How To Get Organised For 2020

How To Get Organised For 2020

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Something that has really helped me throughout this year in terms of my blog, business and personal life is being organised. In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you how you can get organised for 2020.

I’ve always considered myself to be quite an organised person but it definitely hasn’t always come naturally to me so that’s why over the years I have built up some habits and tools that help me to stay organised.

If you want to get more organised for 2020 and ensure you’re going into the new year on track, then keep on reading!

How To Get Organised For 2020

Declutter everything

A great place to start when coming to the end of one year and going into the next especially with a new decade like 2020 coming around, it’s definitely the perfect opportunity to declutter everything. You can declutter your digital spaces, your wardrobe and beauty collections, your cupboards and storage, your paperwork and desk space, just anything and everything, declutter it!

This will help create a clearer and more refreshed space not just exterenly but also internally. I always seem to feel better when the spaces around me are feeling fresh and tidy. It’s almost like it invites your mind to feel the same.

Plus it will feel so good coming into 2020 feeling more organised with a fresh space and mindset!

How To Get Organised For 2020

Set small and realistic goals

A lot of talk around this time of the year is about goals. Whether it’s goals you have or haven’t completed this year or goals you want to set for 2020. Goals are something to really consider if you want to get more organised in 2020 and to really ensure you’re going to achieve any dreams or plans you’ve been wanting to work towards.

A good place to start is by setting 3 small yet realistic goals to work towards. Small and realistic goals are achievable and ensure you’re staying organised, on track and motivated because you have something small to start with. Plus these goals can mount up to the big picture overtime.

This has been something that has really helped me this year. I’ve managed to hit so many goals this year which I would never have been able to do in previous years because I actually had small realistic goals in place before I hit the big one.

How To Get Organised For 2020

Make use out of a new diary

A new diary is always a must have essential when it comes to starting a new year and the ultimate way to get organised for 2020!

I’ve absoloutely loved my goals diary from Busy B this year and it’s been one of those useful things that have really helped to keep me on track this year, but I am more than excited to be starting fresh with two new diaries in 2020 from Busy B that were kindly gifted to me.

I’ve loved this stationery brand for so long and have raved about my Goals Diary so much on my blog and Instagram. I’m so excited to have two new diaries to be working with to keep me on track and organised in 2020.

The Perfect Planner 2020 in Safari Nights* is going to be my go to planner for 2020. Not only is this diary just stunning to look at with the copper accents, pale blue cover and pops of dusky pink, midnight blue and yellow, but it also has a section for everything you could possibly need.

You can expect to find a 2020 and 2021 year to view, a birthday list, monthly planners, week to week spread with space for any important notes, four pockets for storing stuff, stickers to help you keep organised in style, a mini notebook for jotting down notes, contacts, websites and expenses.

How To Get Organised For 2020

How To Get Organised For 2020

There are so many important sections in this planner which I know is going to help me so much in all areas of my life from running my business, keeping on track with my blog and getting organised in my personal life.

I also have the Busy Life Notebook in A5 Faux Nude* which is also so beautiful to look at. I love the nude colour with the speckled foiled pattern across the cover. This notebook is not just like any old notebook. It comes with undated monthly planner pages so you can still keep organised and on track whilst using the lined pages inside to make notes. It has also tear out pages, foilded stickers and ribbon markers.

How To Get Organised For 2020

How To Get Organised For 2020

I love how you can use this notebook with planning features as well. I think this is such a good idea and almost reminds me of a bullet journal style as it combines the ability to plan and organise your month, but also gives you the option to keep notes and stay organised that way.

This is one you can definitely invest in for all year round and not be restricted on when you need to use it up by as you can have free rain to customise or use it as often as you like. I could see this one working really well as a blog planner/notebook as you can keep organised with your posts by planning them, but also scheduling them in your calendar.

I love how good quality the planners are from Busy B and how much detail goes into them so you can ensure you have everything included to keep on track and organised. They’re so useful for creating a schedule and a plan to have a successful week, month and year in all areas of your life.

They’re so worth it and I’m definitely going to be a more in depth post on the Perfect Planner 2020 in Safari Nights* nearer the new year to show you how I’m going to be use it to stay organised in 2020.

How To Get Organised For 2020

How To Get Organised For 2020

Celebrate your wins from this year

If you need some extra motivation to help you get organised for the new year and start 2020 in the right way, then celebrate your wins from this year. No matter how big or small they are celebrate what you’ve achieved and overcame this year.

Even if it doesn’t seem like a lot or that you didn’t do a lot, sometimes just getting through the year is something worth celebrating and to be grateful for. Be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come and that you’re able to have the opportunity to going into a new decade. Look back on the past decade and all what you’ve done in that year. It’s a great way to remind yourself of all the good moments!

Be proactive 

Going into the new year, you want to try put together some new routines and form new habits so you can get organised for 2020 and smash any goals you want to set for the new year. To do this you need to be proactive in the choices and steps you take.

This can be done by starting new routines, starting to form new habits, creating and smashing your to-do lists, putting the steps into place to getting organised and achieving the things you want to do with a clear action plan so you can move forward with confidence.

How To Get Organised For 2020

Upgrade your surrondings 

The new year is also the perfect excuse to upgrade your surrondings and make them feel more aligned to the goals and dreams you have set on in 2020. To get organised with this, you can have consider whatneeds updating or changing, maybe something in your home, like a new work space so you can ensure you’re going to be focused and motivated throughout the year.

You cold also consider what you can do to improve your situation. Perhaps you want to get more organised with your money so you can save up for something in particular like your first house, a new car after your first ever one needs upgrading, a new laptop so you can continue to work on your online spaces or your dream holiday that you’ve always wanted to go on.

How are you getting organised for 2020? 

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