How To Rock A Berry Lip During Spring/Summer

How To Rock A Berry Lip During Spring/Summer

In life we’re always taught to play by the rules, but sometimes taking a risk can be beneficial to us. The same applies when it comes to beauty. We’re always advised to follow the rules, that will hopefully in return help us to achieve the best results. Sometimes we can take a risk when it comes to beauty too. 

Berry lips are usually associated with the colder months, e.g autumn and winter. But what if we wore them throughout spring and summer? Is there anyone to say we can’t do that? Is there a problem with doing that? Of course not! It can work. It does work. Berry lips hit the 2016 Spring/Summer runways, with fashion models supporting darker hues, proving to us that berry lips aren’t just for autumn/winter and are going to be big this spring/summer.

Here’s how you can rock a berry lip this spring/summer and keep bang on the beauty trends.

Find a shade that suits you

The first thing you are going to want to do before anything else is to find a shade that suits you. It’s a great idea to find one that is going to work well with your skin tone. Also you need to make sure that you love the shade and the feel of the lip product. The most important thing is to find one that you absolutely love and know you will get lot’s of wear out of!

When finding that perfect shade that is going to reflect your natural colour tones, it’s good to have a basic understanding of what shades will work best with what tones. To check whether you will need to go for more of a warm or cool berry shade, you need to take a look at the veins on your inner wrist. They will be able to tell you what shade will suit you best. If you have more blue to your veins, then you have pink undertones to your skin. But if you have more green based tones, then you’re more likely going to have warmer tones to your skin. 

The shades that work best with pink undertones include plum, wine or ox blood. On the other hand, the shades that work best with warm undertones are burgundy, deep red or maroon. From this, you will have a clear guide to follow when choosing your shade and finding what looks best for you. You could also take in to consideration the colour of your eyes or hair to find that absolute perfect shade.

Once you know what shade will suit you, the next thing to do is decide on what finish you want your lip product to have. Are you a matte fan? Or perhaps you like more of a glossier feel to your lips? Maybe you’re in the middle or you would rather go for something nourishing like a balm or stain. 

A range of brand’s for all budget types do a selection of finishes for you to chose from. Mac is a great place to start. They have a range of finishes for you to chose from such as matte, satin (not quite a matte), lustre, creamsheen, frost etc. For more of an affordable brand, I would recommend either MUA or NYX.

Tip: When considering a finish/feel to a lipstick, think about what season you will wear this berry lip colour the most. Will it just be during autumn/winter? Will you choose a different one for Spring/Summer? Or will you want to chose one that is going to be great for all seasons? 

Glosses are great for spring/summer, whilst mattes are perfect for the autumn/winter. But why not invest in one that is somewhere in the middle, so you can wear it all year round with no fuss!

How To Rock A Berry Lip During Spring/Summer MUA Shade 2 MAC Diva NYX Prague

The rest of your make-up look

You’ve got your lip colour sorted. Great. But what do you do now with the rest of your face? 

If you want to keep your bold berry lip the centre of attention, you want to keep your eye make-up as simple and minimal as you possibly can. Let the lips do all the talking. Make them be powerful. Perhaps opt for a light shimmer eye shadow across the lid or a matte brown through the crease to give your eyes a little bit of contour. Alternatively, get out your liner and wing it. You really cannot go wrong with a winged liner and a bold berry lip!

During the spring and summer, most of us go for glowy and dewy skin. If you want to stick to this theme, then a bold berry lip will look great with this and will help to bring a hint of summer vibes to the berry colour. Swap out your matte foundations for dewy or natural looking finishes. Go for a shimmery champagne coloured highlight to add a gorgeous glow to your cheek bones. 

A berry lip is great for wearing from day to night. In the day go for more of a subtle finish with your make-up toned down. Where as in the night you can easily add more drama to your look. Perhaps you might want to make your eye make-up more intense or make your base extra flawless. Also you might decide to go for a more grunge themed deep berry colour to take it from day to night.

Your outfit 

Not only do you have to switch up your make-up look from season to season, but you also have to switch up your outfit choices. If you chose to make your berry lip the centre of attention a good idea is to keep the rest of your look simple and minimal. Stick to one or two colours throughout your look to keep this theme flowing. White is a great choice for the warmer months. It’s fresh, bright and clean. White will make sure your berry lip is the centre of attention!

Remember to keep patterns and prints minimal when rocking a berry lip. You don’t want the boldness of your lips to clash with any other overpowering prints that you might decide to wear. This will give your look too much drama, unless this is the look you want to go for, then by all means rock it. But aside from that, stay away from those prints or make sure they somehow reflect the lip well. This could be due to the size of the print or perhaps the colours that the print includes in it’s design. 

Why not add an accessory of the same colour to reflect your lip well? This will help to keep the berry theme flowing throughout your entire look. Perhaps go for a floppy fedora hat of the same shade, a light weight scarf, some jewellery that might have the same colour pendant on it or a brooche. 

For night time and more formal occasions, use your berry lip as your inspiration of what kind of look you might go for. This might be a dress, jumpsuit, play suit or top of the same colour as your bold lip. Maybe you’ll stick to one solid colour, like black or white to keep your berry lip being the focal point of your finished look.

What are your thoughts on wearing a berry shade this time of the year? How would you wear it with other parts of your look?

Lauren x

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6 thoughts on “How To Rock A Berry Lip During Spring/Summer

  • This was such a helpful post! Its definitely given me some berry lip ideas for this summer! xKate//

  • I love these ideas! I prefer bright lips during the summer but I'd totally go for a darker raspberry shade if I have an event to go to. Diva is absolutely gorgeous, it's on my wish list

  • Such great tips Lauren! I definitely should try wearing a berry lip more often, I need to be braver! The NYX lip cream looks so stunning

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