How To Style A Denim Skirt

Denim skirts made a come back last year with the seventies trend being a big hit and a year on this trend is still very much a firm favourite upon the UK high street. For me I see the denim skirt as being a staple, a must have in your wardrobe and definitely one that screams versatility. Now it’s summer, it’s a great time to invest one if you haven’t already. The great thing about this piece is you can continue to wear this kind of skirt all year round. In today’s post, I am going to be showing you how you can wear a denim skirt through each season, as well as how you can style it to suit different occasions. 

As mentioned, the denim skirt is great when it comes to being versatile. You don’t have to limit this piece to just one certain style or look. You can easily dress this piece up or down depending on what you want it work for. Plus it’s a brilliant investment piece that you can get as much wear out of as possible through the changing seasons and for years to come.

Tops –

When it comes to choosing what to wear on the top half, you can have a wide selection of styles, fabrics and patterns that will work well with a denim skirt. If you want your denim skirt to be the statement piece of your look, then try to keep your top section looking simple to draw attention toward’s your skirt. This could be great for more casual days when all you want to do is throw on a simple t-shirt and be ready for the day ahead. When it comes to more fancier occasions, have more of a luxury kind of style top or one of a striking pattern may be more appropriate to keep within the theme.

Spring/Summer – A pinstripe or plain blue shirt will look great tucked into a denim skirt throughout the spring months. This will achieve a simple yet super chic look. The blue will work well if you decide to go for a blue denim coloured skirt. During the summer, opt for an on trend bardot top (off the shoulders) or a cami top to either tuck in or leave hanging out for two different looks. You can easily dress up either of these style tops to suit whatever occasion you like by changing up your shoes, outwear and accessories.

Autumn/Winter – During the colder months, go for layered pieces and ones that will keep you super warm throughout. You’re probably going to want tights to cover your legs up during this time, so it is essential you try and make your top half as warm as possible. High necked jumpers and long sleeved tops are the perfect go to’s for this time of year. You can achieve easy yet stylish looks from picking top styles like this. Also checked/plaid shirts are perfect for autumn wear to create a fun chic look. Another option could be going for a plain white shirt to add a touch of professionalism/smartness to your look. This will create a modern and fresh look, perfect for meetings and important events. Pair it with warm outwear and you’re good to go!

A massive go to style of top that works so wonderfully with the denim skirt is a striped top! Whether this is long sleeved, high necked, off the shoulder or a simple short sleeved style, stripes and denim look amazing together.

How To Style A Denim Skirt

Outerwear –

You’ll probably only need to throw a jacket or coat over your denim skirt look during autumn, winter, spring and maybe when it’s not the nicest day during the summer. To achieve different looks and suit the warmer or colder months, having two go to outwear options might be a good idea when styling your denim skirt. During spring/summer have the choice of a jacket and in the autumn/winter a coat option.

Spring/Summer – Jacket’s are an essential cover up during the warmer months! Bomber jackets have been hugely popular lately and create a luxurious sports look to any outfit. Because of this they are great for both causal or dressier occasions. You’re not restricted to one style with this jacket. They come in a range of colours, patterns and materials. Other jacket’s that will be perfect for this time of year is a faux leather jacket in either black or a fun colour or a suede jacket in a light beige colour or grey. Two great styles of jackets that will work amazingly with the denim skirt. If you really want to be adventurous, opt for a denim jacket in a different shade or the same to rock the double denim look!

Autumn/Winter – Of course you could wear a leather jacket or a tanned suede one throughout the autumn months of the year! The sorts of coats to go for to style with your denim skirt during the colder months, the best styles include boyfriend, duster and duffel style coats. Duster coats are useful for creating a chic look. The applies for a boyfriend coat that will help to bring structure to your look, one to go for more smarter occasions. 

For important and professional events, throw on a blazer and a smart shirt with your denim skirt to create a smart appropriate outfit.

How To Style A Denim Skirt

Shoes – 

With a denim skirt, I personally think the best kind of shoes to go for are ones that are flat. Flat shoes create balance within your outfits. Think of it how denim shorts look when you wear them with a heel. 

Spring/Summer – Lace-up flats and gladiator sandals are two great shoes to wear with a denim skirt, because they create the perfect spring/summer look. Also they can add touches of femininity to your look, while being dressed up or down. Other shoes you could go for include white trainers, a trend that has become increasingly popular for a casual yet chic look, as well as another trend this spring/summer, espadrilles for something a little different than your basic sandal. 

Autumn/Winter – Your typical go to shoes for this time of year is hand’s down boots! You can easily wear boots with your denim skirt throughout the colder months. Pair some suede boots with your suede jacket to create an autumnal theme looked. For the winter period, go for faux leather ankle boots to remain stylish yet weather appropriate. Other shoes you could opt for when the weather is behaving it’s self, include loafers and even some lace-up flats.

Accessories –

When it comes to accessorising your denim skirt it’s all about simplicity if you want your denim skirt to be the statement piece. Dainty jewellery is perfect for this. Whatever hardware is on your skirt if you opt for a button down style, try match your jewellery to this colour for a look that flows. When you go for bags, opt for a small mini shoulder bag in a colour that matches other parts of your outfit, like your shoes, for example; opt for tan gladiator sandals and a tan shoulder bag for a balanced look for summer. Other looks to go for during the summer months that will look great with your denim skirt include a floppy sun hat for days out and a pair of cat eye sunglasses. Where as in the winter, opt for a fedora or a big chunky scarf to complete your look.

Here are some of my favourite denim skirts that are available right now:

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How do you like to style a denim skirt?

Lauren x

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  • Love this post! I definitely agree with denim skirts being a staple in a wardrobe, and you've got some great tips for styling them. I love that blush pink skirt you've linked!Hannah

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  • I love these tips! I love demin skirts. They are so versatile and can be worn in any season. I really enjoyed this post X Thrifty vintage fashion

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