How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

There’s nothing worse than doing a fabulous makeup look, for it to only then wear off after a few hours and you find yourself running off to the bathroom every so often to top it up. No one wants to feel like their time and effort has been ruined nor do you want to have to keep reapplying it throughout the day when you could be doing other important things. I wanted to share with you some tips on how you can prevent this from happening and instead make your makeup last longer. Everyone’s skin is different and not everyone uses the same products, so just bare this in mind when trying out these tips that not every single one will work for you the same as it will for someone else. But give them a go anyway and hopefully they’ll be one or two that works perfect for you!

Start with a clean base –
Applying makeup over old makeup or dirty skin is not only bad for your skin, but it’s also not going to help you achieve a look that is going to last you all day long. You want to start with a fresh and clean base that you can use as your canvas and work from. Ensure the first thing you do every single time before you apply any form of makeup onto your face is to cleanse and prepare your skin. Work with products you know your skin loves and will feel a benefit from. If you have a well prepped base, it is more likely you’re makeup products will perform to the best of their ability.

Moisturiser – Moisturiser should be apart of your daily skincare anyway, but if it’s not then it is super important you add this step in. Not only is it great for those with dry skin to help illuminate dry patches and prevent your makeup from clinging to these areas, but it is also good for those who have oily skin too. It will help to replace the oils within your skin and hydrate them instead. It also helps to smooth and firm the skin, hydrating those creases and fine lines. Moisturiser can also work well as a primer.

Don’t leave skincare products on too long before makeup application – Leaving a long gap between your skincare and your makeup can sometimes to take you straight back to the start. You’re essentially removing the fresh and clean base you started with by doing this. It only takes a matter of time for your base to get dirty and unfresh again. Instead wait around 15 minutes before you apply your makeup, anything before will not give you that smooth base to work from and anything after that will not provide you with a fresh base to work from. Remember that skincare products can help your makeup last longer so don’t leave it too long between routine and application. 

Use primer – Before you apply any of your base products, using a good makeup primer will help to ensure your makeup lasts that little bit longer throughout the day. Primers are especially good for those with more oily skin to create that much needed silky smooth canvas to work from. The one I always go back to is the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer. Not only is this really affordable and also hydrates your skin, but it really does help to keep my makeup lasting longer and creates the perfect base. Eyeshadow base primers are also useful if you wear eyeshadow on a daily basis and struggle to keep it lasting all day long.

Don’t go in too heavy – Sometimes to achieve a flawless and full coverage finish to our makeup, we can apply a heavy layer of product to our face. By doing this, you’re not only create a more cakey appearance to your makeup but you’re also preventing any primers or skincare products underneath from working to their full potential. Instead layer up your makeup to achieve the coverage you want. You can not only do this for your face products, but also your eye and lip products too. Lighter layers will create a more natural and flawless finish without ruining anything underneath. This is also important for anyone with dry skin as a too heavy coverage can make your makeup cling to any drier areas.

Use the correct products for you – When picking out products to trial and work with, consider your skin and what you know works best for you. Pick the right foundation for your skin type and tone. This will contribute to a more even and natural looking finish, as well as prevent any access oil from building up if you have oily skin or any dry patches from forming if you have drier skin. In terms of lip products, you want to go for something that is going to last all day and matte based always wins. Lipliners can also help to keep your lipstick in tact for all day wear. 

Also consider the type of eye products you go for. You want to go for more longwear shadows that are going to last. Cream shadows are the perfect option to go for because they have a longevity compared to more powder based ones. Gel liner is also good for those into eye makeup because it’s waterproof and contains the right components to keep it on for longer. If you want to make your mascara last longer, go for a waterproof option because these do not budge at all and can sometimes be a pain to even remove with eye makeup remover. 

Always remember to powder your face after your base makeup application! Powder the areas that you find your makeup tends to slip or wear away. This is especially important if you have more oilier skin. Powder will help to maintain your base and last longer than if you decided to do without. Also don’t forget to powder under the eyes to keep your concealer staying put for as long as possible.

Finishing spray – A game changer to my makeup routine and the amount of time my makeup lasted was investing in a face finishing spray. This spray will really help to set all your makeup in place and help it to last longer. It’s also super refreshing to do on those boiling hot humid days when you want your makeup to stay in tack without budgeting. The NYX setting sprays have become a firm favourite within my own collection and in particular I love using the dewy finish spray to create a more radiant look. 

Don’t touch your face – It sounds really silly and pretty easy to do, but if you’re like me you might find yourself touching your face quite a bit throughout the day. This is not only bad for your skin because you’re transferring dirt from your fingers to your face, but it also can remove makeup that you might end up resting your hand in or rubbing within your face. Try not to touch your face as much as possible to prevent removing your makeup off. Train yourself to lay your hands elsewhere and save both your skin and makeup from suffering from it.

How to do you try to keep your makeup on longer? What works best for you?

Lauren x

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