How To Increase Reader Engagement On Your Blog

How To Increase Reader Engagement On Your Blog

It is so important that when it comes to blogging that you really drawn in an audience and keep them engaged. This will ensure they keep coming back to your blog and support you as a blogger. You could have thousands of views each post, but a lack of feedback and engagement from readers can make you feel like people aren’t taking you seriously. Today I am going to share with you how you can increase your reader engagement and create a community of people who always interact with you and your blog.

Not only do you want to make your posts really interesting and helpful, but you also want the person who’s visited your blog to stay on there for as long as possible. This will really help to engage them with the content you have created. There are a few ways you can do this to keep the reader on your site and always come back to it:

Sleek blog design – Blog design plays an important factor in keeping someone on your site for as long as possible. Most people appreciate things that look sleek and clean. If your blog look’s professional and well laid out, then people are going to take you and your content seriously. Also ensue your blog has an easy commenting system. This will also encourage readers to leave comments on  your posts.

Simple navigation – Make sure you can easily guide the reader around your blog so that their desires are met. They should be able to move through posts with ease and view any other pages with no trouble. They should be able to find whatever it is they are looking for in the exact place it should be.

Quick loading time – If your blog takes a long while to load, then the viewer is probably not going to bother waiting for it to load and look elsewhere. It is essential you have a quick loading time to improve the readers experience on your page. This will also boost your SEO!!

Aesthetically pleasing images – We all know that images are what draw us the most to take notice of something! The same applies when it comes to your blog posts. Ensure you are uploading the best pictures you can to really entice people into keep checking out your content.

Up to date info – Any information on your blog, whether it is your about me page or a current fact on your blog relating to a topic, ensure it is the most update information to keep current and reliable with your readers. This will help to bring readers back when they know you are a useful source!

Fix broken links – Broken links can affect the traffic coming to your blog, as well as your rankings within search engines. It is a good idea to regularly check for any broken links and fix them. A range of websites offer this service for free and it is super easy to do.

Clear message – Make sure your blog has a clear message. This means creating a picture in the readers mind of what your blog is about, the vision you have for your blog and what benefits it can offer the reader.

When it comes to your posts, there are many things you can incorporate into them to make them successful, drive traffic to your blog and create an engaged group of people who will keep coming back. Here are a few things to take into consideration when working on posts:

Consistency – When you are creating content, ensure it is consistent and a place that people can always come back to for new exciting posts in a timely fashion. Being consistent also helps to create trust between your readers, which will lead to an increase in returning visitors. Plus it’s also great for SEO!!

Beneficial/helpful – Most people will keep returning to your blog if they know that the content you’re producing is going to be helpful and benefit them in someway. If this is something you’re aiming for, then make sure you are informing people with the appropriate and reliable information, as well as sharing any of your own advice and tips with others.

Update old content – Linking to updating info, you can also take the time out to update any old content on your blog. It is more than likely you have improved since then, in terms of photography or writing style. Show off your best skills to drive traffic to your posts, improve your rankings and build up your reader trust.

Add your own twist to popular topics – Go beyond the topics that have already been done, add your own twists to things and go into more depth in your own take on these popular posts. This will help you to stand out against others and make people come back to view your original work.

Catchy titles – One that is great for SEO is catchy titles that reflect the post well. They need to be eye catching to bring in the readers and the other areas you’ve worked on to improve engagement will ensure they stick around for a longer period of time.

Be on the trends – Know what’s popular and trending in your niche(s) and make sure you’re covering posts within these areas. People will want to read them so they to can keep up to date with what’s going on!

Offer something for free – Not only can you offer advice and tips for free on your blog, but you can also create freebies for them. This could be a range of things, from a download link or a discount code off a service or product. If people can see that you want to give something back for the supportive they’ve given you, then they will no doubt keep coming back for more.

Variety – If your blog touches on a few niches, then ensure you cover these topics regularly to keep people interested in the content you are producing and also showcasing your skills or passion toward’s these areas. 

Ask questions – To create a discussion with your readers and encourage engagement, make sure at the end of each post to ask a question surrounding the topic. This will give them a guide and a chance to share their own views by responding back to what you’re asking them. They will feel like they are apart of the community and their opinions are valued, which will aid them to return.

Not only do you want to receive support from your own readers and engage them to your own content, remember that others are trying to do the same thing and it’s always nice to give something back to those in similiar fields, as well as those who are getting involved with your content. Here are a few ways to show your support to others to help improve your own engagement:

Engage & support back – If any of your readers have blogs themselves, check out their blogs and leave a comment on any post(s) that interest you. Genuinely express your enthusiasm for their content as much as they have yours. It’s always great to be friendly and kind back to the people who have took time to invest in you. This will help to build up your relationship with your readers and other bloggers!

Be active on social media – The comment section isn’t the only place you can create discussions with your readers. Sharing your social media pages for your readers to check out and to follow you is a great way to allow your community to grow outside of your blog. This will help to increase reader engagement by allowing them to get to know the person behind the blog. The only priority here is to ensure you’re being active on social media. Create discussions. Tweet others back. Respond to messages. Be social with your readers. Build up that relationship more and more.

Mention other bloggers – Whether this is in your posts on your blog or any updates you post on social media, mentioning other bloggers is another way to increase your reader engagement. Making friends with other bloggers means you can share audiences and build both your communities bigger.

Respond to comments – I always try to respond to comments on every single one of my posts. It’s always create to continue discussions where necessary and also thank people for taking the time out to leave some form of feedback. This will show your readers that you appreciate them and encourage them to come back to where they feel respected.

Comment on other blogs – Many bloggers suggest that commenting on other blog’s helps to drive traffic towards your own content. This has proven to be successful with bloggers and others returning the gesture. It’s a good idea to comment on blogs that are within your topic areas so that you encourage others to come to you for similiar themed posts.

Increasing reader engagement doesn’t have to be about following all of these points all the time. It’s about finding what works best for you and encourages your readers to keep coming back to your site. It might only be one or two of these points, where as it might be a range of these points. I know I do a selection of these things regularly to try engage my readers.

How To Increase Reader Engagement On Your Blog

How do you try to increase reader engagement? What will make you engage with a blog and keep returning?

Lauren x

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32 thoughts on “How To Increase Reader Engagement On Your Blog

  • These such great tips!! I don't have a niche on my blog as I like to write a bit of everything but I always make sure my readers benefit from every post in someway whether that is simply making them laugh or inspiring them!! I definitely need to go back and improve old content though X Thrifty vintage fashion

  • There were so many great points that I'm going to take away from this post! Loved it! xKate//

  • Great tips! I really think that interacting with your followers is one of the most important things <3TheNormcoreRebel

  • Loved these tips! Commenting on other people's blogs is definitely a key way in helping to drive back traffic to your own, I try to sit down and scroll through my Bloglovin' reading list each morning when I have the time :)Toni

  • This was such a helpful post! I will definetly be trying some of these tips! X Amyx

  • You are totally full of amazing tips! Quickening load time is absolutely vital. Nobody wants to sit around for 40 seconds before the photos even load. Awesome tips. :]// ▲ ▲

  • Good images and design play a huge part in whether I read someones blog. I really do need to dedicate some time to updating some of my old posts though, some are horrendous! I love commenting back too, you definitely want people to come back to your blog xxTamz |

  • Such great tips lovely! Engaging with other bloggers is so good and important and really helps to make a difference! I'm always trying to think of catchy titles too but I always think mine end up kinda boring hahaha. I really think this post will help a lot of new bloggers out there! 🙂

    • Thanks so much!! It so does. Oh no way! Don't be silly. They're great titles lovely 🙂 oh I hope so very much xx

  • great list of advice! thanks for sharing =o) i try to keep my blog clean and easy for people to use, even asking friends to check it out after I have made a change to see what they think about it =o)

  • These are all amazing tips! I agree with you when you mentioned how important it is to have high quality images and a clean theme. I'm currently working on my social media strategy too because it is very important when it comes to blog promotion.

    • Thank you, Elle!!Yes they're all so crucial. I'm trying to work on my social media too. I need to be more active that's for sure xx

  • These are some really useful tips and I think the turnout in the comments really supports that you are doing the right thing 🙂 I definitely agree about Blog layout, I find it difficult to read messy blog posts. Definitely going to be utilising these! xLiv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

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