How To Start Your Morning In A Positive Way

Now the clocks have gone back by an hour here in the U.K, it really does confirm that the colder and darker months are well and truly here. You’ve probably already noticed that you’re waking up in the mornings to darkness, long gone are the days of early summer sunshine breaking through your curtains and waking you up for the day. Instead, you’re left to try pull yourself up out of bed when it’s pitch black outside and freezing cold, it’s a mammoth just within itself. For today’s post, I really wanted to spark some positivity to your mornings, giving you the chance of the best possible start to your day and hopefully help you to continue this spirit throughout the whole year not just the winter months.

Spend 5-10 minutes waking yourself up & stretching your body – The last thing you probably want to do as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning is jump straight out of bed in a half asleep manner and go straight into your morning routine. Instead ease yourself into it. Spend a few moments waking yourself up properly and preparing your body. No doubt your muscles and joints have become a little stiff overnight from your slumber, so ensure you stretch your body. This will help get your blood flowing.

You could also spend this time doing a little meditation and some breathing exercises to reinforce a more relaxed state of mind to take on the day ahead. This is particularly good if you’ve got a stressful day ahead.

Have a cold glass of water – We all know how good water is for you, so why not start your day with a refreshing glass of it? Overnight your mouth tends to go dry and you lose fluid from not keeping hydrated as regularly as you do throughout the day. Having a glass of water to start your morning off will replenish your body and provide it with a boost of energy. 

Eat a healthy breakfast – They don’t say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for no reason! Eating breakfast in the mornings, especially a healthy one is one of the greatest ways to start your day the right way. It will provide your body with the right energy and nutrients it needs to help you perform the best you can, as well as improve concentration levels, increase your strength and endurance during physical activity and help you to maintain weight control. Some healthy breakfast ideas include granola, yogurt, fruit, smoothies, porridge, avocado on toast with egg, oatmeal and overnight oats. 

Be organised the night before – Leaving everything until the morning is a no go, especially if you can get certain tasks done the night before. Being organised the night before can ensure an efficient and stress-free morning routine can happen. A few ways to be organised for the next day include preparing or making lunch, ironing and picking out an outfit, packing your ba and finishing off any tasks for the next day the night before so you’re not rushing around in the morning to get them completed. This will help you spend more time on other important tasks.

Listen to your favourite music – I always have to get ready with some sort of music playing in the background, whether it’s from the radio or my favourite Spotify playlist. Listening to your favourite song or playlist in the morning can really help to not only motivate you to get up and get sorted, but also helps to put you into a good mood. Plus, who doesn’t love to have a bit of a sing song?

Look at inspiring, positive & motivational quotes – If you find yourself waking up in a bad mood or dreading the day ahead, looking at inspiring, positive and motivational quotes can help to change your outlook on things. It’s a great self-talk method that helps to push you in the right direction of where you need to be going with the day and driving you away from any negative thoughts and feelings. You can simply search on Google for any quotes or browse Pinterest. I absolutely love looking at my Inspiration board to help spark some positivity and it’s always a great place to go back to when I need some extra help. 

Avoid social media – The first thing I tend to do in the mornings is browse social media. It’s a habit that I really do struggle to avoid. But I know when I always use to struggle to get up in the mornings for things like college or school, I would try not to go scroll through my feed at all. Because seeing other people moaning about wanting to stay in bed and what a dreaded day they had ahead, only made me want to stay at home more and not face the day, which really doesn’t help at all, especially if you have mental health issues. So to avoid any negativity coming your way, stay clear of social media in the mornings and focus entirely on yourself!!! Social media will always be there when you return later.

Write a to do list – Writing a to do list first thing in the morning can help give you a clear guide of what it is you need to do for the day and also keep you motivated. Try to tackle the boring/hard tasks first, then once they’re over with you can focus on the more pleasurable activities. Plus you should always remember to tick things off in achievement or reward yourself with a small treat after every task has been complete to keep that positive vibe continuing.

Be grateful & blessed – Waking up in the morning to a new day, a fresh start and a chance to write another page in your journey is a blessing in itself and one we all take for granted on a daily basis. Being alive and well is such a luxury to have. Be blessed for the opportunity you get to live another day surrounded by the people you love, to overcome new challenges, explore and learn new parts of yourself and the world, experience things with a whole new outlook and another chance to be who you exactly want to be! Be forever grateful for your life even through the darkest of times. 

How do you try to be positive in the mornings?

Lauren x


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