How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

We all know that jeans are a major wardrobe staples in absolutely everyone’s wardrobe, from old to young, female to male, we all at least have one pair lying around the place. But as a petite girl, I know the struggles of trying to find that perfect pair of jeans. Even if you’re not small like me, you might know what I’m talking about and can refer to a time when you’ve found yourself in this situation. Today’s post will hopefully help you get out of that place and be able to find that perfect pair of jeans with some super easy to follow tips.

Things to take into consideration…

When finding that perfect pair of jeans there are some things you might want to think about to help you figure out how you are going to get them. Here’s some ideas you might perhaps want to take into consideration:

  • What do you want them for?
  • The size
  • The style
  • The colour
  • The quality 
  • Where to buy?

As you can see, there are a fair few points to consider when wanting to find those perfect pair of jeans that are going to fit like a glove, lasts as long as you want them for, suit whatever occasion you might need them for and overall be a pair that you are absolutely in love with! So let’s take a look into each point and see how we can get there.

What do you want them for?

A really simple question to answer! What do you want the pair of jeans for? Do you need them for everyday wear or more casual days? Maybe for sixth form, college or non-uniform days at school. Do you need them for a night out? Perhaps you want to keep them for more special occasions and only wear them a few times throughout the year. Are you allowed to wear jeans for work and you need a new pair to wear for days when you’re working?

Once you know your end goal, then you’re ready to move onto the next step and remember to keep the reason for purchasing a new pair of jeans in mind!

Sizing –

For me sizing is probably where I find most issues. As mentioned, I am a petite girl, I only stand at 4ft 11. So petite sections in shops are like my best friend when it comes to any type of clothes shopping. The only jeans that I have found to fit me perfectly (body and height wise) are the Jamie and Joni jeans from Topshop’s petite range. Now I know that some of you won’t have to resort to shopping in specific size sections and if you do that is fine too, but I like to make sure out of everything when it comes to jean’s shopping, is that I get the sizing spot on to ensure 100% comfort at all times. This is why it is good to forget about the labels and go for something that makes you feel super comfortable.

A good place to start when it comes to sizing is to measure yourself. Grab a tape measure and even the help of a friend or family member if need be. The two places you should measure include the length of your leg and your waist. To measure your leg length, you are going to need to measure the side of your leg up to your waist. When doing this, ensure that you keep the tape parallel to your leg and it is personal preference whether you decide to measure with your shoes on or off. To measure your waist, simply measure around your waist from where your jeans/trousers would normally sit. Where the tape touches it’s self from being wrapped around your waist is where you will find the measurement of your waist.

Now you have your two measurements, it will make finding and trying on jeans that little bit easier. But remember when you are trying on jeans to not only make sure they are the right size, but also that they fit you perfectly. Make sure that they’re not too tight or uncomfortable. You want them to feel super comfortable all whilst fitting you well.

How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Style –

Now you’ve got your idea of what you need them for in mind, as well as what size you are going to need, the next step to think about is what sort of style jeans you want to go for. When it comes to choosing style you might want to take a few points into consideration. There might be a certain style you want to purchase due to the trends in the current fashion market or you might want to go for a look that will suit your body shape or height

I’m not here to tell you what you should be wearing for your shape or height, because I’m a firm believer of wearing what you want as long as you personally feel you look and feel your best. But if you do want a brief round down of what style of jeans you could wear to suit your body shape/height, then here is a short inside scoop:

Hour Glass figure (bust and hips are the same size, defined waist) – a classic wide leg trouser with a mid-rise front will help to show off your curves, as well as help you to stay looking slim.

Pear shaped (carries most weight around hips, thighs and bum) – a low rise flare is the style that will most likely flatter you. This will help to create an overall balance and keep hips looking streamlined.

Rectangle shaped (torso and upper body are the same width as hips, with little waist definition) – a mid rise style, with a slight boot leg cut or flare to create a curvier look overall.

Tall girls – long and lean straight legged jeans are great for you. Flares also can be a good one to go for and ensure you hit that seventies trend!

Petite girls – slim cut pair of jeans are a great go to! Boot cuts can also be another option, as well as cropped skinnies

In terms of styles that are most popular and on trend as of the current time, we all know that skinny jeans have been a firm go to jean for the past decade. Within the past year, we have seen them becoming more and more distressed. High waisted, ripped jeans with frayed edges are a popular go to look to bring an edge to any outfit. Another popular trend as of spring/summer 2016 has been embellished jeans with floral inspired designs and badge like embroidery to create a fun happy theme. A #throwback trend that is super popular right now inspired by the 90’s is MOM jeans. The jeans that are rolled to above the ankles, tapered at the leg and super high waisted. MOM jeans are so easy to style, simply throw on a white t-shirt and any style of flat shoe for an effortless look. 

Colour –

Hopefully you’ve decided on the three steps above. Now it’s time to make a choice on what colour denim you might want to go for. This choice could all depend on what you want them for, what might flatter you the most and what season(s) you might wear these jeans in.

It’s pretty obvious that you would go for more lighter denim during the spring/summer months. Light blue, white, dusky pink, grey, khaki and stone coloured jeans are a great picks for the warmer months. Alternatively, darker blue denim and black are the ones to go for during the autumn/winter seasons. 

A good idea that I like to try to follow is going for a pair of jeans that are mid-blue denim, which means I will get as much use of them as I can throughout all seasons. Plus you could also quite easily wear black through each season, particularly if you have a job that requires you to wear all black to help you appear professional. But just remember that black can cause overheating when the sun is out, so be careful when you chose to wear those black jeans throughout the summer. 

How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Quality –

In my opinion, I think jeans are of the items that you are going to want to go for good quality. They are essentially a staple piece in your wardrobe and one that you are probably going to get lot’s of wear out of if you decide to use them for everyday use. Because of this you might need to spend a little extra in ensuring you are getting a good quality pair of jeans that will last you. Though this doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way and save up for designer/big label jeans to be able to find a decent quality pair. The high street do some affordable yet good quality jeans to ensure those on tighter budgets can still find those perfect quality jeans whilst not overspending. But by all means, if you do have the money and want to, then go for it! It’s all about personal budgets and preferences.

Where to buy?

Mainly all fashion retailers whether that’s online or in store, high end or high street, they will sell jeans. It depends on person preference on where you go to shop and the reasons behind your choice in purchase. Beside the other points I’ve mentioned and suggested to take into consideration, other areas that might help you to reach a decision on finding those perfect pair of jeans depend on the price. You want value for money when it comes to jeans shopping. 

You want the pair you choose to be in your price range yet still perform how you want them to. You want the jeans to of the right quality, the correct fit and long lasting if you know you’re going to be wearing them a lot. But as I said earlier, sometimes it’s not all about labels. Instead it’s finding what works best for you. Set yourself a budget and be expected to spend a little over if you want to get a long lasting pair. 

Some of the best places to shop for jeans along the high street and when you’re on a budget include Topshop, H&M and Zara. They all do really great quality jeans for more affordable prices, as well as different styles and colours, you’re always going to be spoilt by choice by these three retailers. ASOS is also a great place to go to find jeans that also offer certain sizes, such as petite, tall and plus.

Here are some of my favourite jeans that are currently on the market:

How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Mid Blue High Rise Skinny Jeans | Super Rip Jamie Jeans | Bleach MOM Jeans | Bleach High Rise Slim Jeans | Blue Joni Jeans | Busted Knee Skinny Jeans | Ripped Boyfriend Jeans With Floral Embroidery | MOTO Rip Jamie Jeans | MOTO Holding Power Joni Jeans |

How do you find the perfect pair of jeans? Where are your favourite places to shop for jeans?

Lauren x

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10 thoughts on “How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

  • Finding jeans is the BIGGEST nightmare. I really love these tips. Jeans are always something I will invest more money in because once you've got it right, you wear them alllll the time 🙂 My favourite place has to be levis – the quality is unbeatable and the way that the shop fit you makes the whole experience really simple :)Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

    • I know right!!! Thanks so much. I've never tried Levi's before but they sound like lovely quality :)xx

  • Lovely post! I hate trying to buy jeans because sometimes they fit and sometimes they don't, eventhough they are the same size! I have just ordered some from H & M so hopefully they will be ok! Thanks for all of the great tips! X Amyx

    • Aw thanks so much!! I can totally relate to what you mean. Buying jeans can be so hard. But I'm glad these tips are useful xx

  • Fab tips! I have to say in my experience you get what you pay for with jeans, a better fit around the waist/bum and a nicer, more durable material. Although I actually like the M&S high waisted jeggings!www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog xx

  • This was actually so helpful! I usually go to the same place for jeans but I should really shop around because jeans are so difficult for me to get the perfect pair! Do love me some topshop jeans though 🙂 Following on bloglovin' lots of love,

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