How To Get More Wear Out Of Your Makeup Collection

How To Get More Wear Out Of Your Makeup Collection

When you’re a makeup hoarder or addict, you will probably end up finding yourself building quite the collection. It can be hard sometimes to find the time to use all of the products you have seemed to accumulate over a certain period of time or even let go of using your favourites on a daily basis. I know I personally feel like some of my makeup products get neglected, so if you ever find yourself in this situation, then keep on reading because this post is going to help you get lot’s more wear out of your makeup collection:

Have a clear out – The first thing to do before anything is to have regular clear outs and organise your collection. Work your way through it one Sunday afternoon or one evening during the week. Get rid of any products that you hate or don’t ever use and know you probably won’t ever use. Instead keep those you really love or want to start using more of. Once you’ve sorted out what’s staying and what’s going, you can organise your collection into different sections such as finishes, colours, product types etc. This will help you to pick out different products each time from different categories.

Set yourself some rules – To stop you from only using the same products or put a stop to you not being more experimental with other products in your collection, set yourself some boundaries or rules to stick to. Rules you could apply include using the same product(s) for two weeks maximum, before swapping it for something else in your collection to use. You can always come back to it after another couple of weeks. Or you could have a rule of using up a product completely, before then moving onto another in your collection and repurchasing the former product for then a future usage if you really liked it. 

Change with the seasons – We all change in someways with the seasons. Whether that’s the way we dress, the things we do, how we change our hair and of course some of the products we switch up in our makeup collections. You can easily change the types of base products you go for, a more dewy finish and lighter coverage foundation for spring/summer, whilst you will probably opt for a matte finish and fuller coverage foundation for autumn/winter. 

Weather appropriate makeup is a really great way to get lot’s of wear out of different products within your collection. You can also incorporate seasonal colours and shades in the makeup products that you switch up. As the seasons pass, you can go back to them the next time round and get lot’s more wear out of your collection. This can also be applied to different holiday seasons that our celebrated throughout the year like halloween, christmas and valentines. 

Have fun with experimenting – When you love makeup it’s all about having run, right? So why not make good use of all the fun you can have with makeup and experiment with the products in your collection? Whilst clearing out or even just one afternoon, sit down and trial out a few products you might have forgotten about. I always like to do this from time to time and it’s such a great way to waste an hour or two testing out products. I tend to find shadows or highlighters I never realised I had and swoon over the shades all over again. Once you’ve found some you’ve fallen back in love with, you can start wearing them more. 

How to get more wear out of your makeup collection?

Lauren x

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9 thoughts on “How To Get More Wear Out Of Your Makeup Collection

  • Love this post! Definitely going to have a go at using the same thing for a certain amount of time before I swap it out for something else, especially as it's warmer now so I can experiment with different lipsticks – great tip! Xx

  • Love this, Lauren! Definitely need some sort of clear out, my makeup collection is a mess at the mo! Jen, Velvet Spring x

  • I mainly swap my makeup round with the seasons, but I do admit that I often reach for the same products, so I really need to change that πŸ™‚ xxVelvet Blush

  • you know what, i always do my make up the exact same way…every single day and have done for the last 3 years! i really need to start swapping it out and trying different look, you've inspired me to be a little more creative! katie xx

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