How To Make Your Home Cosy This Autumn/Winter

The nights have definitely started to draw in now and the temperatures outside are dropping by the weeks, which means it’s got to that time of the year when there’s nothing better than coming home and cosying up for the rest of the evening. I’ve got a number of ways you can make your home feel extra cosy this autumn/winter. You don’t have to spend a lot to add some warm details and homey touches to your home. It can be super easy to do and will result in you feeling so much better for it.

Add a throw or blanket – Whenever I think about getting cosy, I always imagine a thick blanket wrapped around me whilst I sit snuggled up on the sofa. Adding a throw or a blanket to your home can increase the cosiness feel. You might want to opt for a one that’s in a particular season colour or pattern, that’s faux fur or even a luxurious electric blanket for extra warmth. You can pop it on the bottom of your bed or on the top of your sofa. They’re not only perfect for creating a cosy vibe, but also for snuggling up to when watching tv shows or movies in the cold winter nights.

Lots of pillows – Not only is a blanket great for getting snug, but also having lots of pillows near by is also very fitting for creating a cosy atmosphere. They always say less is more, but I think in this circumstance that totally does not apply. Go all out with your cushions this autumn/winter! Go for different wintery textures like faux fur, faux leather, velvet or suede to gain the most impact.

Create a cosy corner – Pick somewhere in your home that will be perfect for relaxing and unwinding. This perhaps might be near a window that lets in lots of light. You could move an arm chair near by/into your cosy corner for somewhere to sit and chill out. Remember to plant pieces around your corner to bring that cosiness theme to your ‘me time’ area. You could have a little table close by to rest things upon and also some of your favourite quiet time hobbies, like books and magazines, any crafts or arts, your journal etc.

Add a rug – Rug’s look great all year round, but they’re most practical during the autumn/winter season. They provide you with a place to pop your feet down onto when it’s cold and the instant softness  will help to warm them up. Go for something that’s not only extra soft, but also has seasonal colour or patterns to reflect well with the season and the rest of the warmth in your home.

Layer your bedding – Autumn/Winter is the perfect time to just go all out! Like your cushions, you can layer up your bedding. This will sure to make you want to jump into bed at night and cosy up under the covers ready for a peaceful slumber. Get out your winter duvet to keep things warm in bed. Why not place a throw at the end of the bed, perhaps a faux fur for additional cosiness. Add lot’s of cushions like we spoke about before.

Add gold details – Gold brings warmth to any home. This will help to bring that cosy theme to many rooms within your house. The kind of gold accents you could add include home accessories like candles, decorations/ornaments, cushions, frames, mirrors, lights etc. Small details of this colour throughout your home can really warm the place up.

Switch your seasonal accessories – If you haven’t already, then it’s sure as hell time to switch out those spring/summer themed pieces for some autumn/winter themed accessories. This will add to the cosy vibe you want to create, but also make you feel super excited for the new season(s). Halloween and Christmas are the main celebrations throughout this period, so always remember to pull out these decorations throughout these times. Seasonal accessories that can be mixed include candles, flowers, pillows and throws.

Be bright with fairy lights! – Fairy lights just scream autumn/winter to me! They really do make things so much cosier throughout this time. They’re a perfect alternative to the harsh lights of normal lighting and work so well in the late afternoons into the night. You can hang them throughout your home, in particular in the bedroom and living room.

Light a candle – Candles are a must have this time of year! Not only do they bring a ray of beautiful smelling scents to the home, but they also are great for setting the mood and making things feel super cosy.

How do you make your home feel cosy during the colder months?

Lauren x

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