How To Recharge For The New Year

How To Recharge For The New Year

Now we’re coming to the final couple of days of the year, some of us may be feeling worn out from the year or even just from the past few weeks with all the Christmas celebrations we’ve been having. It’s always good at the end of one year and the start of another to recharge yourself and get yourself back into a good place, ready to take on the new year that you have ahead of you. I’ve got lots of different ways you can help recharge yourself for the new year:

Sleep – With bank holidays and time off from work or your studies, it’s the perfect time to catch some much needed rest to help you get back your energy for the new year. Take regular naps if need be or just take yourself off to bed a little earlier each night. This is also good practice for when you have to get back in your routine. Even after nights out with parties and gatherings this time of the year, it’s also super nice to have an extra long lay in or treat yourself to a lazy day. Just relax and enjoy the time.

Get outside – Once you’ve managed to rest up well, getting outside is another great way to recharge for the new year. We all know how many benefits getting out in the fresh air has for things like our mental and physical health. So why not start your year off to a great way all around by stepping out that front door and getting out into the nature around you. Perhaps you could take your dog for a walk around the block or gather your friends together for a bike ride. Whatever it is and however long for, getting outside will help you to cut any stresses out of your life and out of the start of the year, as well as boosting your immune system and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

See friends – You might have not been able to spend time with your friends much over the last few weeks with the Christmas celebrations and spending time with your family, so why not arrange to meet with those you haven’t seen in a while. You could pop for a coffee or host an afternoon tea. This is a great pick me up and a positive way to go into the new year. You’ll also make some fun memories to cherish forever.

Get organised – Now’s the perfect time to get organised! You don’t want to be going into the new year without having a clue what you’re doing. Buy yourself a planner or download yourself an app that will help you to keep note of any to do lists, appointments, events etc. This will also help you to keep motivated and ensure you’re being productive with the time you have. You could also write a few goals or aims you want to work towards this year so you know where your focus is for the year ahead.

Positive habits – Starting your new year off with some positive habits will help you to improve the quality of your life going into January and helping you to maintain it throughout the next few months. They help you to create happiness and feel content with the life you are living and yourself. I’ve got a post on 10 Positive Habits that will help change your mindset. They’re super easy to do and can be done on a daily basis. 

Accomplishments & Setbacks – No matter how bad, average or great your year was, it’s always good to look back on the year you had and acknowledge your strengths, accomplishments, weakness and any set backs you had. This will help you to figure out what strengths you can take with you into the new year and any weakness you might want to work on. I love looking back on things I’ve achieved over the year and being so proud of myself for doing so even if they’re only small things. Even if it may be hard, it’s ok to think back to the setbacks you endeavored and think how you might do deal with the situation better if you were faced with it again. This will help to give you closure and to move forward. 


Opportunities and progress – A new year brings lots of opportunities and the chance to continue to progress in many stages of your life. You might fancy setting yourself some short and long term goals to work towards. Long term will be good to help you to vision where you want to be come next year. It’s also good to know what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. This helps with motivation and ensures you put in the hard effort to get there.

Detox everything you don’t need – Start the year in the best possible way you can. Detox and get rid of anything that brings you negativity this includes people and things. You want to start your year fresh and in a positive exciting way. You don’t want to be pulled down by toxic people or situations that are no good for you. Let go of those who hold you down or don’t nourish you. Keep those real friendships and relationships. Good people create good vibes. Get rid of any unhealthy habits and replace them with positive ones.

Simplify your life – Don’t over complicate things too much. Everyone wants their year to start of smoothly so don’t take on too much too soon. Stick with what you know at first and maintain this consistency the way you know how to. Remember to take care of yourself too. You’re just as important as your loved ones and those things you have to do.

Practice self love – We’re always going to be the ones their for ourselves. We’ll always be there. So why not start making good use of ourselves and support and be kind to ourselves all the time, especially in the darkest of times. Praise yourself when you’ve achieved something amazing. Encourage yourself when you’re feeling afraid to face your fears. Reward yourself when you deserve it. Allow yourself to sit with any difficult emotions and assure yourself you’re going to be alright. 

Express gratitude – Be grateful for the year you’ve had. Even if it was the toughest one yet. It’s going to give you the chance to move on with your life into a brand new year with lots more exciting yet challenging moments. Reminisce on all the fun memories you’ve experienced and things you’ve achieved this year by being appreciative to have been able to have those experiences. Be grateful to go onto a new year and have the opportunity to continue living.

How do you plan on recharging for the new year? 

Lauren x

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6 thoughts on “How To Recharge For The New Year

  • I definitely agree after Christmas you're so exhausted, sometimes it's nice to take the time out between Christmas and New Year to just chill and get ready for January!Lauren Ashleigh xx

  • Love these tips! I'm hoping to be more organized so I can work smarter and more efficiently. I also need to get my sleep cycle under control and stop staying up until 3 am lol. Happy almost new year, hope you have an amazing 2017!xxNida | Caked To The Nines

  • These tips are simple, yet sososo effective. Awesome post! I plan to give my bedroom a HUGE clean out today for the new year and I think a pamper session is in order too! Happy New Year! x

    • Thanks so much, Ciara! Me too. I'm having a massive declutter and a pamper also sounds a good idea. Happy New Year lovely xx

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