleanse your skin from any dirt and make-up you might have worn throughout the day and any other products you might decide to use, for example a face mask.

How To Survive Your Period

5. Chill out:

There’s nothing better than when you’re feeling rubbish than just simply chilling out. If you have just got in from work or school, why not go run yourself a bath or climb into bed, grab a book or some films and just have a relaxing end to the day. Of course, if you have the whole day off, then why not just spend the day taking care of yourself and doing the things you find relaxing. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to have a massage from your loved one or treat yourself to one in your local beauty salon. Nothing beats a good back massage!

6. Allow yourself to feel ‘crappy’:

There’s no shame in just allowing yourself to feel the way you do. You have the right to sulk, feel bad, sad, angry or whatever it is you’re feeling. You deserve to because of what your body is going through. If you want to go eat that slice of chocolate cake, then go eat that slice of cake and enjoy it. If you want to lay in bed all day, then go lay in bed all day. If you want to sit and watch soppy rom-cmon’s, then go watch them and cry about it. Just let yourself feel rubbish! 

Do you have any tips? 

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different, yet 100% relatable for all woman out there!

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