How To Go Less Time Between Hair Washes

How To Go Less Time Between Hair Washes

If I had put together a blog post like this a few years back, I would have never been brave enough to publish it. I would have been way too scared of the judgement from people but I think more and more people are interested in how they can wash their hair less and instead go longer days between washing.

Just a disclaimer. I’m nowhere means a hairdresser. If I’m honest I did study it for three years but I never went any further with it. Also, I know everyone’s hair type is different. So people have more oily hair than others which can be a contributing factor to how many times they wash their hair, as well as their hair type.

But I’m here to share my top tips on How To Go Less Time Between Hair Washes to help you to train your hair to go longer between washes and save you time having to wash it constantly because let’s not lie washing our hair isn’t always the most enjoyable task, is it?

Get to know your hair

The first point I want to make is that it’s always a good idea to get to know your hair. Think about your hair type. Is it oily? Is it dry? Is it thick? Is it wavy? Are you on any medications that impact your hair? Do your hormones impact your hair? Are there any particular products you have to use to keep it in a good condition or treat any problems e.g an itchy scalp.

Once you have a rough idea of what your hair is all about, then you can then begin to adapt your washing routine to it. Because I have quite dry hair I don’t suffer from oily-ness very often which has worked in my favour when it comes to going between washes. However, that doesn’t mean to say oily people can’t train their hair.

Use the right products for your hair 

I make sure that I use products that help take care of my dryness and keep it in a-good-condition. It’s important I pick the right products otherwise I won’t be doing any favours for my hair in the first place.

Using shampoo’s that strip the hair of its natural oils is definitely something to avoid. These include clarifying shampoo’s and one’s that contain sulphates. Because they get rid of your natural oils they instead force your hair to produce excess oil which doesn’t help you to go between washes especially if you already have oily-prone hair.

The same can be said about shampoo’s that contain a lot of oil. I remember I used a coconut oil-based shampoo once and it was such a bad idea. It made my hair so greasy and sticky! It was not a good look. They can also create product build-up which can weigh down your hair.

Go for something that is going to leave your hair feeling weightless, healthy and cleansed with a gentle wash rather than something heavy and with too-much or too-little oil production.

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How To Go Less Time Between Hair Washes

Avoid conditioning the roots

Something I always avoid and have done for many years now is that I avoid conditioning my roots. I genuinely feel like this is something that has really helped me to go between washes because I’m not adding heavy moisture to the parts of my hair that don’t really need it.

Instead, I focus my conditioner on my mid-lengths and ends which works wonders for maintaining healthy, soft and shiny hair. If you tend to condition your roots, I would definitely recommend stopping and seeing how you get on without doing it. Hopefully, you’ll notice a difference.

Always have dry shampoo on hand

I notice I have to start reaching for the dry shampoo when I get to the 3rd or 4th hair day. Sometimes I’ll even use it to add texture to my hair between styling but usually, I’ll stay away from it until a few days after washing.

But depending on your hair type and how oily your hair can get, you might need to reach for the dry shampoo sooner. This is also important if you’re training your hair to go between washes because at-first you’re going to need to use something that is going to help make your hair look fresh and non-greasy.

A great tip I’ve been testing for the past year is to dry shampoo my hair the night before. This gives it time to sink into the hair before you go to style it in the morning. I’ve found this really helps to make my hair look fresher come morning. This also helps to prevent that annoying white residue too!

Don’t over touch your hair

Whether I begin to notice my hair getting more oily or even a day after washing, I’ll try to avoid touching my hair as much as possible. Realistically you only need to brush your hair twice every-day. Morning and night. You probably don’t even need to do it that much if you don’t want to.

But I’ve found when touching my hair often especially if it’s down, it means my hair gets greasier a lot quicker than if I wasn’t. When I’m relaxing at home, I’ll put my hair up and get it out of my face so I’m less likely to play with it and add excess oil to it. Also as I near the 4th-day post washing, I tend to wear my hair up as I feel like it helps to disguise any oily-ness but also again stops me from wanting to touch it.

How To Go Less Time Between Hair Washes

Make the most out of hair accessories

It’s such a good thing that hair accessories have grown increasingly popular over the past couple of years. They’re a great way to disguise 4+ day post-wash hair. Whether it’s a headband, some fancy clips or even a hat, they’re such a useful way to hide any oiliness and almost ‘distract’ people from your hair in the first place.

Hats are definitely the ones you reach for when your hair is definitely very much in need of a wash and you’ve given everything you can to prevent washing it but don’t have the time to wash it yet or you’re still in the training process. They hid the whole of your head so you can get away with it.

But if it’s just the front sections of your root’s that are beginning to show then headbands are great for pushing them away from your face and hiding them under the headband. Clips can also work in the same way by hiding parts of your hair you don’t want to be showing but still makes it look pretty.

Don’t feel bad

Training your hair to go between washes isn’t an easy process so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work straight away or you can’t see it working. Keep going. Try what you can to train it. Don’t feel bad if you have to go through that awkward greasy stage at first. Use some of the tips above to help you through.

Don’t feel like you have to go 4+ days straight away. Start slowly and small. Go one extra day. Then once you feel happy with that progress on to two extra days and so-fourth. It takes time to train not only yourself but your hair too.

Obviously, if you have a big event coming up and you want to wash your hair so it’s super fresh, then bloody do it! It won’t hinder your progress.

We all know that feeling of having to plan our hair washes around our schedule so don’t feel bad about it. Do your best.

What’s your hair washing schedule like?

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